12 Best Fmovies Alternatives Sites to Watch Free Movies 2021

12 Best Fmovies Alternatives Sites to Watch Free Movies 2021

There is a lot of movie provider sites available in the market. But among them, there are few sites available which are provided only movies and tv shows and not provided Trojan horse and malware.  Other sites also provided movies but some sites will give you entertainment and give the gift of viruses and that will be dangerous for your PC and devices. 

Introduction Of Fmovies.IO

One point you must know that there are lots of sites available on the internet which are similar to Fmovies. When you search on Google Fmovies then lots of sites list is open on google which name is similar to Fmovies.  Among them, if you click on a fake website then it will be dangerous for the system of your device.  That’s why we must choose the real website on the search list. Still, April 2019 Fmovies domain name is Fmovies.io.

Fmovies.io Gives You Varies Facility 

  • Fmovies have a huge database of movies and TV shows.
  • You can access movies and tv series free of cost and do not need to pay a single penny for it. 
  • Fmovies is very much famous in movie lovers there are lots of visitors who come to this site in days. 

Fmovies Provide Pirated Content? 

Actually, Fmovies does not provide or host in their own server but they put the link of pirated content with the use of it you can or visitor can download the films or TV series from this link.  In short, they give reference to another server which are provided pirated movies and tv series. Keeping in mind the rules of copyright, the trap window is kept for itself.

There are lots of sites available in the market which are provided with the same pattern of work. 

Is Fmovies Is A Safe Site For Your Device? 

As for the first look, these sites are totally safe but lots of ads will be annoying you.  As for my personal opinion I personally recommended you use Adblock and pop-up blocker. And when you access this site you must use VPN to access the site.  And use one antivirus which is provided total security. 

Fmovies Mirror Sites Which Are Work 100% 

 Here I will provide some mirror sites which are provided movies and which are 100 percent work. 

URL Status Speed SSL
www10.fmovies.io Online Very Fast On
www6.fmovies.to Online Very Fast On
www5.fmovie.cc Online Very Fast On
ww3.fmovieson.com Online Very Fast On
www4.fmovies.cloud Online Very Fast On
www8.fmovie.cc Online Very Fast On
fmovies.taxi Online Very Fast On
www5.fmovies.ac Online Very Fast On
fmovies.se Online Very Fast On
www5.fmovies.ag Online Very Fast      Off


12 Best Fmovies Similar Sites that Actually Work in 2021

As I told you earlier FMovies is a totally secure site for your pc or any device you use it.  But in case you did not find your favorite movies from Fmovies or Favorite TV series on Fmovies then you may search your favorite content from other similar sites. 

As for my point of view, there are lots of sites available on the internet but among them, there are lots of sites available in the market but among them, I personally choose for you some site which is totally secure and provided huge content of movies and tv shows. 

1.) GoMovies 

Gomovies is one of the most popular websites for a fan of movies.  if you love online movie streaming sites then this site is for you.  there are lots of factors that do not like to run this type of site just like watchdogs, copyright, competing online streaming but among them, this site is totally secure and runs it easily.

Because of this site’s management team is awesome. This site provided the best management teams which often upload new movies and tv shows. you can also give a request for new movies.

if you have trouble finding new movies then you can find a search option for them.  is this site is useful for you? this site is an alternative site of fmovies.


2.) House movie

House movies are one of the best online streaming sites in the internet world because there are several features provided by housemovie. 

Housemovie provided a huge library of movies such as Fmovies.io. when we talk about the user-interface of the sites then the site’s user interface is attractive and easy to use it.  all the content of movies provided by the user in short this is open source file anyone can upload movies. 

3.) 123movies 

123movies is the best alternative site for fmovies.  Fmovies are provided with the secure content the same as 123 movies also provided secure content. 123movies have also a huge collection of movies same as fmovies.

123movies has come free of cost on this site you did not need to pay a single penny to watch the content of your favorite movies. 123movies is the most trustable site like fmovies. 


4.) solarmovie

SolarMovie is one of the elegant websites which are providing online streaming sites. If you want HD quality video of movies and TV shows then this site is for you. This site is also provided thousands of movies. You can watch it with the use of a single click.  

Solarmovie provided a category wise movies list so you can find your favorite movies easily. More on also provided a search bar for movies search option with the use of it you can search on favorite movies. this is the best alternative site like fmovies.


5.) Movie DLL

Movie DLL is one of the biggest online movie streaming sites for HOLLYWOOD.

This site is provided with all kinds of Hollywood movies with adult content.  You want some special movies which are not available in any other site in movie DLL provided those movies. 

6.) Moviewatcher

MovieWatcher is provided with a large number of movies and it is most popular in the movie world. 

There are various kinds of movies available in the moviewatcher just like action, drama, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, etc.


7.) TWO movies 

This site might be different from other movies this site provide lots of movies like other site provided it.  this site’s social network is also stronger than others provided it. On this site, you can find over a thousand movies.


8.) Yesmovies 

 When we talk about the yes movies then yes movies also provided the best content like fmovies. When we talk about the user interface then yesmovies user interface is the same as fmovies. 

You can be enjoying your favorite tv shows and favorite all kind of movies with the use of these sites. Not only you can find the rating of the movie also from these sites. you can also find HD quality movies and not Hd quality movies from this site. 


9.) Nites movies 

Nites movies are provided with the superuser interface anyone can use it easily. Well, when we talk about the collection of movies then Nites Movies provided a large number of movies I think over 50000 movies available on this site.  when we talk about the design of the sites then responding design. You can be enjoying free movies without any kind of registration.

IMDB ratings also available on this site so you can see the rating of movies then after you can watch them.


10.) WatchFree

Watchfree is one of the best online streaming sites which you think that all the movies provider site is the same then that is your myth. Watch free is a different kind of sites which are providing free movies and tv shows non-stop. 

Watch free is one of the best movie provider sites. You can find different kinds of movies on this single site. As for my personal opinion is this site is the same as fmovies.


11.) 5 movies 

In our last one on the list is 5 movies. 5 movies are one of the best movie provider sites in the internet world. There are many types of functionality provided by 5 movies.

  1. IMDB rating provider by this site. 
  2. you do not need to registration from this site. 
  3. the user interface is easy to use.



As for my personal suggestion to you please see this site. This site also provided online streaming HD quality video. And updated it regularly with their management team.


Conclusion :

In this article, I hope you will find the content of online HD streaming sites and how to use it. if you have trouble accessing any of the sites then use a VPN for it. VPN is the best way to watch online movies from all the sites. And again I personally recommended to you, again and again, that use a firewall and antivirus for accessing these types of sites.

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