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how to view private youtube videos

Hi friends, how are you? I think all of you are fine.  As you know that we always give you the best topic which will be solving your problem.  Today I will give some information regarding how to share private youtube video. 

Social Media Video Limitation

Every  social media have different kind of limitation whether some social media provides video size limitation or video format limitation. 

For Example when we talk about whatsapp , whatsapp is also have limitation of video sites and its format. Whatsapp video size limit is 16mb and its support only mp4 format video size. 

Same like Twitter  then twitter video upload size  limitation is 512MB. And its video length is 1 second to 2 minute and 20 seconds and the format supported on Twitter is MP4 and MOV only.

When we talk about the Facebook then Facebook is giving to you more functionality then another social media allows flexibility you can upload videos 4GB and length should be less than 121 minutes.  There are lots of video formats supported by the facebook then following format can be shown in the below tables shows.  

  • 3g2 (Mobile Video)
  • 3gp (Mobile Video)
  • 3gpp (Mobile Video)
  • asf (Windows Media Video)
  • avi (AVI Video)
  • dat (MPEG Video)
  • divx (DIVX Video)
  • dv (DV Video)
  • f4v (Flash Video)
  • flv (Flash Video)
  • m2ts (M2TS Video)
  • m4v (MPEG-4 Video)
  • mkv (Matroska Format)
  • mod (MOD Video)
  • mov (QuickTime Movie)
  • mp4 (MPEG-4 Video)
  • mpe (MPEG Video)
  • mpeg (MPEG Video)
  • mpeg4 (MPEG-4 Video)
  • mpg (MPEG Video)
  • mts (AVCHD Video)
  • nsv (Nullsoft Video)
  • ogm (Ogg Media Format)
  • ogv (Ogg Video Format)
  • qt (QuickTime Movie)
  • tod (TOD Video)
  • ts (MPEG Transport Stream)
  • vob (DVD Video)
  • wmv (Windows Media Video)

Youtube is one of the best video uploading sites and provides more flexible than other facebook or any other social media platform that does not provide this type of facility.  youtube allows you upload video size is up to 128 GB a month. But its have one condition the condition is this you must do verification process. The link of verification is otherwise you do not do the verification process then this site provides up to the 15-minute length of videos. 

After the verification of the video, you can upload videos up to 11 hours long. You can earn money with the help of  Google ad-séance. 

There are various kinds of video format will allow to you on youtube. 

  • .MOV
  • .MPEG4
  • MP4
  • .AVI
  • .WMV
  • .FLV
  • 3GPP
  • WebM

This article I will be giving to information about How to share private youtube videos rather than giving information about other social media platforms giving it.  On Youtube, there is the facility to create the private video which is accessible in your friends and family member but due to limitation of you can not share private videos among your groups. 

Youtube providing tree type of privacy :

  1. Public
  2. Unlisted
  3. Private

Youtube Public Video

When you post the video than by default your video comes in public type. 

Public means that anyone can see your video and this video comes in publicly which are comes in the news feed of youtube and those people who subscribed to your channel which is also seeing your videos.

You can also see the icon in the video for public videos.

Youtube Unlisted Video

In youtube, another setting is an unlisted video which means that the viewer can not see this video rather than have the video link.  If the viewer has a video link then he or she can view the video otherwise unlisted video can’t see in the news feeds. 

Also, the unlisted video does not appear on your channel page. 

You can see the icon of unlisted video will be appearing in youtube.

How To Share Unlisted Youtube Video

Now I will be providing the information about how to share the unlisted video. If people are asking for the video which is unlisted then they did not see the video rather than you did not provide the link of the video.

Actually unlisted video does not appear in the dashboard of YouTube. But you send the link user can view it without Gmail account or youtube sign-in option. 

So if you want to share your video then providing a link to the user. And the user can view the video without sign-in to youtube.

Youtube Private Video

A private video package only is viewed by you and the users you choose the name of the user. The video won’t seem on your channel or search results and will be hidden from other users. You can control the users you require to share a private video besides.

Here, Characters who should the connection of the video can not capable to share your private video with other people or they can’t add your video to the playlist. You can see the ‘Lock’ image in the private video.

How To Share Private Youtube Video

if you made your video as private then after you need to share your private youtube video with friends and family members.

The first thing you need to log in to your official youtube account which is linked into Google plus page or google plus profile in order to share your private video with other users. 

There are the following 2 methods are available to share your private video. 

  1. The first method is to share the private  video at the time of uploading video
  2. the second method is the share the ‘Video Manager’ section of your channel.

Let’s go to the first method if you want to share your video at the time of upload, then you need to log in to youtube page with the help of your channel official email id and password.

And then go to the upload page and go to the set your privacy settings. in the privacy settings, you need to press the dropdown menu and select the private.

then after you need to upload your video. this video can only be seen by you other people do not view your video. 

after uploading, you need to click on the share button which appears after the uploading videos. 

the lightbox will be shown when you click on the share button, in this pop up you will find the name of your circle and enter the email address of the people with whom you need to share your video.

In the second method, Already logged in, go to the video manager through the press on ‘My Channel’ and when on ‘Video Manager’ on the top. Presently, Select the Private video that you would prefer to share by clicking on the ‘Lock’ icon of this video.

Here, You please see the same construction at the right-center angle as in ‘Upload Page’. So, Hereabouts also after succeeding ‘Share’ icon, a pop up will appear and in the box, you can combine the names, circles or email addresses of the people you would like to see your video.

Here, You have the advantage of ‘Notify Via Email’ to the person or circles or email addresses of the people you are sending your private video. So, If you tick that then an email will be sent to them.

You can share youtube offline stored videos too. Want to know how? Click here on 

Here  I will provide all the information regarding how to share your private  YouTube video, and how to share your unlisted video on youtube And also provided the information regarding the social media which kind of video support. 

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