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Best free anime streaming websites

It’s often found that not only kids and teenagers, but adults too are fond of anime. In the modern era, however, television has succumbed to providing good anime at regular intervals.

People, therefore, are taking the aid of technology and the internet, in particular, to watch anime online. The question that perturbs, is which streaming websites offer the best of the anime. The following is the list of websites that have the best anime content with youtube. Though, there you heck a lot of anime download sites but I will be sharing sites to watch anime online for free.


Kissanime is a popular anime website. It has an array of animation movies, serials, and series. Kissanime is considered one of the websites which have most of the anime. It gives the user the authority to select the picture quality.

So, one can select high quality if he or she is streaming on WiFi or else can go with low quality on the mobile network. Further, it also supports HTML5, so that one can experience uninterrupted streaming anytime.

It has all the ingredients to be the best anime website and that is why whenever there is a talk of streaming an anime series, kissanime is the first name that comes to anybody’s mind.


Hulu is a name that has gained prominence. Most people who watch movies and series have heard about Hulu. A distinct feature that it provides is that it gives the user an option to search for the most popular anime. Ratings are given to every anime.

These ratings are an average of the ratings given by the users who have already watched it. The search function is also very simple and it catches the best result rapidly with phrases.

Suppose if one wants to watch, “The Death Note”, and he or she types only “Death”, the search will bring the best result in no time and from there one can easily select, “The Death Note”. This website has played a huge role until now in the transformation of live anime streaming.


Crunchyroll is considered one of the most active anime websites. It updates its content very frequently and categorizes so that it becomes convenient for people to find their wish list using filters.

It is not only limited to videos, it also gives people regular information about their favorite anime series or movies. Whatever story that is trending, is up at Crunchyroll. These distinct features make it a different website altogether.

  1. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is one of the best free anime streaming sites for animation lovers. It is a website that is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows be it 7, 8 or 10. It plays well even on Mac computers and Unix. Another major facility that is provided by this website is that it allows the user to download videos on their computer at various pixel quality.

  1. Anime Season

Anime Season is becoming a genuine and permanent force when it comes to online streaming. It is considered one of the best free anime streaming. This website, too, like most of the other websites, has a rating module.

The users are asked to rate the anime series and movies after watching them. As per the ratings are given by the users, anime are classified and categorized into popular, trending and evergreen.

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