10 Best WordPress Themes Affiliate Program

wordpress themes for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing WordPress theme is said to be one of the best ways to promote products and make money. Sometimes affiliate marketing WordPress reputation is made worse because of few uncultured affiliates which ask for money and in return offer low money. 

So it is very important to choose a good affiliate program WordPress depending on which kind of website you will use.

Here is a list of the top 10 WordPress theme affiliate:

#1 StudioPress:

 It is one of the best and well-known theme developers. Its prices are also good and have a 35% commission rate and the packs are also good. 

Its prices range from $59.95 to $499.95. This is a very useful affiliate program for those who are ready to invest a good amount of money for the promotion. It has a cookie duration of 60 days and the minimum amount of payout you can do is $50.

#2 Elegant theme affiliate program:

 It is a member of WordPress Company. It provides you with over 87 themes and 6 plugins. The best-known theme which they developed is the multipurpose Divi theme. It is also known that the WordPress theme affiliate pays its user $3million every year which is a very heavy amount of money.

It also allows you to make your theme using its designer editor. You can ever custom every part of the website by easily changing colors and font.it can be used by both newbies and the old users as it is very much flexible to operate. Its prices start from $69 per year with 180 days of cookie duration.

#3 Themify affiliate program:

Themify can be said to be a good quality theme shop where you could get 52 elegantly made WordPress themes that you could use. Well not only could you use these but can also build your theme using its perfect Themify builder plugin.

It has over 100646+ customers. It even has 12 plugins and 25 builder add-ons. One of the best things is that it has a money-back guarantee so if you are not satisfied then you will get your money back. Its membership starts from $79 per year and the threshold payment is $50 with 30 days of cookie duration.

#4 Tesla theme affiliate program:

It is a profitable WordPress theme affiliate program as it offers you 50% of the commission for your every sale and also a 15% commission from the sale made by your recruits to the program. Their themes are also at a low price compared to others. 

It even gives you customer support and it is easy to install. It has over 68 themes with 125000+ websites created. It cost you $1.47 per the theme. While the product price sales range from $48 to $199 and there is no fixed payment threshold amount plus has a cookie duration of 90 days.

#5 Mythemeshop affiliate program:

Mythemeshop offers you the largest affiliation commission that is around 70%. They have till now 85 premium themes and 13 premium plugins.it gives you 24/7 customer support to solve all your queries related to this and ensures 100% satisfaction.  It gives great user experience not only on laptops but on mobile phones too. Its loading speed is very fast. 

If you are still confused with themes on how to apply them they provide you with video tutorials. Its club membership is of $167 per year and there is no threshold payment amount plus it has 60 days of cookie duration to it.

#6 TemplateMonster affiliate program:

It has over 14 years of experience. You can get templates for most of the HTML, eCommerce platform, and CMS. It also provides you with WordPress themes and ready-made brand identities. Their commission plans increase initiating from 30% and may reach 50% per sale.

Its product price is $75 on an average and the threshold payment is $100 which is a little bit too much and has a cookie duration of 365 days. Overall it is a good affiliate program WordPress to promote your products. 

#7 Premium coding affiliate program:

You can use this for a very specific, modern way to promote using WordPress blog themes. They always make new themes that are simple and easy to use and even are eye-catching. You can either take the annual pack of themes or just a single theme.Beautiful Creative WordPress ThemesIt is very safe to use and gives you several payment options plus if you don’t like it you can get your money back as they even give you a money-back guarantee. The affiliate commission is about 35% to 50% and sales range from $49 to $395 with no threshold payout amount and 90 days of cookie duration.

#8 Superb themes affiliate program:

They usually make themes that are more focused on page speed, SEO Tools. If you are interested in building affiliate blogs and websites then this is for you. They are updated to keep pace with the new SEO Tools. 

They have over 179362+ websites that use them and they release on an average 1 theme every month. Their customer support is also very nice. They give 40% to 60% affiliate commission and their product price starts from $29 to $199 with a payment threshold of $50 and a cookie duration of 30 days.

#9 Apollo13 themes affiliate program:

Apoolo13 provides you with a pre-made design that can be easily used by just one click and even gives you many options to customize themes. You can buy themes either for a month or a year with the first 14 days free trial. You get 35% of the commission in their Rife theme that is annually renewed. 

So if you renew the pack after a year you earn the same amount of commission that is 35% from that same client that is a profitable way to earn money if you use it for a long time. Its sales range from $9 monthly to $72 yearly with a $50 threshold amount and 30 days cookie duration.

#10 CSS Ignite affiliate program:

You can use it for almost every type of website because of the different templates it provides you and they have a wide range of pricing so that you could be very specific to what you want and spend your money on that only. If you want a lifetime package then go for “All-access” that will cost up to $249 and will help you earn $99.60 for each commission for lifetime.

They introduce new themes every month. It has a 24/7 customer support system plus you can build as many projects as you want without keeping in mind whether it’s personal use or industrial. Its affiliate commission is $40% and its package starts from $49 to $249. 

Bottom line:

These were the list of the best affiliate program theme WordPress themes that you can use to boost the number of customers by making the website much more eye-catching to attract more users.

These affiliate programs provide you with many themes and also you can customize themes and use them. Their prices are also affordable and worth the money ranging from $49 to $99 deepening on the kind of package and the duration of the package.

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