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How seriously do you take your keywords? Are you looking for an easy way to find the best keywords to rank in Google? How many people know the power of a good keyword? In my opinion, I would make this assumption that if you are always looking for a reliable keyword research tool for your online business or blog or website, then you already take keyword quite seriously. Keywords have become one of the most important parts of any online business, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger or trying to create a website for your company, all kinds of businesses need relevant keywords to help users find you on the Internet. Good relevant keywords have become the base of a good SEO strategy.

A right keyword for a certain content or website will directly affect your traffic growth if they’re coming to your site by searching for various search engines like Bing, Duckduckgo or Google. Nowadays many online tools are available like SEMrush, MOZ, SpyFu, etc., that help you find some best keywords for your website. One such automated keyword research tool is Long Tail Pro. It’s one of the most efficient keyword research tool unlike the other industry recognized keywords tools as it gives the lowest competition keywords and high amount of searches which can help your website to become a great revenue generation site.

LTP is a keyword research software program.  It is designed to help you find keywords.  The focus here is on finding longer, less competitive keywords. It isn’t free, it’s paid. That’s why you need

This is a premium tool, but worth its price. I will show you what all great features this tool provides with screenshots in this LongTailPro review.

Long tail pro was established in 2011 by Spencer Haws from nichepursuits.com , an online marketer from a banking background. He could not create this software alone, so he hired multiple coders/programmers to make this software for him. This keyword tool is supported on Windows and Mac and runs on Adobe Air. The tool uses the Google keywords tool to pull through keywords data. This tool was created after trying out so many tedious and slow keyword tools that help in creating some good SEO based websites. He did not find any of them that was worth trying and so launched a keyword tool of his own. Till date, he has worked hard and created hundreds of long tail websites.


  •         Keyword research.
  •         Categorization using projects.
  •         AdWords suggestion and manual entry of keywords.
  •         Monitor search engine rankings for up to 30 keywords.
  •         Country and location-based search.
  •         Good user experience with the updated UI.
  •         Filter with multiple parameters.
  •         Single click keyword export.
  •         Keyword competitiveness data for each keyword, your site, competitors site.
  •         Search volume and rank value for each keyword.
  •         Find top 10 performers and analysis for each keyword on a single click
  •         Free video tutorials on best practices for making good content, ranking them and more.
  •         Export keywords and competitor information as CSV files

This is a premium tool, but there is a 7-day free trial offer and a 10-day money back guarantee for every plan.

Data for each keyword metric and rank checker

This tool provides the lot of data that you can find ideal keywords for your business. Just you need to know whether the keywords are right to use for your business or not. Rank checker is easy to understand, just type URL, you can find ranking on Google, and Yahoo.

Filter Options

You will find good filter options such as:

  •         Number of Words Count
  •         Average Local Search
  •         Check Domain Name Visibility

Competitor Analysis

Keyword competition is most important feature while targeting long tail keyword phrases.

  •         Page Authority
  •         Number of backlinks to the page
  •         Age of the site
  •         Google page ranking


  •         10 days free trial
  •         Easy to learn
  •         User friendly
  •         Time Saver

No matter the pricing structure, every plan gives you an option of 7 days free trial before buying. Once the trial is over, you can opt from any of the various pricing options.

Longtail pro pricing
Longtail pro pricing
  1. Starter Plan: $25 (per month paid annually)

This plan is available in both monthly and yearly pack prices at $37 monthly and $25/month (while taking their annual subscription). With this pack, you will be able to do 10,000 keyword searches a month and will be able to access all of the LongTailPro’s premium features including keyword competitiveness score, keyword profitability, and recommendation for your domain. Etc. Only the annual pricing will get you extra 30% discount on the entire annual pricing plan.

  1. Pro Plan: $45 (per month paid annually)

For this plan, you have to pay only $67/month for their monthly plan and $45/month for a yearly plan with 25000 keyword research a month.

  1. Agency Plan: $98 (per month paid annually)

If you’re an online marketer or agency this plan is most suitable for you as it allows you 60,000 keyword research a month which you can bid later. This plan covers all the features of Basic and Pro plan, priced at $147 a month for the monthly pack and $98 a month if you’re subscribing to annual agency plan.

Start Trial


Long tail pro offers an extensive support program. They have an option to submit a support request form online or by sending an email at support@longtailpro.com or to send a message through their chat button which is not a live chat. Additionally, they have a list of important FAQs, a guide to learn Long Tail Pro and a troubleshooting questionnaire to answer all problems you can face while working on long tail pro desktop or cloud version.


Long Tail Pro is one of the most recommended online keyword research tools. Long Tail Pro allows the users to generate thousands of unique ‘Long Tail keywords’ in a few seconds based on a single or multiple root keywords. At last to conclude Long tail pro is a highly effective keyword research tool and gives 100% accurate results and data. The pricing might be a little expensive for beginner bloggers or small business owners but it’s a great value for money. We would definitely recommend using it at least once and see how fast your website will start giving revenue.


Long Tail Pro is a good and user-friendly product that delivers outstanding results. Better check the pricing options and I may suggest changing them.

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