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vpn affiliate programs

VPN affiliate program have been set up by various people. Though each program has been set to allow the people to become affiliates, they differ in policies and rates. The main idea of the program is to get more and more users to access the private network.

Top 7 VPN Affiliate Programs:

Following is the list which talks about the best VPN affiliate Programs:

#1 PureVPN

The users can get everything they need from the private network from the services of PureVPN. To start with, the affiliates know that the company they will be talking about is already having a great market due to their services.

Why Should You Promote PureVPN:

There have been hundreds of VPN affiliate programs in the market, but the one provided by PureVPN is worth all the efforts for the affiliates. There are so many reasons why one should be joining the PureVPN :

  • The services are marvelous. Looking forward to services, the users of the VPN get complete internet protection.
  • They also have a money-back guarantee which speaks more about their services. 
  • The network is set up in more than a hundred countries which allows people from different parts of the world to join. 
  • The affiliate reward structure is so much better in comparison to other providers and the rewards are good for all the efforts the affiliates have to put in the process.

Pro And Cons

Advantages of working with PureVPN:

  1. The first thing that comes to the mind of the beginner is what if the payments are not done and what if they could not work for a long time there that they can reach the minimum payment amount.

There have been no complaints about no payments for any work which is done by an affiliate. Not just the beginners, even the affiliates who have been experienced with other companies and are not satisfied, should switch to PureVPN because they have a great environment for their affiliates.

  1. The rewards for the affiliates are really amazing and if the person puts a good effort into the company, they get great commissions too which is not seen in many companies.
  2. The speed of the work is really fast. The affiliates are given many options and good working conditions and material and thus can work quite efficiently.
  3. They also have the option of the person to person file sharing option which is again a great condition for the affiliates which are associated with the company.

The Disadvantage of working with PureVPN:

  1. The only point which might not be liked by the user is the fact that PureVPn only pays through PayPal. This might not be an issue for most of the people as many people have been using it for transactions but PayPal might charge a bit for transactions might not be liked by many. Though this is not a big issue that cannot be overcome and for the person looking forward to working for PureVPN for a long time, this is not an issue at all.

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Affiliate Commission

The commissions which have been set up by PureVPN for the affiliates are more than just great. The person who is once involved with working with PureVPN will never look forward to any other provider because not just the commission but all the points which have been set by the PureVPN are more than satisfying for an affiliate. 

The commission rates are 100 % for the one-month plan. 

It is then taken as 40 % for the other plans. 

It is 35% if the sales seem to be recurring. 

Affiliate Description:

The VPN network and the services which are provided by PureVPN are considerable and substantial. The network which has been established over the more than 500 servers and the countries which have been covered are more than 100 in number tells the user about the excellent experience they might face as a part of using PureVPn services. The speed which is recorded can beat any other records from many leading providers and the safe network is also a positive side of PureVPN. 

Benefits of PureVPN’s Best Affiliate Program

The benefits of working with PureVPN’s best affiliate program are endless because when an affiliate is concerned, there have been very few companies who have been working for create a food space for the affiliates. The benefits which are enough to show the great qualities of PureVPN’s affiliate program is:

  • The earnings are more than one can imagine and if the affiliates are working hard then the payments seem to have no limit. The payments are more than one can earn from a good tough job and the efforts which you have to put in are less in comparison.
  • The person does not even need to invest a penny from his pocket and still enough to load the pockets with money. This is the best situation one might be willing to join. 
  • The commissions which are given are high and that is the pure reason for the high payments made by PureVPN.

#2 TorGuard

One of the best in the market for the good commission which is around 30% and also the services which are provided by the company are good.


  1. 24 hours service
  2. Great speed while working.


  1. Minimum payout amount $50
  2. Payment through PayPal or Bitcoin

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It is famous for the strong security it has been providing to its users worldwide. They have made their focus on securing the information of their users and won’t compromise it on any point. 


  1. Great commissions for the affiliates.
  2. Affiliates can direct work with the developers.


  1. Might lack some trendy features other than security.


They have a very well built and structured network with users of more than 4 million people in numbers. They also provide 24*7 support for users all over the world.


  1. Affiliates get the PPC policy.
  2. Affiliates can also use the landing pages.


  1. Less commission as compared to others.

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#5 Hide My ass

This is a part of a very big firm which makes it strong in all the aspects of establishment and finance. They have created a great space for their affiliates working with them by providing so many options for working tools.


  1. High commission on new and recurring orders.
  2. Easy to use.


  1. payment only through Paypal, visa, and bitcoin.

#6 Panda security

One of the best things about them which makes them different from others is the fact they provide on-premise security which is cloud-based and that makes it different from others.


  1. Great material to work with for the affiliates.
  2. More than 23 languages available to work with as an affiliate and as a user. 


  1. Less commission is given to the affiliates as compared to that of others.

#7 VirtualShield

They believe in getting the best managed and organized stuff and services for the affiliates and the users. Thus they have set up a great network and a different team which works for their affiliates.



  1. Affiliates are provided with creative tools that they can use for their work.
  2. Great VPN services.


  1. The maximum earning amount per affiliate is fixed.

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#8 ExpressVPN

World’s largest VPN provider is ExpressVPN who has a great network and services and has been trusted for years now.


  1. Flexible commission structure.
  2. Affiliates get all the help they need in their work.


  1. Commissions are very less in comparison to others which ranges between $13-$.

#9 NordVPN

One of the most secure networks in the market with some great technological advanced practices has been brought for the users by NordVPN. 


  1. They provide military-grade protection.
  2. Affiliates also get to lifetime revenue share.


  1. The automatic payment system is not set.

#10 SurfEasy

They have been in the market for very long now and also provide share for any devices and also for multiple devices at one go for the users. 


  1. Great commission rates for affiliates.
  2. A lot many tools available for the affiliates. 


  1. Might lack some technological advances.


VPN affiliate is the people who bring more users from the market to use the network they are connected to increase the clients of the VPN provider. They are like VPN resellers who are working for the seller. VPN affiliate program have bloomed in recent times as many people have started understanding that this is a good medium by which they can earn a good amount of money without doing much and the work doesn’t confine them in any walls which is the biggest benefit.

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