How to Choose a Business Name and Slogan

When setting up a new business, one of the things that some entrepreneurs struggle with most is deciding what they’ll name it. Coming up with a catchy and memorable slogan isn’t always much easier; however, it is just as important because it also impacts how the rest of the world sees your products and services.

It’s almost like picking a name for your child. Because it’s a name that will more often than not be the one it has forever, you really want it to be just right. You also want it to reflect your company’s personality, making it the perfect fit. So, how do you come up with the best name and slogan for your particular business. Here are three options to consider.

  1. Brainstorm with Your Team

Get all of your team together and see what types of names and slogans they can come up with. To get the most from your brainstorming session, tell them what you’re looking for beforehand so they can start thinking about it. Also, keep the sessions short enough to inspire participation and aim for a specific number of ideas so the group knows how many you expect them to come up with before the session is over.

If you freelance on your own and don’t have a team to help you, you can always reach out to people you work closely with on a regular basis. For instance, if you’re a writer, talk with an editor or two that you’ve established a relationship with and see what ideas they have. Or if there’s a web designer that you’ve worked on a lot of projects with, reach out to him or her.

  1. Use an Online Generator

Another option is to use online generators. These are websites designed to provide you with a few different name and slogan ideas based on keywords or ideas that best represent your brand.

For instance, if you want your business name to tell the rest of the world that you’re all about providing your clients with new and innovative products, you could plug the word ‘innovation’ into a business name generator. With results like ‘Splendid Innovation’ and ‘NewWorld Innovation,’ you’re sure to find one or two that catch your eye.

Or maybe it’s a slogan that you’re struggling with. In this case you could use an online slogan generator to create a list of phrases that share your company’s mission, vision, or values with consumers. For example, if your key differentiator is that your service is fast, you may be presented with slogan options such as ‘Fast Service, Your Way!’ or ‘What Can Fast Service Do For You?’

  1. Ask Your Social Media Followers

If you already have an established social media presence, whether personal or business, why not reach out to your followers and ask them what they think? You may have a lot of creative people in your social media feed who are more than willing to share their talents.

If you’re in the very beginning stages of name or slogan development, ask them for some fresh and new ideas. Or, if you already have potential names or slogans in mind but aren’t sure which one is best, create a social media survey and ask them to vote on the one that resonates with them most.

Choosing a business name and slogan isn’t always easy, but it can be accomplished if you do these three things. After all, it doesn’t matter so much how you came up with them, just that you pick ones that are true to your brand and memorable, two factors that can push you ahead of your competitors.

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