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We are a hard-core team of bloggers and while sharing our experiences and reviews of products or tools with you, we used plenty of tools so each and every information will reach out to you in the best form.

Well, Blogging is an art, and once you start using best blogging tools, you will convert the basic art style into something amazing and great. So, as per the highest demanding topic on our social media fan pages, where all newbies into blogging want to check out which tools we are using on BloggDesk to share best knowledge with best tools.

Best Blogging Tools 2018

So, now in this post, you are going to grab the list of blogging tools which you can refer and get the top blogging tools of 2018 to enhances your blogging journey as well as the experience of your audiences, because no matter on which niche you are working on but the reading experience of your readers should be top-notch.

This wonderful list of blogging tools consists some of the best resources for all types of bloggers and digital marketers. We have added each tool into different categories, and try them and choose which are the must have blogging tools in 2018.

We have used 70% of the list of tools and remaining are suggested by some our top blogger friends who are working amazingly perfect in the blogging industry, so you can imagine how important these tools for you as well to become a Pro Blogger.

Note: We have added the direct link of each tool, and some of the links are affiliate link and if you buy the paid tools of blogging then we will get some small affiliate amount to buy coffee for our hard-working team.

We have divided each tools in category wise, so let’s begin:

#1: Desktop Blog Editors:

  • Desk: It is a popular desktop blog editor that will help you to concentrate and stay away from all distractions. It is available for Mac OS, and the cost is quite affordable.
  • Open Live Writer: It is a best desktop editor for Windows OS, and you can live your blog posts direct from your PC.
  • Blogo: It is Desktop Publishing Tool for Mac users that supports the WordPress.
  • EverNote: We use this tool since very long time and it helps us to take notes on iOS devices, and it is available via cloud syncing.

#2: Blog Post Idea Generation Tools:

  • BuzzSumo: You need to enter a website or a topic to check the most shared and engaged content on the web in your niche.
  • Quora: You can search different queries of worldwide users and all you need is to enter keywords in search box and you will get tons of ideas for your blog content.
  • Blog Topic Generator: Enter main keyword and it will provide you best post ideas.
  • Google Trends: You find latest trending topics and check which topic you need to cover to gain traffic for your blog.

#3: Blog Post Title Generation Tools:

  • EMV Tool: You need to check the emotional marketing, in simple words, the higher the EMV score is, the better performance you get on social media channels.
  • Headline Analyzer: It is one of the best tool to generation best titles for your blog posts.
  • TweakBiz Title Generator: A comprehensive blog tittle generator from TweakBiz.
  • UpWorthy Title Generator: It is one of the best viral topic generator tool you ever need.

#4: Best Proof-Read Tools:

  • Grammarly: It is one of the most favourite tool for every pro blogger because it helps you to proof-read, suggests more powerful words, and get best article for your blog or clients.
  • HemingWay App: It is a FREE web-based tool to improve the writing, and we strongly suggest you to bookmark it right now.

#5: Stock Images Websites for Blogs:

  • Flickr Advance Search: You should Flickr Advance Search to find best stock images with creative common license.
  • Google Image Search: You can use images with a license which you can re-use for your blog posts.
  • Pixabay: Another amazing site where bloggers can download high quality images and you don’t need to give credit links.

#6: Best Outsourcing Websites:

  • Fiverr: You can almost everything that you want to outsource like Buy Backlinks, Social Media Likes and Shares and much more for only $5 (Starting Price).
  • Freelancer: It is one of the premium platform to hire virtual assistants or freelancers to get the job done in the fix time period.
  • 99designs: Crowd-sourcing websites for best web-design projects, 99designs provides cheap and high quality projects.
  • Contentmart: If you want to hire Content Writer, then Contentmart is the right place to find best authentic writer. You will find the best of the writers here.
  • Truelancer: An Indian startup where worldwide users can find best talented freelancers at nominal cost.

#7: Best Keyword Research Tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner: It is free and effective keyword research tool.
  • SEMRUSH: It is a complete blogging tool, and you can use it as a keyword research tool as well, please read Semrush Review.
  • LongTailPro: It is a desktop based keyword research tool that is available for Windows and Mac and it is a perfect tool for those who have little experience with keyword research. You can read LongTailPro Review.

#8: Social Media Tools:

  • BufferApp: You can use this app to fill your social media profile with best content and it comes with mobile called Daily that lets you add high-quality content to your social media platforms.
  • HootSuite: It is known as best social media dashboard tool for handling your social media channels from a single dashboard, it comes with Free 30-day Trial.
  • ClickToTweet: Create single link to tweet, and you can use it direct from your blog posts to increase your number of tweets.
  • SocialPilot: It is a tremendous social media tool that supports Google Plus, as well as it supports for Facebook Groups.

Final Verdicts:

So these are some of the Best Blogging Tools of 2018, that we use on regular basis to enhances our blogging journey with all of you. If you like this post than don’t forgot to share it with your friend who are into blogging to digital marketing.

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