5 Best Paid Online Surveys 2018


If you are looking for an idea of what to do in your free time then the best idea is surfing the internet and going through some sites through which you can earn money online. There are hundreds of websites by which you can earn money online. Some are fake and some are genuine but there are really some sites from where you earn money online. Some offer rewards and some give cash on answering some questions on survey ads. Survey sites are those sites through which one has to answer few questions related to their products and then you can earn rewards or prizes.

Let us look at some paid online survey sites


ipoll survey site

ipoll initially called Survey Heads is one of the paid online survey sites and is a US-based company which takes a little time approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey and in this different rewards are given to the participants. It is free to join and gives $5 bonus for becoming a member. In this, it is compulsory to be 17+ for sign up. Besides this, you can earn gift cards and entry into the prize draw. You can take surveys on your mobile also as it is the mobile based website.



This is one of the famous sites for conducting surveys and winning rewards. It is a site where customers influence the products and members put their opinions while getting rewarded. One also gets paid for testing products. This website has paid more than $32 billion to their worldwide members. One can also earn points from these surveys. Most of the surveys conducted are short so you don’t have to sit doing long surveys. After completing short surveys you can earn 1000 points per survey.



It is a very reliable survey site through which you can earn the reward by just playing games and watching videos. It is free to sign up and you can earn $5 bonus.

Through this website, one can earn money by performing various activities like searching and shopping. Here the points which you earn are called SB. You can earn points, make money, get free gift cards and lot more things from this site. Its mobile version is also available for use on Android and Apple devices.



It is a website that pays you cash by taking up surveys online. You just need to sign up and fill information related to you. You can get gift cards to popular shopping sites like Amazon. There are different online activities that you can do to earn money like shopping online, reading emails, watching videos and playing games. It is a rewards program website where one can collect reward points by making online purchases. It is also one of the websites for collecting incentives. It allows a wide library of shopping for users and bonus for its members. Besides this, there are promotional offers from advertisers. It is just like a shopping portal with a cash back.

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Inbox dollars

Inbox dollars

This site pays you for watching videos, playing games, take surveys and complete offer. They have paid up to $43 million till date. Once you have $30 you can request for cash. They provide the cash reward to millions of members in the U.S and U.K for their everyday activities It manages member rewards and more than that.

Some other paid online survey sites


Toluna Survey site

It is a completely reliable survey site in which you have to provide your opinion on different products and services and then you are rewarded for that. For the users to cash out they must have minimum $5 in their account and then they could cash out through PayPal. In this when you provide opinion then it has the impact on the company too for making their services more strong. One can also give their opinion through polls.Tolana has multiple ways of maximizing your earnings so join the Toluna website and start earning money and getting rewards.



It is an online survey site which works on behalf of different brands. It rewards you 50 points per minute for completing surveys and you can withdraw as you have 4000 points. They also reward users for referring friends. You can withdraw cash through PayPal or Amazon coupons. You can also earn money by testing products at home. Here you can also participate in fun and interactive activities. It is a French based company founded in 2009 for market research and customer opinion.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost

It is a very fast earning website and is very popular for its short surveys and fast payouts. You just have to complete 5 surveys and then you are eligible for payout. Rewards are also given in the form of cash and Amazon vouchers. The surveys that are conducted can be based on electronics, sports, politics, and technology. The more you take online surveys the more you can earn rewards and money. Sign up is also free.


Vivatic Survey site

It is also one of the reliable sites from where you can earn money and here you get paid for writing articles or giving surveys. Through this, you can earn money in the little amount of time and get cash out through PayPal. For this you have to first sign up and earn INR 100 then you have to complete some jobs and then you can get paid. Whether you are in your home or somewhere outside you can earn money from anywhere. More and more people are joining it and you can also join to earn money.

So these were some online survey sites that pay you in real and it is also very good because you can do it in your free time and earn money. Some sites on the internet are fraud or scam but the above mentioned are all reliable. You just have to go through surveys means giving answers to the questions and then you can earn money. Besides that, you can also earn reward points and redeem cash through Paypal. So go to these sites and start earning money online and getting rewards.

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