How to Find Perfect Niche for Your Blog

How to find a niche

You must have read our recent in-depth guide on How to Start A Blog, if you haven’t yet, then must read it and with that guide you need another very important thing before starting a blog is that, a perfect niche (Topic for your blog).

You might don’t know that, the #1 Secret behind every successful blog that makes money is the perfect niche of that blog. YES, it is one of the first and essential things you should consider before website traffic, blog audience, email list and SEO.

Picking the perfect topic for your blog is the KEY that makes your blog profitable since first day in the online business. This is the main formula of every profitable website that makes money. They pick the perfect topic to start, and they provide the right audience and after that they start promote right products and ads to them and make hell lot of money.

How to Find Perfect Niche for Blog?


If you’re struggling to choose a perfect niche for blogging, than here we are going to share the detailed guide with you so you can discover some best niche for blog of yours and all you need is to follow some best topic to find a profitable niche.

So, are you ready to find out your first profitable niche? Let’s begin with it:

Guide on Choosing Perfect Niche for Blogging in 2018

Below we have separated this guide on different sections where you need to follow one by one…

Note: We recommend you only one thing and that is, try to think creatively while following this guide.

  1. Find out what are you passionate about?

This question can solve all your queries in a second if you have the perfect answer for this question. If you’re passionate about any niche that you’re blogging in than it’s a GREAT NEWS for you because this is what we want in you.

We and all passionate bloggers believe in one thing that passion is the key factor for success in every task in the life so you need to find your passion and it could be – pets care, cooking, technology, gadgets, singing, playing guitar etc etc….

So you don’t need to think anything else first, first find your passion in something and TRUST ME that will be the perfect niche for you to start your first profitable niche in 2018.

  1. Is Your Niche Profitable? Let’s Find Out

Once you are ready with your answer that what your passion is where you can start your niche site. Well, once you have done this step, now we need to find out whether your passion will give you money from your site or your niche don’t have any potential.

You need to find out that – Is Your Niche Profitable or not?

It’s also worth thinking about whether the niche profitable but also how tough is it to the point of profitability?

So here we have added some points to think about it:

  • Your Resources
  • Ease of attracting advertising
  • Is there any affiliate products or CPA offers available in your niche.
  • Are other people work on your niche or not?
  • Are people making money via your niche already?
  • What is the competition in your niche?
  1. Niche Competition

Well, if there is any competition in your niche, then you don’t need to worry about it because it’s a Positive Sign for you. It clearly mentions that others are already making profits via your niche and pursuing it.

It’s also important to note that bloggers in your niche are not always your competition because you can outrank your competitor easily once you start have authority on your blog in the Google Search Engine.

Below there is a competition review process you can use:

  • Do a Google search for “[niche] blog” or “best [niche] blogs” and you can find all the blogs that are working on your niche.

For Example: if you are passionate about Dogs Care then you need to enter in Google like this “[Dogs Care] + Blog” and hit enter to grab your competitors blogs.

  • Go to Facebook and search for your niche and are there any active Facebook Pages for your topic. Find out Facebook Pages and check how many followers they have and if there are more than 1000 fans then it’s a Great Niche for you as well.
  • Go to Twitter and search for Your Niche and is there any Twitter Accounts and is those accounts have more than 1000 Followers, if YES then it will be beneficial for you as well.
  • Go to Quora and enter your niche main keyword for example Pets Care and find out is there any questions asked by people on Quora or not. If there are potential questions and people interesting in asking question in your niche than it will be a good niche for you as well.

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  1. Is Your Niche Has Monetization Potential or Not?

There are very less people on this planet who don’t want to make money from their hard work. So if you want to earn money with your blog or you are doing it as your hobby, it’s your choice.

To make sure your niche is monetizable or not, let’s finds out:

  • Is there anyone who selling information or products related to your niche? The easiest way to find this is to check what your competitors are promoting on their niche blogs.
  • Are well-known advertisers available in your niche? They could be big brands or e-commerce sites.
  • Is there any affiliate offers in your niche? Here is how to Find Affiliate Offers and check some affiliate networks as such as:
  4. Amazon Affiliate

ts can help you to determine if you can establish a profitable blog or not of your choice that helps you generate income.

Final Verdicts:

We hope you find this post helpful while searching for Profitable Niche for your blog. If you have any query for you than please drop your queries in the comment section below.


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