Coronavirus – Here’s The Public Health Advice On How To Protect Yourself

covid 19

This virus is on its top verge. It has infected over lakhs of people all around the world with many deaths in Spain, the USA, China, Italy, and many other countries. All must follow all the precautions they can to avoid this disease to spread to others. 

Most people who are infected with this COVID-19 virus may experience a mild fever or respiratory problems and may recover without the special treatments. But people of old age or the ones who are already suffering from some kind of diseases are much more likely to develop severe conditions.

Government and NGOs are trying their best to spread more and more information about this virus and are also telling people to take all the precautions and avoid physical contact with everyone.

Live Updates of CoronaVirus

The disease is spread by droplets of saliva or the discharge from the nose when a corona virus-infected person sneezes or coughs. So people should use respiratory etiquettes like coughing or sneezing on elbows.

At this time no vaccination or treatments have been made to stop the coronavirus. But the clinical trials or on to get some kind of treatment to COVID-19. WHO is also continually providing all the updates that they are getting related to the treatment of COVID-19.


The world needs to slow down the transmission of the coronavirus to completely stop it. For this, all the people should follow the following preventive measures-

  • Wash hands regularly with sanitizers or soap for about 20 seconds. As this will kill all the microbes that are on the hands and could get inside the person’s body by the way of it is suggested to wash hands frequently with soap and if the person is not having soap then use an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean hands. 
  • Always maintain 1-meter distance from the one who is coughing or sneezing. This is because if someone coughs or sneezes then they spread numerous water droplets from their n9ose and mouth which may contain the COVID-19 virus. If a person is too close to them then he/she may even breathe in those droplets.
  • Avoid touching the face again and again.  Hands touch many surfaces and people won’t even come to know if they have touched a surface having the COVID-19 virus. And from the hands, they may enter the mouth and infect that person.
  • Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing. People need to cover their mouths while coughing and sneezing as this way they will avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. So it is better to learn and practice all the etiquettes of respiration. 
  • Try to stay home if feeling sick and if you feel symptoms of COVID-19 then contact the hospital. As if a person is having corona and he/she roams around spreading the disease then there is no chance in which this virus could be stopped. 
  • Stop activities like smoking that makes the lungs weak. If a person is having corona and he/she does such activities like smoking then they will weaken their lungs and corona affects the lungs so that person will build-up a severe case and this could be fatal. 
  • Try physical distancing and avoid traveling. No one if a person standing right next to them is suffering from a disease such as a corona so it is better to stay at home and avoid large gatherings where there could be chances of spreading the COVID-19 disease. 
  •  Better stay at home and avoid large gatherings. As already told that corona spreads by the means of droplet method and if a person standing just beside starts to coughs and sneeze without covering mouth they are spreading disease and potentially infecting all the people around them 


This COVID-19 virus has different effects on different people. This causes respiratory disease and most people who are infected with this disease will have mild to moderate symptoms and some of them will recover on their own. People who are old or have some kind of underlying disease have a higher risk of developing a much more serious condition and this can also be fatal for them.

Normal symptoms

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Dry cough

Some other symptoms

  • Aches and pains.
  • Shortness of breathing.
  • Some people also report having diarrhea, nausea or running nose.
  • Sore throat.

The one who experiences mild fever who is otherwise healthier than others should isolate themselves and avoid any kind of contact with others and contact the information line for testing or treatment of the disease.

People who have severe symptoms and are suffering shortness of breathing must contact a doctor and look for medical attention.

Myth busters

COVID-19 is spreading and so is spreading myths about it. Here are a few myths about the coronavirus that must be avoided-

  • 5-G mobiles networks spread COVID-19- in no sense this is true. Corona is also spreading in countries where they don’t have 5-G connections. It is a respiratory disease so it can spread by droplet methods. 
  • Exposure to the sun or high temperature prevents or cures corona- one can catch this COVID-19 even if the weather over that place is really hot. It’s better to wash hands and avoid touching surfaces.
  • Catching corona means one will have to suffer from its lifetime- not at all. People are recovering from this disease. But still, the one with some kind of disease or weak immunity are not able to fight with this disease.
  • Drinking alcohol will protect from corona- a total myth! If one drinks a lot of alcohol then this will weaken their body and by chance, if they are infected with corona then they will have very fewer chances of fighting against them.   

Many people are having various questions related to the Coronavirus. Like is it an airborne disease, is there any medical treatment introduced for it and other questions. So now here are answers to some of the most asked question about the COVID-19 virus-

  • Is COVID 19 an air-borne disease?

COVID 19 spread by the droplets method and these droplets are too heavy to be carried away by the wind to far places. So it can be only spread when an infected person sneezes or coughs. So avoid those droplets and keep on cleaning your hands and face.

  • Is there something that should be avoided?

Well, there are many things to avoid like stopping smoking as it will weaken the lungs and affect the person more severely if they come in contact with this disease.

Avoid contact with the infected person or a guy who is coughing or sneezing. And maintain social distancing.

  • How long will the virus survive on the surfaces?

On a different surface, it has different survival times. From studies, it has been concluded that this virus can either stay up to a few hours on a surface or even for many days. It depends on the surface and the environment that it gets. So it is required to keep a clean environment and wash hands and face frequently and avoid touching surfaces and then face. 

  • Can someone get COVID-19 from their pets?  

There are cases in which people got infected with corona due to the spreading of that disease by their pet animals. But still, there are a lot more cases in which humans are the transmitters of this disease.

  • Is COVID-19 just the same as SARS?

Well both of these are related genetically but are still very different. SARS was much more deadly than corona but a little less infectious compared to corona. 

  • Wearing the mask will help to avoid the disease?

One should only use a mask if he/she has the symptoms of COVID-19 or is taking care of someone with COVID-19. If one is not ill or has a rigid reason to wear a mask then they are just wasting masks. And already there is a shortage of face masks and if they are purchasing it for no reason then this is making a shortage of requirements.

  • Are antibiotics useful to treat or prevent COVID-19?

Antibiotics are not for viruses but are for the bacteria. Antibiotics in no sense should be treated as a medicine to cure COVID-19. They should only be used if the doctor prescribes it to the patient. 

  • Are there any therapies or medicines to cure the coronavirus?

Not still, some of the home remedies may give a little bit of comfort and help to alleviate those symptoms of the disease but none of them can cure the disease. Anyway, many on-going types of research are trying their best to get a treatment to cure the coronavirus and get it medicines.

Bottom line

Here was all the important information related to COVID-19 and its means of spreading. The preventions and symptoms were also given. One must understand that now COVID-19 is on its verge of spreading it all across the world and each one should try their best to stop this disease from spreading further.

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