How to Install Kodi on PS4 and PS3: Installation Guide.


Play station is very popular console and it is better than Wii and Xbox. PS4 and PS3 users have confirmed that we can use live streaming audio/video file on the same console. Kodi on PS4 is a very great media streaming device and it can play any media you throw at it.We can install some of the best Kodi addons which will be useful to watch our favorite media on PS4

Users have tried the Kodi App on Chromecast, Firestick as well as on Roku. But today we are going to look over the process to Download and Install the App on PS4 and PS3.

How to Install Kodi on PS4?

Kodi is available for most of the operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, etc. but the app is not available officially for PS4 or PS3.

Nevertheless, you can consider Plex to be the greatest alternative to Kodi Movie App that you can hope to get.

Install Plex on your PS4:

  • Start up your PlayStation console and open the PlayStation Store.
  • There you will see a section called “Apps”. Select it and enter the Apps section.
  • Enter the “Popular” section by clicking on it.
  • Then scroll down until you see the Plex It is before several rows before you can find it.
  • Click on Download and wait for the app to install.
  • After installation is complete, you can select “Start” to start the app directly.
  • Or you can open the app from the home screen from under the TV & Video section.
  • If you don’t have a Plex account, you can create one here. Then sign in with that account on your PS4.
  • A code will appear on the ensuing screen, telling you to visit
  • Click on the link and sign in with your account. Then enter the code from your TV screen and click on “LINK”.
  • You will get an “App Linked” message on your screen. The app will then show a big error message stating that it couldn’t connect to a media server.
  • Now, pick up your Android phone and install the Plex app from the Play Store. Sign in with your account and tap on “Stay in Trial mode”.
  • After that, go to the Settings > System and then enable these options: Show camera roll media, Network discovery, and Advertise as a server.

Key Features and Advantages of Kodi PS4:

Kodi is an Open Source Media Player that comes with a lot of Features and added advantages. This kodi Player was designed and launched by XBMC Foundation. This Kodi Player is available for different Operating systems (like Windows, Linux, Unix and more) and different devices. It allows users to stream and Play videos, view pictures, record music, music’s, podcasts and more from the internet. Kodi is an HTPC application. It supports most of the famous languages of the World and a lot of add-ons are available for Kodi Player that attracts people towards it. While those not in the US or the UK cannot access content from those countries, the problem is easily solveable with a Kodi VPN that works on PS4.  As told in the above paragraph, Plex app is also having the similar functionalities of the kodi PS4 and that is why we have listed the steps to download and install Plex PS4 on you PS4 PlayStation console.


We have discussed how to install Plex on PS4 because Kodi on PS4 or PS3 isn’t available as there is no official version released yet from the developers of Kodi.

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