Best Survey Bypasser Tools in 2020

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As highly valuable that the users find Internet, there are equal chances that they get trapped in some bizarre situations on the net like the surveys before proceeding for a download. While internet is a treasury of resources, there are ample chances that it would provide the users with surveys that would waste their time and the users can use the survey bypass tool to get rid of these absurd stuffs. The users might have often faced these surveys before they try to download any file from any of the third-party websites. The most irritating part about these surveys is that these have no relation with the users being surveyed. These do not come solo rather the user has to fill in a number of surveys so as to access the download link of the file he is aiming at. Rather than getting indulged in these foolish things, the users should choose to use the survey bypass tools to skip these surveys and use their time in a more productive way.

Why Do These Surveys Appear?

The surveys that appear on the websites tend to degrade the web browsing experience of the users to a great extent. These surveys are put up on the websites so as to make money. The websites are paid for each survey that is successfully completed by any user. There are some sites which make filling up of the surveys compulsory for the users while there are some others where the users can close the survey popups. However, there are some sites which provide the users with fake surveys and do not make the download links of the file accessible even though the user has successfully completed the survey. The users need to be careful of these sites since they can be phishing sites as well. In such cases, the survey bypass tools are a must for all the internet users, not just for the relief from the bizarre sites but also for self-protection from malwares that may attack the host systems through these surveys.

The Best Survey Bypasser Tools

The users can make use of a number of Survey Bypasser tools that are available online. However, the following listed tools are the best that one can get as of now.

#1 . Bypass Survey:

Bypass survey

This tool is available for online use only. It is a simple platform where the user can enter the URL of the site that he wants to visit but is facing with survey issues in the specified box. Apart from eliminating the surveys from the websites, the tool provides the users with a lot of additional features including URL encryption, page encryption, script deletion, cookies and object allowance etc. The tool can also block the survey websites if reported by the users. This tool is one of the best that any internet user can get to get rid of those irritating surveys for accessing any website.

#2 . Polls Remove:

Survey remover

This is a tool that helps the users to bypass the surveys on any website and grant the users with access to the download links of the file that the user is looking for. The tool is safe to use and it can be effectively used to download any sort of files that are blocked by the surveys. This online tool is also available in the form of an application software as well.

#3 .  Survey Smasher:

Survey Smasher

This is a website and is rated one of the best tools for survey removal. The website has a URL box wherein the user needs to paste the link of the page from which he wishes to download any file. The user can get the download link to the file in a jiffy. The user interface of this website is quite simple and the site does not require any user registration prior to using this feature.

#4 . ShareCash Survey Killer:


This is PC software that effectively helps the users to remove the surveys on the websites. The setup file for the ShareCash Survey Killer application can be downloaded easily. The interface of the application allows the users to paste the destination of the file to be downloaded and the download feature is made available in an instant.

#5 . Surveys Remover:

Survey remover tool

This online survey remover tool can also be used for downloading even the content that is wrapped with these absurd surveys. The website enables the users to download the locked files very easily and is considered as one of the best tools that can be used for the purpose of survey removal.

  • Survey Masher: This website helps the users to get rid of the surveys on some of the most adamant websites where even most of the other survey bypasser tools fail to work. This makes the website as a one stop destination for eliminating the surveys as a preceding procedure for downloading any file from a third party website.
  • Survey Bypass: is a website where the netizens can overcome the woes of filling up of survey forms to successfully complete a download. The user interface of the website has a box specified for pasting the URL of the website wherein the user is facing troubles with surveys. The website generates the download link from the website in just a few moments. This is one of the most used tools for removing the survey check posts before accessing the download link of a file on any website.


Apart from using these above-listed tools and applications, the users can also use the extensions available for their web browsers in the respective app stores. Some of the most commonly used extensions for survey bypassing are XJZ Survey Bypasser, Survey Killer etc. for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users respectively.

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The users can also consider a shortcut and easier approach to get the things done as well. The users can disable the sites from using the JavaScript in the advanced settings section of the web browsers. This would ultimately lead to the same results that the above-listed tools would yield. These Survey Bypasser Tools are a must for all those willing to have a great browsing experience without any hinderances.

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