8 Best Alternatives of Anime Planet for Watch Anime & Manga

anime planet

Anime planet is a big name and has a smart setup all over the network. The strong features are the reason they have been holding such a large number of users for such a long time in the market. Anime planet manga is like the favorite content of the anime viewers. The viewers are a great fan of the Anime planets because the content is great.

How to watch anime on anime planet

Regular updates on the content. Also, one can easily use it like they might not even need any guides so they can start using it and thus it attracts more and more new users from the market.

Also, the fact that they have been providing the option of Mobile anime websites makes it more flexible and thus makes it even more liked by more people. The interface is also great and the efforts they put in to keep it right at the top of all the options are very clear.

Also, the Tv show content is also covered in their collection and thus it is again an added advantage of them. There is no end to the good features of the Anime planet and thus their alternatives find it difficult to hold a good opposition in front of it. 

The options though are quite efficient at their work and the best among the top options are discussed below with their leading features and thus making it clear why they are even considered as an option of the anime planet

Best 8 sites like anime planet alternatives website in 2021

Anime planet has been ruling over the market when one is talking about watching Anime online. Manga anime online is a top search for all manga lovers. There are times when people look for the other options because they are not comfortable with Animeplanet, so here are the top options available in the market which is absolutely amazing and the users would surely love the options:

#1 KissAnime

As the top option as an alternative to the anime planet, this option also has most of the features and some added goodness which makes it great for all the users who are looking for the alternative of the anime-planet. This option provides the fastest streaming of the anime content and thus many people do not need to hear any other feature to accept this option. Moving forward to this, this option also has a huge collection of manga series and thus all the manga users out there who do not get much of the content from any other site, this is the right place for you.

The features are never-ending and thus include a wide collection of all the anime content. The mobile and the pc option are also available. The video quality which has been provided to the users by this website is much better than any other website and thus one does not have to think much before accepting this option. 

The friendly interface tops the list of the features making the list complete.

#2 Animeflv

Now, they have this new feature where they upload a bit of their best content on the home page. The content gets updated every day and thus one can understand all the fields which are available and the categories which the user can go through.

Also, the option like a very simple interface allows the user to go through the content very easily and the video quality of all the content is awesome and one does not need to think much before actually going for this option.

#3 Animeyt

This option is the one where one can find the content from top to bottom. . Also, the interface is very easy and thus it does not have any issues. The person who has just started using this option will also have no great problems while going through it or using it and thus this is surely a great option. Also, more to add, it has all the good options and one might not think much and can go for this option and also give it a try. 

#4 Animeid

This is for all those people who need many options and the defined categories and needs a lot many things at one place to choose from, and they should not go to any other place leaving this option because this is surely the right one for all of them.

Also, they have been providing an easy user interface which allows the person to take the easy choice and makes the experience really good for any of the users.

#5 Animeheaven

This is one of the best options one can go for while one is looking for the option of multiple genres. The genre option and the list which is made available by them are surely great and there are no limits to the advantages of the Anime heaven. 

Mirrors List





These are the options available and one can go for them. 

#6 Crunchyroll

This is the best option for any anime content. The user does not need to think much before making the choice as this option. The content is so large that one can never get enough of it. The person can also look for the interface things and the other features.

The content is surely the latest. It is so easy to use that the person does not even need to think much before starting. The content also gets updates. It is free for most of the part and the regular and exclusive content might need a bit of payment but one can enjoy the flow without even paying.

#7 FUNimation

The name suggests how easy and user friendly it has been trying to make the whole process for any of its users. Also, taking further the content is great and one can easily use it. But for all manga lovers, this option does not work because they do not provide the manga content. This might not be really bad for other users other than Manga lovers.

#8 Amazon Prime Video

This is not the ultimate option but if one has the access to this option, they can go through the anime content for free time entertainment. The content is not much but can work for free time. 

How to use VPN for watching anime planet episodes online

List of top 3 VPN

  1. Tunnelbear
  2. Vpnbook
  3. Openvpn


Anime-planet has set the bar high for all the other competitors in the market. the viewers have not just loved the content but the way they have been offered the content is really great and all the users and their interest is taken care of perfectly without any issues.

Anime planet has made the experience of watching the anime content worth it and thus the competitions might need to take a bow down for the same. Myanimeplanet has been discussed above with their features which makes it easy for the users and the readers to choose from so many options that are made available to them.

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