7 Steps for Landing Your First Client as Freelancer

Being a freelance developer can let you earn more than you can ever earn in a full-time Job, and that is true. You must have felt the pain, if in any case if you are a software developer and your friend is talking to switch his full-time job into a freelancing, you may probably envy him, as you can that can let him earn more by staying home and working from there.

Freelancing has many positive impacts and advantages, which are all-time profitable in each and every case. As it gives you the freedom to be your own boss, also one can enjoy their flexible work times, all these profits provide a major impact on our lives in a better way.  There are many more perks of being a freelancer.

But! In any case, you don’t have a stable client, then quitting your job and being a freelancer can affect you in a destructive way. Obviously, one can carry out full-time job as well as be freelancing in case he can handle and do the time management, but quitting without a stable client is perfectly a bad option.

To solve this issue, here are the seven steps which should be taken care in order to build your client list. Check out the following 7 steps that will certainly help you to grab some attention as a freelancer, in this way you can get some projects and build respect as well as reputation in your client’s eyes.

1.Create an Online Portfolio

The first thing that a client looks for is, do you have enough potential to deliver all the task in time. If you are a beginner in freelancing, then there is a 90% chance of you will lose the task, as the client will prefer an experienced freelancer because he will never take a chance in any project in which he is investing so much money, also they always wish to count every penny.

So currently there is a chance to convince him, that you worth a try in which you’ll prove him.

For that, you should be having a stunning portfolio, which will create a convincing impression on the client.

This doesn’t mean that your portfolio should be full of fancy graphics & designs. A good portfolio consists a simple design and shows the best of the work that you have executed. If you have worked on few projects at your full-time job, then just put some screenshot of it and let it be a bit descriptive.

Never ever show off, just be to the point.

2.Do it for Free

In the beginning, all the freelancers face problems, as you have done zero projects and you have no reputation in front of your client’s eyes. So to get all the projects you have to build a reputation, how can you do that?

In this case, building a reputation is more important than any other thing, so do it for free, this way you will get some experience and the create an impressive impression in your client’s eyes.

Here are some reliable approaches to begin with:

  • Contact to a startup firm- the one which is related to your work, for instance, if you are a web developer, then create a website for them also provide them with some information of utility software, as they are not actually in need of it, they will definitely welcome you.
  • Go through with some local organization and watch if they are looking for any software development which you can provide them.
  • Spread your skill, talent and inform everyone who is known to you, as these days almost every business is going online, may be any of known person is in a need and he is looking for someone like you.
  • Generate a well-designed business e-card with your name and email address on it, and send them to all of your contacts. Let then also know that you are offering freelancer service and one can get discount which is valid for a limited period of time.

3.Get Recommendation and Display them

Testimonials play a huge role in getting business. As you will prefer an electrician more who is recommended by your friend as compare to others who have an ad on a pamphlet.

A recommendation can boost your reputation exponentials. And remember one thing always add client’s name and company. It makes a major difference especially if a company is known.

Not all the testimonials are equal, result focused and detailed testimonial puts a long-lasting impact and helps you in a better way.

Here is an example:

“It was a great experience by working with XYZ.”

Testimonial received from a charity firm will always boom your portfolio.

4.Donate articles to other Websites

Writing is always helpful, in all the fields. You never know you any donation can get you your first freelance project. Many people have achieved it. Writing articles for a well-known firm can provide you tons of exposure. And this can definitely get you paid. As soon as your article is published, put a link to it in your online portfolio.

5.Broadcast the Word and Spread Yourself in Market

Marketing always plays a major role to catch some projects. One should always market themselves in all the places of potential clients.

One should also meet their clients either online or offline and should be having an instant strategy to convince in both the ways.

Keep few things in mind while meeting a client like make it a casual meeting, tune in a friendly tone as this way he is more likely to handover you his projects.

Blogging is an incredible tool to be used and it will certainly help you to drop some clients in your pocket.

6.Be Present at Get-together

Social Networking and Social Contact can help you in career growth, as this platform can likely give you some best project for which you are looking here and there.

So be there on social meetups, have coffee with someone leisure time, be present at the technical meet up, go to the party. Your presence can make a major difference in your career growth.

7.Donate to Open Source Project

Contributing to open source projects can help you in many ways and it has a lot of other advantages as well. Here are some points which should be taken care of such as:

  • Grabs projects which have more chances to gain popularity.
  • Always solve all the issues which are present in the project and fix them with no future error.
  • Always say yes for up-gradation, this way you can initiate your own project.

Mention your achievements of open source projects.

Final Verdict:

The above article totally focuses on 7 Steps for Landing Your First Client as Freelancer. It contains all the necessary point which should keep I while dealing with any client. In case of any queries hit the comment section below.

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