Tips For Bloggers Overloaded With Blog Work

Tips For Bloggers Overloaded With Blog Work

Tips For Bloggers Overloaded With Blog Work

42% of bloggers are stressed due to being  overloaded with blog work, according to a survey conducted by mental health blogger Heather LeGuilloux. If you’re feeling like this, it’s a sign that  your blog has become bigger than you and that you need to take action to manage your workload in a more effective way. But what are the best ways to do this?

Employ staff

Blogging involves so much more than being a great content writer: you also need to constantly market your posts and stay in contact with your readers. There are also emails to respond to, blogging conferences to attend, products to trial and review, photos to take and upload, and so much more. Employing staff to take on some of these duties is essential to  keep all the cogs turning. These employees can work from home in the same way you do. However, you’ll need to take out  worker’s comp for home based businesses, as this will financially protect your business in the event of an accident. As an employer, you’re expected to safeguard all employees, and this type of coverage will assist with medical costs and lost wages.

Use automated software

More than 76 million blogs are powered by WordPress. One of the biggest benefits of WordPress is the amount of automation that it supports, so if you’re not already automating as much as possible, make sure you do now, as it will save you a lot of time, stress and money. An RSS feed can be set up to alert your readers to a new post, while a plugin  such as WP Robot Autoblog will automatically insert your affiliate links into your posts. Social media schedule tools should also be used to regularly promote your content, and plugins that embed videos are particularly beneficial for video bloggers.

Invite guest bloggers

Research has found that bloggers who publish at least 16 posts per month generate 3.5 times more traffic to their blog. But with the typical blog post taking three and a half hours to write, you’ll spend a lot of time writing and very little time doing anything else blog-related. This is why you should invite guest bloggers to write for your blog. Guest bloggers are  worth their weight in gold, as they make your workload easier by providing new content for your site and by advertising their own posts. Plus, they’ll help to grow your blog further, as their audience will follow them over to your blog.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of blog work you have to do, then it’s time to overhaul the way you work. By utilizing the various different blogging tools there are, you’ll make things a whole lot easier for yourself while ensuring your blog continues to maintain its high standards.

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