10 Popular Meme Generator Tools in 2019 [updated]


Memes work as the happiness spreading machine and with the help of social media no doubt they have become a part of our daily life giving our mind a little freshness and happiness releasing the stress of the busy life. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr are biggest social media now where most of the memes take birth, and in no time they spread everywhere.

In this article, we will be talking about 10 most popular meme generator tools helping you create & spread your creative meme.



MemeGenerator.net is known to be one of the most popular meme-generating tools out of the web as it the fastest and first-ever online meme generator. It provides a feature of browsing through others popular and newest memes and using them to create for own use. The memes you made by this tool will have an “imgflip.com” watermark on it so that others can also know and create using this tool.

Quick Meme


Quick Meme is yet another preferred meme generating tool which is used online, it probably works like its name and so keeping it second on the list. Similarities can be found with memegenerator.net as it is also fast and you can browse through random, hottest, newest featured memes and caption them as per your need and get them done in no time.



Imgur, it is the biggest and best platform for sharing an image, gifs on a daily basis. If you want people to know about your memes, it is one of the right places to share and make your pictures go viral. Using imgur is simple and easy with its very own meme generating tool, just select a background from there or upload your own. Custom the texts to probably how you want them to be made. Generate one and directly share in this biggest platform. With imgur, you can make gifs and templates too. You can now install the app from play store.


DIY lol.com

DIYLOL which stands for “Do it yourself laugh out loud” though it has a decent app for iPhone users. But sadly not up to date as it lastly updated on 2013 so think twice before installing, so it is better to use the website always and work with ease by searching from different memes you can choose one and create your meme, pay a visit to it know more. While creating your meme, you can check out some other fabulous memes and enjoy in the process.


imeme generator

Now iMeme is something different you will get to know about on the list. It is not like all the others mentioned above cause it is not even a website it is an app. The creator Redditor Michael Fogleman created this app for Mac OS X and Windows.

The app is filled with over 100 of templates to choose over. It has functions of image uploader, share options, and with a lot of personalizing options like font changer, sizing and much more. If you are registered there, your memes will be automatically uploaded and posted to Imgur and Reddit.



A troll might have the various meaning according to multiple persons and depend on the situation. For me it stands to prank someone or troll someone, trolling is an art as for good prank it takes wise thinking and preparation and so is this website troll.me where you can get to see the top funniest memes from last 6 months and choose over them.

If still whatever memes are present doesn’t excite you can upload your own chosen image and caption them.

Rage Comic Builder


Rage Comic series is part of webcomics containing rage faces, they are funny and relatable and funny we all know about Rage Comic series, and no one of us loves using them less either as a sticker or sharing memes featuring rage face.

This Rage Comic series is already so in trend it’s like they are the epitome of comedy, so if you want your memes showing, hilariously exaggerated characters of rage faces like the Me Gusta Guy, I’m Watching You and the Forever Alone Guy then this is the best tool you will find on internet till date.

Meme Centre


Meme centre is not any different from the previously mentioned websites above, but with a mild twist added to it. You will search through the best of funny memes, rage comics and epic fails memes as well here. It allows you to customize and generate your unique meme along with animated gif memes as well. Just go this site to get your favorite meme and gif done within minutes.

Make a meme

Make a meme is another simple and easy meme generator tool, browse among lots of random funniest memes and choose the hottest one to build your own. Push your finger to ‘Create’ at the top of the search option for uploading or finding a meme template. You can always check which one is trending and newest on the main page.

Meme Creator


Meme Creator is an insanely quick and mobile friendly meme generator. It keeps everything quick merely browse through the thumbnails for the meme images you want to use it for a background image. Select the thumbnail, and it will be displaying a pop-up builder, edit the texts and click the preview button to make sure if it is looking good. If the meme is relevant to you, click “Make the meme” and it is done.

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The conclusion

If you have the creativeness to spread happiness I hope this was the best article for you to take your funny side to the next level with the help of technology. Let us know your experience with these 10 Popular Meme Generator Tools and don’t forget to comment the best one according to you, well if you think we are missing any that should be included here, say below. With the combination of technology & your creativeness hope you will earn more fans shortly.

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