Best Ways to Increase Blog Traffic in 2018

Increase blog traffic 2018

We all build our blogs to share our best knowledge on the particular niche and we gave our 100% to that blog but how many of you got the perfect and targeted audience for your blog. Blogs have become one of the most demanding and popular platform where bloggers, digital marketers, affiliate marketers can share their wares, offer digital products, share how to guides and much more in words format.

But what if, the blog is perfect and has perfect content on it, but there is no one to read it?

There are tons of reasons that why you should focus on increasing the traffic on your blog with updating your blog with more useful content on it. It could be for monetary reasons, to gain more public exposure to show off multiple skills. Well, Bloggers and Marketers want their sites to grow, develop and evolve in an increasing graph format.

So, how to grow blog traffic in 2018, where there are hell lot of competition out there in the market, no matter which niche you are working on but there is a competition in any niche so your blog should have unique content, user-friendly design, and Google friendly format of your content learn more about it here on SEO Ranking Factors guide.

How to Increase Blog Traffic in 2018 [Best Ways]

Below we are going to share our tried and tested best and easy ways to increase blog traffic and you can follow them one by one and once you are familiar with these ways, and start focusing on them while creating the best content for your blog, you start getting good results and your blog start getting targeted traffic (Organic + Social + Direct).

#1. Modify Your Content

You may heard about one signature line in Blogging that “Content is King” and you should always focus on content first than later you can focus on other things as well like Backlinks, Promotion, Social Media Sharing etc.

The initial structuring of a blog should evolve with designing it to attract more traffic on your blog. You content should be easily readable, appealing and it should be in easy to understand language with too the point topic because this strategy can attract the right readers and potential customers for your blog or products.

It can be done by modify your old and boring content by putting it into useful and targeted categories that will enable readers to find out exact thing, that what they are looking for easily.

It should include sub-title, bullet points and lists with perfect matching and appealing graphics. Because Search Engines always pick the perfect themes of related content on the particular niche. So it should include Keywords and Keyword Phrases. If you work a little more on your blog’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the right way, you’re likely to get more search engine traffic that is also known as Organic Traffic.

#2. Specify Your Audience

The most important query of every newbie blogger has is, who is going to read my blog? Basically first, you should focus on your content on what your blog is based on like which niche you are working on. Now specify your audience and address that audience directly.

Always Remember One Thing – If you write what your targeted audience want to read than your blog will never get dead ever but you need to be make sure that your content should be up to date always all the time.

You might already have a good idea on what you write and who reads your blog. But to get better insight you should check two major platforms called and to check the in-depth information like which gender or browsing location of your blog’s visitors.

If you know how many men’s and how many women’s read your blog, than you can set your niche with two different topics, if the men’s number is more than women’s than you can start focusing on more content related to men’s topic because they will share it with other men’s and your blog will start getting more traffic in short period of time.

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#3. Advertise As Much As You Can

It always useful to share your blogs with the initial users that you can find on social media, and the best way to do that is to advertise your content in front of useful traffic. There are two major types of advertising, Paid Advertising and Free Advertising.

Free Advertising

There are so many ways to advertise your blog without a single penny. So for instance, word of mouth via social media. Obviously, there are monetary benefits to doing this. If you don’t already have one, starts building a profile on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ all of them are FREE.

Getting involved in your niche related groups that specialize in the topic, you are writing could be great way to get free targeted traffic on your blog to read your content. If you share your posts with your followers on Twitter and Facebook than it might be possible that they share it with others and your traffic will increase for sure.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is costly, and you should be preparing for it. There are 3 types of paid digital advertising.

  • Search Engine advertising for example, Google Adwords.
  • Advertising on Social Media with Facebook Ads.
  • Banner Advertising on other sites or blogs that suits with your niche.

Final Verdicts:

Well, there are more ways to increase your traffic, than above 3 ways. If you want more ways than comment down below and we will share more with all of you. If you find these ways useful than please share them with all your digital marketers and bloggers on social media platforms so they also can increase their blog traffic and boost their sales.For more information you can also visit clash royale private server

If you have any query, feedback or question than please drop your questions in the comment section below and we will resolve them as soon as possible.

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