Top 10 Best Tech Support Forums and Troubleshooting Computer Issues websites.

Many times you might have seen and noticed the worst thing is happening to you is your computer might stop working suddenly. You know there is some issue with the computer but you can’t figure out the right problem and fixing the issue is not so easy.

In such situations, you have several options like you can watch several videos on YouTube for computer troubleshooting tutorials or you can see step by step guide on YouTube. You can also contact your seller who will ask you to bring the unit for repair or check-up. Another option is you can hire an IT technician from IT Outsourcing service providers.

If all the above solutions don’t work for you then you can enroll in a formal course for getting some computer troubleshooting skills. there’s also the convenient option of self-study on dedicated websites that will teach you everything you need to know about the subject. And the best thing is that many of these websites offer free services.

So here I have listed few Best Tech Support Forums and Troubleshooting Computer Issues websites which going to help you rectifying all the technical issues.

1) StackOverflow:


This is a community dedicated to helping software developers on coding-related issues with a Q&A platform specifically for the purpose of spreading useful information about programming or software algorithms.

As there are a high number of visitors, so the chance is quite to get the response quickly. You should prefer this for solving any issue. This is one of the best tech support forums.

2) Tech Spot:

Tech Spot

It is one of the best tech websites which has loads of articles related to troubleshooting, hardware, Android related articles which can be very useful in the maximize your devices performances.

So if you have any problems whether hardware or software, make sure you check out the TechSpot Forum.

3) Whirlpool:


Whirlpool is one of Australia’s largest forum which specializes in Australian Broadband. Even if you don’t live in Australia, it is still a great forum to join for support and to help out other people. Tech experts are ready to reply the questions. Your one question will get several solutions within a small span of time so that you can easily do the troubleshooting the issue of the computers or any other devices as well.

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4) Life Hacker:

Life Hacker

This is the best website for getting a solution for your computer problems. here you might not be able to find the forum, but you can always make use of the search box for the troubleshooting issue. As Life hacker has tons of articles, you would definitely find many which will help you fix the issues.

It is a great website, where you can find articles from several useful categories. Which can keep you updated and enhance your knowledge more?

5) Computer Hope:

Computer Hope

Computer Hope offers a number of different solutions to get computer advice. You can search for previously asked questions, read basic troubleshooting tips, find companies contact information, or look through the hardware and software listing or computer tips to get help.

It is one more light weight and amongst some computer help sites with an immense number of useful articles. They are very precise with the topic which results solving you issue quicker as possible.

6) Tech Guy:

Tech Guy

The Tech Guy’s forum is a lot larger than Computer Hope and focuses on more key areas such as operating systems, networking, the internet and emailing, hardware, software, software development, security, do-it-yourself projects and many more areas.

You will find many registered users, so don’t go with the name, it’s not one guy, there are several techies who are happy to help the issues ASAP.

7) Cyber Tech Help:

Cyber Tech Help

Not many people are online at a time, so support may be a little slow, but Cyber Tech Help covers operating systems, hardware, software, gaming, as well as other subjects. Download section is available here so you can download for free.

The download categories are Adware and Spyware removal, Audio and video related software’s, Antiviruses software’s, Book Disk related, disk Enhancements, File and disk management, File Compression, Graphics Utilities, Image Editing, Network Utilities, Optimizer and Diagnostics, System Utilities.

8) Geeks to Go:

Geeks to Go

The name itself resembles it perfect that you would be able to find all the tech related articles over there. It has an active forum that specializes in security, operating systems, hardware, software, and development to ensure if you have a problem, you can find a solution.

You can also access the forum from the menu section and post your queries, in case you haven’t got it from the existing articles.

9) BrightHub


The site prides itself as an excellent source of information, advice, and tutorials on computer software and hardware, troubleshooting, and security, to name a few. It has a searchable database of articles that is updated monthly by its stable of regular contributors.

10) Bleeping Computer:

Bleeping computer

This site is packed with troubleshooting tips for both Macs and PCs. There are a forum, glossary, and tutorials on how to repair your computer’s most common problems. It’s a well-organized site that everyone should bookmark for their computer repair needs.

Wrapping Up:

If you want to choose IT as a career, then above all tech support website list can not only use for fixing the issues but also those are best websites to learn computer troubleshooting for free.

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