7 Free Mangapanda Alternatives to Read Manga Online in 2021


Mangapanda is a famous website delivering Anime and manga content to different parts of the world. The website has been designed with great specifications which makes it look so much better.

Not just the looks, but the website provides the user with a simple usage which makes more people comfortable with the website. Talking more about the Mangapanda website, the website is free of cost which means they provide amazing services without charging anything for different Manga Panda content.

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7 Free mangapanda alternatives to read manga online

The website has a simple lookout but there are some points where it lags or there are various places where the other websites are doing quite well.

For all such reasons, the following alternatives have been mentioned so that the user can pick the one which matches their checklist of needs with the specifications of the alternatives. 

#1. Crunchyroll

The content secured by this website is more than one might ever need. Every single video which is good enough to be posted (which basically deals with Anime content), will be covered within their provision of videos.

They have an excellent set up to deal with the huge data they have been dealing with for all the years. Also, they have taken care of the choices of all the people and have provided maximum options available for the users. 

They also have the option of premium accounts which gives a special approach to the new content in the market. they also have Crunchyroll guest pass options for the days when one is not capable of buying the premium content.

Taking an overview, the premium account charges are not really appreciated by everyone but their provision of content in return for the money is worth it.

The free content is not bad at all. Because they have their strategies set, they have premium account related things but that does not make this website less worthy even for the free content available. 

Thus, if the person is a real fan of the Anime videos and if all they look forward to is a better service then Crunchyroll is a really great option and if the person can afford the premium account membership, it’s the cherry on the top for the Anime lovers

#2. KissManga

They are involved in sharing high-quality content to users worldwide. The different thing about this particular website is the fact that they are a forum community. Talking only about the content, the content is enough for a single user and most demands of the users are fulfilled by them.

They have also taken care of the difference in the population and their thoughts and how differently they would want to access the content. 

Talking about the charges, they are also the free providers which makes it a great point for them.

As already know, more people get attracted to the free content and thus the number of people involved with this website is also large. They have all the satisfactory content variations to meet the demands of the users.

They also provide users with different suggestions for accessing the anime and Manga Panda content differently. This means they provide the user with different links to multiple websites that also share great Manga Panda content.

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#3. MangaReader

MangaReader allows you to read Mangapanda online without any disturbance and involvement of money. When you look into the audience of mangapanda or the die hard readers, the idea of having to pay for every next content is not good.

Thus, when the users will have the free option available for them, they can actually enjoy their favorite activity. 

Also, having to pay for some entertainment every now and then does not seem to be a nice idea for the people who hardly earn anything or for the low graders who do not earn anything.

Thus, when MangaReader is concerned, it is a great place for all the passionate Manga Panda readers, as they have access to their favorite content without any charges.

Also, when the details are looked into, the number of content and the variations and the choices available for some many different characters, it is a pleasure for the readers to have access to such website and the beautiful content storage without any charges and thus this is also a good option.

#4. Viz

They are a renowned publisher of Manga content. This is among the old options which have maintained the quality and have secured the name in the competition.

Also, the fact that they have also published movies is the driving fact that might attract more and more people to support their content. The reviews are also good about the content. They also have other supporting content which might be like a new option for many users.

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#5. MangaFox

Now, this website is for the choosy people who have been finding the right website that can give them infinite filter options and thus get them the most relatable content.

Such people who are not comfortable with all the types of the genre might be looking for this option because this option gives the user many genre choices. Also, there are some later filter options available which make it even better.

Further, the user does not need to spend anything and the reviews for this option are also good and thus it can be considered that it can be among the best. They also do not have any subscription issues which makes it free of any issues for a user.

#6. Mangafreak 

As the name suggests, the content is all for the fans who are the real followers of the cannot miss on any days without reading the latest content on mangapanda.

Again, this option provides the user with those amazing filter options so that they can directly dive into their favorite content and then patiently read what has been served by the option.

Also, the option does not ask you to pay anything and thus more and more readers have been appreciating it. Also, the option gives the latest content and thus regularly checking the content here will only give the user great content.

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#7. Comixology

Unlike others, this is named among the ones involved with e-commerce activity and is among the top related items of Amazon. They do charge but the costs won’t affect much and also the content is great.

New deals and discounts are coming up and that also makes it easy for users from places all over the world to easily make orders for the same.

They have a record in maintaining the quality of the services and thus they are among the top recommendations


The above content talks about the different alternatives available and the common things shared by each one of them are the Manga Panda content. The fans of mangapanda might access the content in multiple ways like through reading comics or episodes or watching the action.

Depending on this fact, the above alternatives have been chosen so that the user can actually look into the content and then choose the exactly needed alternative of the Manga Panda.

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