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web hosting affiliate programs

Web hosting affiliate programs can be used by an organization even by an individual to increase their product demand by creating websites or web pages to promote them. The web hosting affiliate programs will serve you with service and technology by which you can show up your websites. 

While you choose a web hosting affiliate looks for these features:

  • Email account feature. – So that you can easily make domain names. This feature may not be found in few web hosting sites. 
  • WordPress support. – It is a very powerful online website creating tool that will help you to create and manage the website conveniently. This is mostly found on web hosting sites.
  • Guarantee uptime. – Many times it happens that people don’t return to sites which they search down and this has really a great impact on your earning. So even if the offer is good it is of no use as people have not been back to the site for sale.
  • Backups and recovery. – 2 main problems that an affiliate may go through are hacking and malware. If you have chosen a good web hosting program then it will give you security features to resist virus or malware attacks and will also provide you with backups.

10 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs:


#1 BlueHost affiliate

It is the top choice of bloggers as it helps you to earn higher commissions. There are many companies like Pat Flynn that make a really good amount of money using BlueHost. So if you are really interested to earn much money by promoting a good hosting then go for BlueHost.

It gives you commission depending on how much signups have you referred. The more number of signups the more money you get. So it gives you the advantage of unlimited earnings which is one of the best things about web affiliate programs.

Commission: $65per successful signup 


  • Best of WordPress.
  • It’s very popular and has loads of ads.


  • EIG company owns it which has bad repo in the market plus has continued outages.
  • Their customer support is not very responsive and the speed is too slow.

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#2 HostGator

Hostgator affiliate program reward you $100 for each signup that you have referred and it also gives you flexible commissions. It has no limit to how many users you can refer to so it is a good way to earn money as you can refer this to unlimited people and earn unlimited money.

 You have options like hybrid commission or performance-based model. It is more preferred to the ones who create video tutorials as you can only share your referral link verbally as it doesn’t provide users to click on affiliate link but not the least Hostgator gives you more commission than BlueHost.

Commission- $50-$125 per sale


  • YouTube users can use this as it allow them to make coupon code as they don’t give you affiliate link
  • As you refer to code not just you but your user also gets benefited so it can increase your audience.


  • EIG owns this web hosting affiliate program which has a bad reputation in the market.
  • In the hosting industry it has the highest cancellation rate that is really 50%.

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#3 A2hosting

A2hosting affiliate program is a really good option for new users who want to earn money without investing too much as they are cheap enough to buy and still solid and their custom coupons can be easily promoted on YouTube so it is a good option for YouTube’s users also.

They have good reviews on social platforms. It also gives you 2-tier hosting commissions which help you to earn more compared to other affiliate programs. It has SSL Certification and domain transfer facility.

Commission: $ up to $140 per sale.


  • They give you custom coupon codes.
  • Offers $5 for each 2-tier affiliate.
  • They give free site migration.
  • It is much more focused on its affordability and the performance.


  • Uptimes have problems.
  • It said that they may use a redesign for their website.

#4 GoDaddy

It is a very famous name in the industry. They have a bad reputation but in reality they are not that bad. It is a better cheap company but offers you very less commission that is around $10 per sale at 10-15%. They have an easy to-use panel that is very flexible and it also gives 1GB databases storage.

This can be a reason that people don’t usually opt for GoDaddy as there are many better web hosting affiliate in the market who offer you much more than this on each sale. Even after all this one good thing about them is the security they offer you and 99.99% uptime plus the 30-days money-back guarantee.

Commission: 10-15%


  • It has a solid support.
  • It is a better cheap hosting affiliate.


  • Very low commission.
  • They don’t have good uptimes.
  • Speed is also not soo good.
  • They have blacklisted many plugins.

#5 Kinsta 

Kinsta affiliate program is a good host but is a little bit expensive. One of the best things is that in just 13 months they grew traffic on their site by 571% and this should be considered when choosing for a web affiliate program as a growing company will offer you a better amount of commissions and you could attract more users to it.

They are more focused on WordPress hosting so to make them much easier to promote. They give a good percentage of commission to its users and 10% recurring also. They also have great reviews from all around the globe.

Commission – $50 -$500 per sale+10% recurring.


  • Awesome way to get higher income.
  • It is much focused on WordPress hosts.
  • They have had a real big growth around the last few years and have many active blogs.
  • They have great reviews on the web with only a few negative reviews.


  • They have a little bit too high a price which is $30 per month.

#6 WP Engine 

WP engine affiliate program is rated one of the generous and best affiliate hosting program as it has many features like a 2-tier program in which you get $50 for each affiliate that you had referred to that makes a sale. They have also made StudioPress that is growing at a good rate.

WP engines have a great reputation among these web hosting companies and were even rated as top 5 in polls done by Facebook; their plans start from $35 per month. So you can surely opt for this as it will offer you $200 for each sale. 

Commission: $200 per sale +2-tier sub-referrals+ bonus


  • No need to climb tiers.
  • Commission is really high compared to others.
  • Their 2-tier program which helps you earn when you refer to an affiliate and that makes sales.
  • Solid reputation.
  • Good support, speed, and uptimes. 
  • Their entire users are given access to StudioPress themes and genesis.


  • It has no facility of email hosting.
  • They have become a little expensive recently.
  • Free migration offer is not given.
  • Their starting price that is $35 per month can be too expensive for new users.

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#7 SiteGround

 They have had a really high quality of service since 2004 and have 60000+ affiliates all around the world and have approximately 1 million domains. They have really attractive visual and campaign tools. They are available 24/7 for you. They have high quality of security. 

It is very much reliable and offers its user a high payment and bloggers and markets can go for this. They will offer you commission based on the performance that means you can increase your earning by referring more number of people to the hosting plan.

 They pay weekly which is a good thing about them. They also have great reviews on facebook.

Commission: $50-$100+ per sale


  • They were at #1 host on Facebook poll.
  • For 1-3 years you can get a low promotional price.
  • They have solid WordPress features, speed, support, and uptime.
  • They provide free migration features with the GrowBig.


  • To get high commissions you will have to climb tiers.
  •   They keep on increasing prices.
  • The process of getting approved as an affiliate is too hard.
  • Their users have complained about overage of CPU.

Bottom line

These are the list of the best web hosting programs that you can use and earn a good amount of income. All these vary because of the features they provide and accordingly you can choose any web hosting affiliate program you desire.

Before opting any of any programs do check their Web hosting affiliate program residual income as it should be good enough to earn profit. There are many other web hosting affiliate programs like Flywheel affiliate program which also offer you a good amount of money.

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