Deslide : How to Fix Slideshow from Every Website

How to Fix Slideshow from Any Website Using Deslide

Deslide : How to remove/fix slideshows from any website

Removing slideshow from the segmented article on the web page is called Deslide. How To Remove Slideshow in Websites – Deslide is an important topic of discussion. Now the entire article will be loaded in a single page.

The passage is written to provide the best guidelines on deslide on one click. Online deslide tools are many.

Some of the best and effective tools have been chosen and described in the passage.

What is a slideshow on websites?

A slideshow is a format of the image gallery. Displaying multiple images at one time on a single page is its main objective.

The tool is available on the left menu of the website. The browsing and loading time of the slideshow depends on the number of images put in the slideshow. A lot of images will make it look clumsy.

The user will get distracted and frustrated. Maximum of five images can be incorporated in a slideshow. There are tools and techniques to control the per page accommodation of several images.

To get the attention of the website visitor, the images can be changed every other moment. To keep the content fresh and look innovative to the web browser, such tactics work well.


When is a slider included in a website?

  • Portfolios: Slider is the best medium to prepare the portfolio of project work. A slideshow is enough to make the viewer understand any concept instead of verbal communication. A large number of websites use slideshows to portray the detailed picture of the project in a simplified manner.
  • The slider of information: A corporate website may use a slider. For product placement or graphical data, the sliders are excellent ways to make the concept crystal clear. For explaining the new viewer about some important data, verbal speech does not solve the issue. It is a slideshow that will make a good and better understanding of the person. Thus the corporate sector is heavily dependent on the utilization of slide galleries.
  • Blog posts: Many bloggers prefer to showcase their content to the readers through slideshows. In this way, they earn the reputation of providing top-quality content to the readers. Without capturing much space, slide galleries are an excellent medium for fitting several featured posts.

Why slideshows are an irritating element for the reader?

A web page containing slideshows makes the reader very frustrated. The internet is the only biggest resource that allows reading several good articles on a website.

If the article is divided into several small parts, it is not permitted to visit the whole article on the same web page. Rather, the webmaster insists to move on to the next page. The reader becomes curious and clicks to the next page.

In this manner, the reader completes the article but unfortunately, he/she skipped several pages. Social media platforms are the biggest source of this kind of viral articles. The slideshows appear on these viral articles.

The readers now need some tools to deslide from the article. This will help them read the interesting article peacefully.

Are slideshows put in that text passage intentionally?

The web owner and the publisher pay huge interest in putting this kind of slideshows. They know very well that the reader is anxious to go to the next page. So curiously he/she is certainly going to click.

And here starts the business. Unknowingly the readers are viewing the page which is filled with more advertisements.

Now more views will bring them more revenue. Per page revenue is generated in this case.

How to remove slideshow from every website

Method 1:  Remove/fix slideshow from the website using web application:

No specialized knowledge is required to use these web applications. The user only requires the URL of the website and directs the work to be done.

  • Deslide with the help of ClusterFake web application- It is the most preferred web application that can remove a slideshow. It is very easy to operate using this deslide tool. For deslide, the URL of the website needs to be copied. Deslide ClusterFake has its official website. There is a designated box for pasting the URL of the required website. Once the pasting is done, now one can proceed to the next step. Here the desired combination is asked about the deslide web page. Once clicked on the de-slide button, the slideshow is removed from the website.
  • Deslide with the help of Print What YouLike web application- It is an alternative deslide tool. The slideshow of the website can be removed with its help but it is less preferred than ClusterFake. The deslide URL is first copied and then the website is visited. That copied URL is now pasted in a box of that website. The user needs to wait until the analysis of the entire page is complete. Now a specific portion of the passage is selected that is to de-slide. In this way, it is also a safer tool when the slideshow is a big concern of irritation for the readers.
  • Deslide with the help of Slideshow Deslidefier web application- It is another useful tool for deslide the website containing many slideshows. The desirable size and the authentic source of the website are guaranteed by this deslide tool. The URL of the webpage should be copied. Then the user should visit the slideshow removing the website. Here the copied address is pasted in the box provided. After selecting the display criteria, one needs to press the De-slide button. In this way, the slideshow is removed with the help of a deslide.
  • Deslide using the printable format of a converted webpage: The slideshow article is divided into several slots. Apart from using web applications, one can change the format of the segmented article into a single page format. Printfriendly is designed for this purpose. The website of Print-friendly is available on the internet. First, the user needs to copy the URL of the slideshow and paste it in the box. After pressing the Preview button, one can read the article. This article is completely loaded on one single page. There is no visibility of the slideshow or any advertisement. The article can also be converted into pdf format for reading it further.

Method 2: Remove/fix slideshow from websites using extension:

Deslide using PageZipper Bookmarklet- PageZipper is an excellent de-slider tool. If one faces issues working with the web applications, then he/she should try this option.

The first and foremost thing that the user should do is the installation of a PageZipper extension in the browser. The addition of the PageZipper bookmarklet is like a boon to the browser. All the slides can be viewed on a single page.

Chrome extension and Firefox extension also gives the provision of its use. The CRX files of the Chrome extensions are also obtained. Accumulating all the slideshows in a single web page is the main function of the extension.

The user first needs to visit the PageZipper website. Now the PageZipper toolbar is dragged and dropped in the user’s toolbar.

Now it is the default bookmark of the user. The PageZipper bookmark must be pressed when one faces the issue of a website with a slideshow. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+B will solve the issue of finding the bookmark bar if it is not readily available.

Method 3: Is there any alternate method to deslide ?

The printable version of the article is provided by some websites. It is an Alternate Method To Deslide. They convert the readable article and the reader can print them either as PDF or as hard copy.

There is a button called “Print once” on the web page. On clicking that page, the entire article will be loaded in a single-window screen. In many cases, the websites try to print the article by default option.

One should cancel this operation and enjoy the article in printable format. Pressing (Ctrl+P) will help the reader to get a preview of the print. It is a useful option when there is no provision of printing the article.

Saving and downloading as PDF are the two options one can choose from. Let-right links utilization as slideshows by the web owner will greatly benefit the reader. The PDF can be protected by securing it with a password. 

All the methods described in the article perform excellently. Using the PageZipper bookmarklet has advantages as well as disadvantages. One-time effort makes this Deslide option the most preferable among others.

But it works well only with a normal link. If someone loads the next page using javascript, it will disappoint the reader. There is no requirement of any registration fee for using the tools.

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