Being a freelancer: the simplest way to achieve success [Success Story]

Being a freelancer

I wanted to travel the world as long as I can remember.

My biggest dream was to visit different continents, get familiar with various cultures and live in a non-traditional way. However, I always thought that traveling would enter my life only when I become wealthy.

When I am writing this post, I sit in a small and cozy café in Madrid. In approximately 10 hours I will be on a plane, flying to Prague. Czech Republic will be the 9th country I have visited in 2019.

As you understand, I am not yet wealthy, and I am not exploring the world, using my parents’ savings. On the contrary: I have built a successful career, which helps me to work from any part of the world.

Without any doubts, one of the most rewarding and challenging freelance professions is being an essay writer. For example, working for a coursework writing service gives a chance to work remotely, apply your knowledge and drastically improve writing skills in a cozy atmosphere. Being an academic writer helps to make friends worldwide, discover new cultures and to earn good money. Yes, you may experience a heavy workload or tight deadlines, but it is definitely worth it!

New era has arrived

We are living in an amazing world: the world, which no longer has borders and where digital nomads are free to travel and work!

Remember that only a few years ago we didn’t hear about Dropbox and rarely used Skype?

Remember how slow the Internet connection was and how difficult it was to find it abroad?

It was a completely different time and world. Technologies gave us a chance to work from any place on earth and reach harmony, combining business with pleasure.

Our earnings don’t depend on our physical location, which gives us amazing freedom to reinvent our lives the way we want!

Benefits of being a freelancer

Some people crave to travel the world, while others just want to work from their home offices and devote more time to children. It doesn’t matter what your motives are: working remotely can significantly improve the quality of your life. Being a freelancer means that:

  • You will save lots of time driving to the office or meeting with clients;
  • You will devote more time to doing the things you love;
  • You can travel as often as you want and live in different countries without a need to buy a return ticket;
  • You will have unlimited freedom to be who you want to be!

How to become a freelancer

Many people think that being your own boss is very difficult, while in reality, everything is straightforward. If you want to work outside the office, you will need two main things:

  • Opportunity to create a certain value without physical presence;
  • Opportunity to find clients without personal networking.

If you learn how to do these things, you will surely build a professional career in freelance and will be able to work from any place on earth.

Creating value remotely

Everything depends on the services and skills you offer. For example, if you are a web designer, developer, copywriter, graphic designer, work in editing or consulting, your physical presence is not necessary and you can do this type of work from any part of the world.

However, such occupations as event designers, photographers or make-up artists require personal contact. So what to do if your skill can’t be used remotely? The answer is simple: either you stay where you are or learn a new skill.

In my previous life, I was a make-up artist but when the idea of traveling the world started haunting me, I decided to switch jobs. The first thing I did was signing up for Lynda courses and taking web design classes.

I knew I had to start my path from scratch but the idea of a free life was surely worth it!

Finding clients without personal networking

At first, it may seem like an impossible task.

I was also scared because it is much simpler to build a career through personal connections and communication. However, when you dig deeper it turns out there are multiple ways of marketing yourself.

Actually, some of the most efficient methods are well-known and you may even be using them in your everyday life.

Here are some of the most efficient methods you can use to reach clients without any physical presence:

  • Cold e-mails or direct outreach;
  • Websites with freelance jobs, like eLance or oDesk;
  • Staying connected with colleagues and friends;
  • Social media;
  • Partnering with other freelancers or agencies;
  • Referrals;
  • Content marketing and blogging;
  • Networking in groups and forums.

When you start working as a freelancer you just invest the time you have spent on physical network on additional ways of researching and marketing online.

Of course, it is quite a time-consuming process and you will need to learn new marketing instruments but if you really want to explore the world and be free, it is worth it!

How to make the first move

Start with setting up an office at home. In such a way you will get an image of what it’s like to work on your own.

If you still need to attend different meetings and networking events, try to avoid them one step at a time. This will give you the additional experience of remote work.

Once you feel comfortable, it is the right time to make the leap of faith! Mine was when I got the first project even without meeting the client in person.

I bought a ticket to Colombo and spent five amazing months on Sri Lanka, enjoying the warmth of the ocean and taste of tropical fruits, while building up the client base for my career.

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Final thoughts

Working remotely gives a whole load of advantages and it is definitely much simpler than may seem at first. If you learn how to find clients and build relationships without physical presence and networking, you will experience great results.

You will spend more time with your family and kids, will be able to devote more time to your hobbies and will surely experience less stress!

It is only up to you to find the most pleasant way to use your freedom.


Emilie Villa is a successful freelance writer and copywriter for the last two years. She specializes in writing different types of papers. Also, she works closely in B2B sphere and provides blog writing and copywriting services. Emilie graduated from Colorado State University with bachelor degree and now lives in USA state Colorado.

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