Apple And Google Team Build Up An App To Track Coronavirus In IOS And Android.

Apple And Google Team Build Up An App To Track Coronavirus In IOS And Android.

Coronavirus is a whole family of the COVID virus and COVID-19 is a part of it. This deadly virus affects the lungs of the infected person and is hard to be destroyed by the body’s immunity. Normally if a person is not old healthy and is not having a kind of respiratory disease or other problem then they can fight this virus while aged people and the ones who have any such respiratory problems or another kind of disease then they are not able to fight with this disease.

Everyone knows how COVID-19 has been spreading all around the world and has infected lakhs of people and has led to many deaths. Researchers are trying their best to search for a medicine or a treatment to prevent this but still didn’t find anything. So being unable to get medicine for it right now doctors are looking for other ways in wh9ich they could vanish this COVID-19 virus from the world. 

One of these is to prevent its spread and take all the precautions possible. Two biggest companies of the tech world have come together to build up software that could help to stop the spread of the COVID 19 virus. It runs on the use of Bluetooth and could help to get information about a person who is suffering from the disease.

Coronavirus – How To Protect Yourself

Process of Operandi by Google and Apple

Two biggest tech industry’s competitors have now come together to fight against COVID-19. They are trying to build up a tool that could be available to everyone across the globe. If this tool could be introduced publically then it may decrease the spread of corona.

This new technology app relies on the use of Bluetooth wireless radio technology that will help the communications of phones. People can put information about their health and if they are a corona infected person so the apps can warn others if they get close to a corona infected person. Though the location or other information of the person will be tracked by the software, that data will be safe and private with its users. It will be supported by all Apple users and Android users too.

These companies’ apps have expected to have this by permitting existing outsider apps to be retrofitted so that they could give their answers. This will help the app to be interoperable, so all the contacts that would be following will keep on working as an individual traveling foreign and in contact with a person who is using some other alternative device.

How does the app work?

Suppose two persons had a meeting recently in which they talked for 10 minutes. If they don’t know each other then that doesn’t seem to be a big issue. But their smartphone has already had communication and contact with each other. So if after 10-14 days one of the people is tested positive for the COVID-19 virus then this app will give alerts to other people whom he/she had between these 10-14 days.

Coming Soon Covid-19 App

This will alert all such people who recently had any kind of contact with the infected person and will suggest they have a corona test.

As previously doctors have been using this process but because of this application, the process will pace up and could help to reduce the cases of this disease by a large number if everyone uses it the right way and gives the true information.

As it uses not just GPS but also Bluetooth so it will give the live location of a person and could detect easily phones around and make contact with them. So this way the phones can easily contact each other. This will be a plus point of the app launched by Apple and Google.

Launching of the app

The app is still in its process to build and the companies are working on it. being such a useful app everyone is waiting for its launch very early and looks to decrease the cases of COVID-19.

The companies have decided to release the app in the month of may so that apps from public health authorities could use this tracking app. Then, later on, they would build them into ios and android apps so that everyone could get access to it.  

As there are already too many cases of corona all over the world so this app if launched early could help somewhat preventing it from further spreading. 

How will it help?

If a person is affected by the COVID-19 then it will warn everyone who comes near them and if the person is looking healthy and has been detected for COVID-19 after he/she meets a person still it will inform those people who had come in contact with him/her in the time interval of 14 days and will alert them to take a test for COVID19. 

  • This will be very helpful as the detection of the person who could be infected with this virus will become easy
  • People could avoid being in places where an infected person is. So it will prevent the spreading of the disease.

The two phases of the apps

Apple and Google have decided to launch the app in the following two phases. 

  • The first phase 

this is an app-based phase and is said to be launched in the next month. It will be an application programming interface that is called API. This will let the android and ios users trace another user even if his/her operating systems are different. But still, on the ios app store and Google play store restrictions will be applied for official apps releases by Public health authorities.

 In the first phase to participate in the program, the users will need any of these apps. Till now it is not known which app is going to work with Apple and Google or what the actual app looks like. 

  • Second phase

Entering the second phase of the app, google and Apple want to add contact trace as a main ios and android feature.  Still, it is said to be a little too much hard to build such an app but they are trying. This will not require a third-party app to turn on the digital keys-swapping.

There are still many questions related to this app that are not answered like will it give a notification pop-up.

What will happen if a person is infected?

If a person comes out positive to COVID-19 then their history of 14 days will be taken and all the persons who came in contact with this infected person will be alerted.

But the app needs to get correct information if a person is infected or the information is fake or else it will create tensed situations for others. Till now the COVID-19 testing is done by the administration. But till now it is a big question and problem for the app.

What happens if a person is exposed?

If people will share the information as said before then the app in other’s phones will check for any keys matching with that person’s mobile app. If it does not match then they won’t notify and if it does match they will give a notification that they have been recently been in contact with a person who has been tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and will give a link that will offer more information on that by whichever health authority may be offering the app.

 It can be clearly said what kind of information it will be but one can predict that it might give some tips to stop further spreading of it and self-quarantining. 

Bottom line

This was all the information that is till now known about the app that is to be launched by Apple and Google. It will be a great app if people will use it in the right way. And about the privacy of the personal data also won’t be misused and will be safe with them only.  one also does not need to worry about their data and personal information.

This app launch is said to be done till the next month with the first phase of it and later on the second phase will be launched. This will help in detecting an infected person nearby and will alert others about it.  Not too much information about this app is revealed but as much the resources have said all of that information has been mentioned above. So whenever the app is launched, people must correctly use them so that they could somewhat help to prevent the COVID-19 virus from furthermore spreading. 

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