Cheat Engine APK Latest v6.5.2 Download for Android


What Is Cheat Engine APK?


Cheat Engine APK is an Android application which is primarily used to connect or redirect to remote or local processes. It works strictly on the Internet Protocol for relaying datagrams and has some access to the networks across boundaries.

Cheat Engine – A Popular Game Hacking Tool

Cheat Engine as the name suggests it is being used extravagantly for doing restricted things within an Android application, primarily games. There are many constraints that a game developer tries to put while setting up a game. Like, one of the most popular android games, Subway Surf has restrictions of coins and keys owned. One needs to earn keys and golds. If one has an unlimited amount of keys, he or she will keep playing, creating the high score. What Cheat Engine does is that it breaks such constraints and allows the user to access unlimited golds, keys, armors in shooting games, lives, etc. It has emerged as one of the most popular Game hacking tools.

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Cheat engine APK Popular Features :


Reads Scanned And Paged Memory

Cheat Engine allows the reads to be scanned and stored in paged memory. It has a comparatively fast scan and works extraordinarily well on most of the games.

Values Of Most Categories Can Be Scanned

Cheat Engine allows scanning values of all types starting from bytes, double, float, an array of bytes and strings. Another advantage that it offers is that it can scan values even in hexadecimal form. This is a very good feature as earlier, hexadecimal had to be sorted in some other values like long or double.

Free For Use

One of the most drawing things, that makes users choose Cheat Engine over several other game hacking tools is the fact that it is free of cost. Being free of cost enables free entrance and exit. If the app is paid one, then the user think twice before investing money into it. But since Cheat Engine is free for use, there are no issues of such kinds.

Installing And Hacking With Cheat Engine

One can download the Cheat Engine APK from Here.

Once the download is completed, the APK file will be saved in the downloads. Open the APK file and start installing it. If the installation does not start, then you need to grant permission from setting -> security of your Android smartphone.

Once the app is installed, open the app. Then open any game that you want to hack. Search the game process in Cheat Engine list. Then, open the process. Now, search for the values section, example gem: 100. Now, do something so that gem’s value decreases, example gem: 25. Now in Cheat Engine, one will see the value 100 become 25.

Now all you have to do is add the address of the gold value in one of the list tabs. Check or tick mark the ACTIVE checklist and change the value to 99999. Now, open the game you will see gems value as 99999.


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