Let your Inner Beauty out – 6 Reasons you Should Wear a Wig this Season

We have all heard people say, “She has such a beautiful personality” or “She has a heart of gold”. These compliments are wonderful, and they speak to inner beauty and integrity which are qualities every person should strive for.

But let’s face it, how perfect would it be to have those compliments and in addition listen to people whispering what stunning hair you have. 

The perfectly styled natural human hair wig can do just that. It can bring out your inner beauty. 

Perhaps the movie “Dirty Dancing” is old, but the famous line by Patrick Swayze “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” has become one of the most memorable lines from the movie. 

Don’t let anyone put you in a corner, don the perfectly styled wig and know you are beautiful inside and out!

Here are our top tips to elevate your inner beauty:

  • Get out of your comfort zone

Trying on a new pair of jeans already takes you out of your comfort zone. You may ask why? The fact is your old jeans were comfortable and you were used to them. It is understandable then that choosing a wig for the first time or even selecting a different color can be a daunting thought. 

Give it a try! If you have always had long hair try a pixie cut, or if you are a brunette try going blonde! Changing your hairstyle doesn’t change who you are or what you stand for but what it will do is enhance your personality. 

Rock that new color or style and see how it feels to be you, but different!!

  • Ditch the stigma

Hair is your crowning glory and is essential to the way you look. It helps boost your self-confidence and puts a pep in your step. Decades ago, wigs weren’t as well made, and you could definitely tell if someone was wearing a wig or not. This developed a certain “stigma” around wigs. Yes, silly, we know!  But in today’s world you can’t tell the difference between a human hair wig and real hair, so ditch the stigma!

Don’t be self-conscious; most stars wear wigs. Top performers like Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Cher, and Dolly Parton have always worn wigs and we thought they looked gorgeous on stage. Now that wigs are more affordable and readily available we all have a chance at star quality looks.

This year more than ever before fashion is giving you the chance to experiment! 

“Ditch the stigma and don the wig!”

  • Know your options

There are so many wigs to choose from. Different hairstyles, different lengths, colors, textures, the options are endless. The key to finding the look that suits you is research especially for a first-time wig buyer. See our site for tips on how to choose the right wig, one of the most important factors are the selection of the type of cap construction: 

  1. Lace Front
  2. Monofilament
  3. Basic cap
  4. 100% hand tied


Choose the best cap for your active lifestyle!

  • Be a brand connoisseur

Buying the perfect wig is an investment. A good wig from a reputable company will give you peace of mind because you know you are buying the best. 

If you could afford a real Gucci designer handbag you would take good care of it and store it away properly, right? It is the same with a real human hair wig. You have selected the perfect wig, from a reputable company. The rest is up to you. Take good care of your wig by washing it with natural shampoo, giving it a good conditioner and storing it either in the packaging you received it or on a foam head. 

Designer tip – Use heat friendly styling tools and allow your wig to breathe by storing it on a foam head!

  • Elevate your style

Styling your wig should be as much fun as styling your own hair, in fact, it could even be more fun. Start by picking a wig that is the closest to the style you already like, maybe a Beyoncé curly wig, a Kim Kardashian long straight wig or a Halle Berry short pixie style.

Once you have the right basic style you can play around a bit, change the parting, sometimes part your hair straight down the middle or at times try an off center zig-zag parting for a funky fun look.

With a wig that you can pre-style you will be ready to go out at a moment’s notice, no more spending 3 hours at a salon wasting time. 

Life is there to be lived, don’t waste time in a salon – get out there and have fun!

  • Shine Shine Shine

Your personality shines, don’t let your wig look shiny and fake. Here’s how you do it! Human hair wigs when washed and styled correctly give a natural soft and luscious shine, there is nothing fake about it. Wash your hair with a natural non-alcohol-based shampoo. Let it dry naturally on your foam head or stand. 

Spritz natural heat styling spray onto the hair shaft and ends. Now style with curlers or curling iron. Comb through and spritz with a fixing spray, taking care not to overspray. Lightly comb through again. 

Voila – Natural beautifully styled hair!

Embrace your natural beauty and enhance your confidence by wearing the latest style, looking good and feeling great all the time. 

Your personal style can be complemented with the right style and color wig and be absolutely effortless. You will look like you have just been on the cover of Vogue magazine every day when you have a natural human hair wig. 

Wearing a wig can transform your life whether you want to have a fun spunky wig for nights out or a super stylish wig to wear at the office. We have something that will suit your personality and your pocket.

Look Great and feel great this season with a stylish human hair wig!

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