How to change your Minecraft name ( A detailed guide)

If you are completely sick of playing with the same name in Minecraft, then you would be delighted to find out that you can actually change it! The things called Mojang is now able to give all Minecraft players the ability to change their name. We are here to help you with playing your settings up, no matter whether it’s the Minecraft skins for PC you want to download or you are wondering how to change your Minecraft name – we are ready to instruct you on that! While it’s a pretty simple process, there are a couple of important rules to be aware of.

The only thing you need to have, though, is a Mojang account. Mojang says that if you currently sign in to Minecraft with your e-mail address, you’re all good!

In order to change your name, you should do the following:

Step 1. Go to your Mojang account page.

Step 2. Next to your Minecraft name, there is a “change” link you need to click.

Step 3. Type in your chosen name and you are all set!

However, some older Minecraft accounts will have to be migrated over to Mojang before they can be able to perform such a change.

Remember, that both the spelling and capitalization of your new username can be altered. Try to put some good thought into your choice, so that you won’t regret it in the future. While the option to change your name is free, you’ll have to wait at least 30 days until you can do it again.

Of course, you also have to keep in mind that Minecraft names are still completely unique, and you obviously cannot choose one already taken by someone else. Even if you know them and can convince them to change their name, you won’t get the possibility to take their name straight away. Their old name will become available to you 37 days after they change it to another one.

We also have to note that back in the early years of Minecraft, it was possible for all the players to register a username before they actually physically bought the game. These usernames are now deleted from Mojang’s system, and the customers that paid for the game have the ability to snatch them up. If you are the owner of an unpaid username, here are some steps that we recommend you to take:

  1. Please make sure that you have the access to your old, unpaid Minecraft account. You will also need to have access to the email address registered to it. If you don’t have the access to that username, you can contact the customer support, to whom you should provide your registered e-mail address or a physical registration location, and Mojang will help you set it to a new e-mail address.
  2. Register a new Mojang account if you haven’t already. The address for that is It is not possible to have more than one Minecraft username per Mojang account.
  3. Then you would have to purchase the Minecraft game with a gift code from or through a Minecraftprepaid card from a retail store. Please note, that old usernames can only be upgraded if they have a gift code or a prepaid card.
  4. When redeeming your gift code or prepaid card (the address for that is, you will have an option to import an old username available.

If you are not able to complete the process before the unpaid accounts are purged, you could still register the name in a normal way. However, you still run the risk of someone else taking the name you want to before you manage to do so.

Take into account that a name change won’t wipe other details of your account. If you are banned from a server, you, unfortunately, will stay banned. You will also retain the whitelist and op status on servers and your inventory, pets and stats.

The Mojang creators say that a name change should work fine with the many modes of the game of Minecraft. However, they also state that they do not take any responsibility for any issues that might arise.

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