12 Best Free/Paid WordPress Podcasting Plugins For Using Podcast

WordPress Podcasting Plugins

If you’re ready to start working with podcasts or think about it, this post will direct you in the right direction regarding the use of some tools and tell you how to start publishing your posts using WordPress Podcasting plugins.

If you are interested in recording podcasts regularly, it is best to start with solo recordings. Do not start with podcasts in the form of discussions or interviews with third parties.

Although the result at first will not be so enchanting, you do not have to improvise and control the process of the discussion that arose, especially if you are not ready for this.

When you gain more experience and feel comfortable when recording, you can invite guests to discuss topics. In the meantime, your podcasts can be a so-called overview of the content that you have on your site or on other resources.

WordPress Podcasting Plugins

If you decide to record a podcast or even have already recorded, then you need to choose a plug-in for publishing it on WordPress.

To help you make a choice, there are three of the most popular options for publishing podcasts with a player on your site and sending snippets of recording via RSS for services such as iTunes.

WordPress Podcasting

This is also a free WordPress podcast plugin, but more advanced than the one mentioned above. It is also more popular, with more than 160 thousand downloads.

But what is striking – it’s average rating among users is 4.2 out of 5 possible.

Plug-in features include the ability to host multiple iTunes sharing channels from the same site, depending on your requirements.

The plugin supports both video and audio format files. You can view and listen to them directly on the WordPress site.

#1 PodPress

The most popular download among the plugins we mentioned is PodPress, but it does not have a high rating.

However, more than 900 thousand users have installed this plugin, and this means that it is really good. It has a feature that automatically announces a new episode of your podcast.

You also have access to statistics in the form of a graph with the number of downloads and other information about your podcast.

PodPress supports a huge number of file types, limited not only to audio or video but also to PDF and EPUB documents. You can also install premium content that will be available to paid users along with specific categories of podcasts.

This is a very popular plugin that is constantly updated and improved.

#2 WavePlayer

As you can guess by the name that it bears, WavePlayer is a premium plugin for the WordPress audio player, which takes the form of a waveform of a playable audio file. With this plug-in, you can publish tracks and simply integrate with other cloud hosting services like SoundCloud.

It can also be used for podcasting and offers other features such as HTML5 support, responsive design, and WooCommerce integration.

You can also create playlists visually before publishing them. Responsive HTML5 Music Player

Like all other plugins in this list, this premium WordPress plugin will help you to view beautiful audio players on your site.

Use the Control Panel to create multiple playlists and players with different settings and songs selected.

#3 Zoom Sound

ZoomSounds is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you view audio players on your site. It is also one of the best-selling WordPress audio player plug-ins with over 1,690 sales.

The best part of the plugin is the fact that it comes with all the features that make your site easier to use. The interface and design of the audio player are fascinating.

Like the popular plugins in this niche, it is a powerful control panel that allows you to collect. It also supports Soundcloud.

#4 Modern Audio Player

Modern Audio Player is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you easily create a modern audio player on your website. Initially, it supports the WordPress management interface, which allows you to create a limit on the number of playlists and players.

It usually provides most of the features found in all other plug-ins in this list.

However, it highlights aspects of the reports and statistics that it provides you by playing songs, comments and reviews, downloads, etc. left by your users.

#5 Podcasting is seriously easy

Cast seriously simple podcasting is an easy-to-use, customizable podcast plug-in. The intuitive interface is the perfect wizard for beginners. You can publish your podcast in minutes without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

Best WordPress Podcast Themes, Plugins & Players Best WordPress Podcast Themes, Plugins & Players

For advanced podcasts, seriously simple podcast plugins support audio and video files, allowing users to run multiple podcasts from one site with their own RSS feed.

The plug-in includes a set of useful features, such as a custom media player, widgets to display playlists, and a detailed analysis of listeners.

#6 Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press, in addition to allowing you to show your podcast episodes, also works with almost all the most famous podcast services. 


  • As if that were not enough, it also allows you to show a single episode and put timestamps on it, so that users can jump to key parts of the episode. 
  • We hope we have been very helpful with this tutorial, to learn more about our tutorials you can enter Help Hosting.
  • In addition, it has other features, such as the option to share the episode on social networks.

#7 Blubrry PowerPress

If we are new to podcasting, the simple mode of this plugin will allow us to start without feeling overwhelmed by all its power. Then, when we have more experience, you can switch to advanced mode to be able to use all the configurations and functions it has. Below are some features of Blubrry PowerPress WordPress plugin.


  • Simple and advanced modes allow you to learn the plugin in stages.
  • SEO tools to optimize positioning.
  • Ability to create multiple podcast channels.
  • Multilingual support.

#8 Buzzsprout Podcasting

Buzzsprout Podcasting plugin has a simple and easy to use interface. Once it has been installed on our website, it generates a feed with the episodes of our podcast and allows them to be inserted on a page or post. Below are a few features of these plugins:


  • We can also upload our audio file and it will be optimized to publish it immediately or schedule the day and time we want it to be published.
  • It has a statistics module to know the behavior of our listeners, such as total reproductions in a period of time, what applications they use to listen to our podcast, and their geographical location.
  • It also does not allow podcasting in the most popular directories, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher, among others.
  • This plugin offers a free plan that includes 2 hours per month.

#9 Podlove Podcast Publisher

This is a free plugin and you don’t have podcast hosting plans. It can be easily installed on the WordPress website and has many features that make your site very interactive and user friendly.


  • Audio and video publishing options.
  • Chapter support to structure podcast episodes.
  • Analysis of the listeners and download to know our audience.

#10 Smart Podcast Player

It has a utility, Smart Track Player that allows you to highlight a specific episode of a podcast, a song, a sound clip or the entire podcast file. This encourages continued listening to our podcasts and keeps users on our website longer.

It also has Sticky Player, a floating bar designed to remain visible at the top or bottom of the website, which remains visible to highlight the most recent podcast episode and that the user can play while browsing.

This plug-in is Premium and its hiring plans start from about 8 Euros per month.


  • Built-in mobile player, for mobile devices.
  • The speed control function allows various playback speeds.

#11 Seriously Simple Podcasting

Beginners will enjoy it, while veterans will too if they don’t need as much functionality as Blubrry.

If we are mainly interested in the distribution of the podcast through RSS feeds, this plugin offers one of the best options, but if our goal is to be listened to mainly through the website, the Blubrry PowerPress player offers many more features.

The plugin is free, but we can choose to host the podcast on an external storage server. In this case, the price is around 200 Euros per year for unlimited storage and bandwidth.


  • Integrated podcast hosting through your own provider.
  • It has basic statistical reports.
  • RSS feeds are compatible with iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.
  • Shortcodes and widgets to show episodes and episode lists from podcasts.

#12 Libsyn Podcasting Plugin

Libsyn Publisher Hub allows you to create episodes and podcast drafts, as well as schedule posts, through the WordPress settings panel. The multimedia files are hosted with Libsyn, without intervening on our hosting server.


  • It also allows you to connect with the main podcasting platforms, such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify and has iOS and Android mobile apps. 
  • You have monetization options such as premium content subscriptions and optional advertising. As well as reports with detailed audience statistics to analyze their behavior, which can help us plan premium content.
  • It is a paid plug-in, with an initial price of 5 euros per month, for 50 MB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

How to choose a WordPress podcasting

So if you are searching for a WordPress podcast plugin then you have many options.  But Blubrry WordPress Podcast plugin and Seriously Simple WordPress Podcast plugin is best. As they have many features and easily insert on the website.

If you prefer to use the free version, then you must choose either Blubrry or Seriously Simple Podcast.

In the case of the dedicated podcast hosting platform, you have the best choice of the Libsyn and Buzzsprout plugins.  Both are best in the case of the dedicated podcast hosting platform.

If you are able to afford the paid version, then choose the Smart Podcast. As it is a paid plugin so have more options compared to other plugins. 

If you are using SoundCloud on your website, then you must choose the option of WordPress inbuilt podcast plugins.


Podcasting has become a popular industry. This means that if you want to create a significant audience for your own podcast, you will have to make some preparations. This usually includes creating a dedicated website.

While you may already be sharing your podcast on your site then the website offers you much greater reach.

Furthermore, in addition to presenting the podcast itself, it can provide information about your company or organization, share valuable resources, and encourage your audience to buy your products or subscribe to a newsletter.

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