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Hello to all, BloggDesk audience, Today we are going to share the in-depth review of Shopify where we will cover all essential things that every e-commerce developer or those who do business with e-commerce platforms must be familiar with and as you know that Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms to build amazing looking e-commerce stores without paying huge amounts to the developers.

So let’s get started with the detailed Shopify Review 2021 and all the essential things:

What is Shopify?


Shopify is one of the best and leading player in the e-commerce space, and it is one of the most easy-to-use tools to create your own online store without having any technical knowledge, all you need is “Products” and “Marketing Skills” and you are good to go with Shopify. Their mission is to build a hassle-free platform to provide you perfect e-commerce business.

Shopify Review

If we talked about basics, then Shopify is an online platform for all the forms of e-commerce and it allows users to set up their dream store and sells whatever they want such as any goods and services online which is also known as Dropshipping.

You can organize each product, customize the way your store looks, and you can accept payments direct online or via credit cards, track your orders and respond to them, and you can do it all within your Shopify dashboard.

Shopify is fully integrated e-commerce platform that provides ready-made online shops that you can tweak and customize till your heart says YESSSS.

Shopify comes with the capacity to be feature heavy out of the box, but that doesn’t drag load times or the slickness of using a Shopify site. This platform has different payment plans that based on monthly billing basis.

To start with it, you need to select from over 100 optimized online store theme, so you don’t need to either have design skills yourself or hire any designer. The designs of Shopify stores offer top-notch and optimized to generate good conversion rates from your visitors.

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Does Shopify come with Web Hosting?

YES, and this is one of the most beneficial things about Shopify that it also takes care of your hosting needs for your store. So you don’t need to sign up for any external web hosting service to run your Shopify store. Everything is neatly handled by Shopify team for you, and Shopify uses an optimized server structure that is built specifically with e-commerce in mind, so you know that you’re getting the perfect servers that handle your customers smoothly. Shopify is what is known as a cloud-hosted e-commerce platform.

Who should go for Shopify?

As Shopify provides multipurpose functions so it is clearly apart from other e-commerce platforms. Below we have mentioned some quick and important points that will explain “Who should go for Shopify”.

  • Shopify is extremely easy to set up and easy to run, so it can be used by any newbies who never touched a single e-commerce platform in his/her life.
  • The whole tool is quite affordable and it is an attractive choice for small e-commerce businesses that just started and want to minimize on costs of ecom developers and high-end web hosting.
  • Shopify offers so many readymade template designs for users to take advantage of it, so don’t have to hire any developer to help you with the store. You can literally build stylish stores and launch your online store all on your own.
  • We’re almost done, and Shopify also offers offline solutions to users and you can use Shopify in your actual brick and mortar store, integrating it with the operation that you have already set up.
  • Finally, Shopify scales really well, so it will be able to grow with you regardless of the number of products you have on offer, the volume of your sales, and the number of customers that have bought from you.

How much does Shopify cost – Shopify Pricing?

Here in this section, we are going to mention Shopify pricing and plans where each user will get 14-day free trial first. It unlocks all the features, so you can test the platform before committing to any premium plans and you can also cancel your trial account at any time.

Shopify pricing

Here are the official Shopify price and plans:

  • Shopify Lite – Start small without an online store: $9
  • Shopify Basic – Sell with your online store: $29
  • Shopify Pro – Take your business to the next level: $79
  • Shopify Unlimited – Experience the best of Shopify: $179

Activate Shopify Free Trial

Which Shopify Plan you should go for?

It depends on your requirements and the option that’s the most sense for anyone who wants to launch their first online store and they can start with $29/month. It lets you in on all the features you might need to launch the perfect store.

As a part of the $29/month price tag, you will get features:

  • Shopify’s online store module.
  • The Point of Sale (POS) system that allows you to collect payments offline through an iPad.
  • The Facebook and Pinterest modules where you can sell directly on Facebook and Pinterest.
  • The official Shopify Buy Button that allows you to add custom buy button on any website.

It’s also worth mentioning here about the Shopify transaction fees. If you are not using Shopify payments than you will change their subscription transaction fee on every order processed in your store.

Is Shopify easy and simple to use?

In today’s technology era, every tool promotes itself that it’s one of the easiest tools you’ve ever used. But few of them actually does a simple job for you. YES, Shopify is quite easy to use and you don’t need to invest hours of your time to learn about this platform. In this manner, anything could be labeled easy to use.

Final Verdicts:

We hope you find this post helpful and reliable while building your first Shopify store. We hope this Shopify Review will help you to understand all basic things about Shopify. If you like this review of Shopify than don’t forgot to share it on social media with your digital marketing friends.

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