Clickmagick True Review & Its Only 4 Alternatives in 2021


Why should you choose clickmagic ?

Clickmagick is used for tracking real-time clicks. When a person posts links in ads, guest posts or another sort of marketing then they can run the link on click magick before uploading it. so when a person does this then they get a tracking code then help to find traffic so that the link gets to be seen by as many users as possible. 

This engine uses catch info about the traffic by the use of the BuildDirect engine. This can be a great tool if one learns how to use it correctly. It is a great visitor tracker tool.

What is clickmagick?

It is a powerful and complete click tracking tool to get information about the sites which have more traffic. Here are a few features that it provides to its users-

  • Easy conversion tracking.
  • A/B split test.
  • Adds retargeting pixels to links.
  • Link clocks and dynamic affiliate links.
  • Multimode link orders.
  • Traffic quality analyzer and click fraud monitoring.

Best Only 4 Clickmagick Alternatives in 2021

 Clickmagick has many features like rotators, clocking, hiding affiliate links, and many more which are potentially dangerous. Some ad networks have problems with them. So sometimes it may happen that it won’t be able to fulfill the users’ requirements. But the market has other monitoring links and visitor trackers. Here are five clickmagick alternatives.

#1 Voluum

It is very much similar to clickmagick and is cloud-based. They provide the user with a series of templates for various types of links so that the users don’t have to work to build up links manually. This has a little bit of limited usage. But they have good reports and put all the information together firmly and those reports are given in a readable format.

Voluum supports various cost models like CPA and CPC.  All the process is done quickly and the redirects are also very fast and even the mobile users aren’t able to notice redirects. It can be controlled by the third-party scripts by using the free Voluum API given by them. Voluum pricing starts from $99 per month.

#2 Clickmeter

So what is clickmeter tracking? It is also just the same kind of click tracker. It is a tough competitor to clickmagick. It helps to target those places where the visitors end up if the users wish to divide the traffic among different pages that have been targeted. Clickmeter free trials are also available.

It can also be used to check the user’s clicks, and views and the chats with AP. It also helps in exporting data or reports for sending them to the customers, members or the bosses. Some other features that it includes has

  • Redirect based on randomness, weight, sequential, or rotations.
  • Customizable pages and link clocking with URL encryption.

#3 gives 30 days of free trial for which they don’t ask for any credit card. They provide easy to use features and dashboard. Also, they give auto-tagging to the links. One can track the social media links and metrics too.

It also has a feature of traffic alert that alerts its user when the traffics they had paid for have started delivering or when deliveries have been cut off. One can take help from the very active support plus they live stream every weekday. This tool is cheaper than the others so can be considered to be a good clickmagick alternative.

#4 linkTrackr

linkTrackr is mostly known for the feature of link clocking. This feature helps to render the destination page in an iframe of full size so that the true URL is hidden. One can hide the iframe existence but some may not want to do it also it might cause them to pay penalties for using spam techniques.

With the use of PCC, they can track the users’ ads. One can also track modern postback tracking that has been used by some cutting edge affiliates networks. They also have the setup of URL rotating and split testing just on the same page. It gives a 30 days guarantee or money back to its users. They are even cheaper with the starting price of $9.

Integration of custom domain with clickmagick-

Clickmagick provides its user with a URL and a domain. But it won’t be a good option. The reason for this is-

  • The users’ domain name won’t be used so the brand consistency will be lost.
  • If any other user abuses the generic domain or the given URL then the penalty will be imposed and all the users will have to suffer.

This is the reason not to go for those options that won’t let the users use their brand names. The DNS setting can be put to work if the domain name is registered with one of the big names.

Those who point their domain names to some other host will have to work with the cPanel dashboard.

One will have to keep open the all the dashboards of registration, account host, and also the clickmagick account. Inside the clickmagick dashboard click on the tool button then click on the domain manager than on the start button.  Then they will show up instructions on what one should do in the hosting account or registrar dashboard.

These instructions may be a little tedious.

Creating links

 Now let’s get started with the actual thing about clickmagick. One has to set new links for every new offer to be created. And so for the variants too. So better memorize all the following steps.

In the clickmagick dashboard, account selects the links option then click on create new links and then create manually. This is an easy process and won’t take much time for the users. If getting confused about anything related to this then click on the question mark button and it will help. 

When all these steps have been done then all the clicks on that link will be easily tracked by the clickmagick.

Creating link groups

If a user has only a few links then they usually don’t like to bother themselves soo much. But if someone has a bunch of links and offers then this function should be used. Here are the steps-

  • Click on tools than on the group manager. Then a page will be opened
  • Now just choose names for groups of links that one likes.

Tracking traffic sources and clickmagick sub ID’s

Every user may suffer from perfectly recording the quality of various traffic sources. Most online business owners will try and track the metric. They create new links each time when they use them to place it at a new place which will represent a new source of traffic.

This may be a little bit hard and messy to do. To solve this out clickmagick has a tool that is called sub ids. Here are the steps to use it-

  • Copy and paste one tracking link.
  • And now just name a name to it at the end like if using it on Facebook then add the words FB at the end.

Just to make it clear the backlashes or the additional text can be anything one likes or wants to add.

So as the sub ids are done then the user can get the information about where the clicks may have come from. Then all of these will be a feeder into the clickmagick dashboard with the sub ids the user has attached them with. Amazing!

Tracking of the pixels and setting them

They are very important to get the information on several people getting on the sales and landing pages and also to know the number of people doing what the user wants them to do. Using it is also very easy.

First, go on the tools then click tracking pixels and then click on the pixel builder. Now a page will be opened in front.

 Then on that page scroll and then the user can click all the buttons that he/she likes to. If the tracking page is a kind of click funnel page then the user has to choose the JavaScript to get the code. 

Cloaking affiliate links

Well, this feature is also very easy to use and does not require much time. It is used to certain the clickmagick affiliate program that is linked to permit clocking. One may get kicks out of the program if he/she breaches this particular rule. 

Tracking affiliate link sale

This will be a great tool for an affiliate marketer. This will help to get data about how much will be earned from each program and also helps in tracking sales from affiliate networks. Here are the steps-

Go to tools then go into the postback URL’s then click on the postback builder.

Then a page will appear. Click on the select affiliate option. Then the user has to search for the one option he/she wants and then click on the select network button. All these things will the user know about-

  • Pages on which people are landing.
  • On which links are they clicking.
  • Links that lead to the sale.
  • Amount of money that sales must be made.


These are the pop ups that can be created inside the dashboards. There are in total four types of popups – on load, delayed, on exit, and redirect. Here are the steps by which one can use them-

Click on the content button on the clickmagick dashboard then click on the magickpops and then on create new pop. It is a visual editor that allows its user to edit their magick pop-ups.


These are the bars that can be placed at the top or the bottom of a page and will be there until and unless the visitor removes it. This also has got a visual editor to edit it with a lot of choices. They are easy to use plus flexible.

The timer feature use-

This is an easy to use feature plus is very useful. To the offers, it will add an element of scarcity. Steps to use it are-

Click on the content button then on the timer and then create a new timer. 

Fill in all the requirements and they will give a code to the user and they have to put it wherever he/she likes and do. Now the timer is set.

Some more features that can be tried in clickmagick

  • Automatic traffic quality test.
  • Automatic bot filterings
  • GEO and mobile targeting.

Clickmagick Pricing 

There are in total three plans that can be purchased-

  • Starter plan-$17 per month. It will prove all the core features and give 10,000 clicks for one month and 2 custom tracking domains.
  • Standard plan- $47 per month. It will also have all the core features and 1,000 clicks for one month.10 custom tracking domains Plus organic and funnel tracking for five sites.
  • Pro plan- it will cost $97 per month. All the core features plus 1,00,000 clicks in one month and every other feature and unlimited value.

They will also give a free trial of 14 days for every plan so one can use the time carefully to learn how to use the clickmagick. They will also offer the users 30% if they go for the yearly plan.

Pros of using clickmagick

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is one of the best affordable tools to click trackings.
  • Fast stat import, share, and export.
  • Timers
  • Users’ feedback features have been added.
  • One can track pages that don’t belong to them.
  • Advanced postback URL tracking support.
  • It has split test support.

Cons of using clickmagick

  • short trial period.
  • may be a little too difficult for the newbies.
  • It does not support live chats.
  • One will require a little knowledge about the HTML to perfectly use some of its features.

One can also get the tutorials to use clickmagick if they are confused about it. they give a guide in the link tracking. The new expert academy is also very useful.

Bottom line

These were all the features that one should know before using clickmagick. It is the best link tracking service tool worth the price spent on it.

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