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Creating a website is not everyone’s cup of tea, for people who are using the Ucraft would surely disagree with that. Gone are those days when normal people who don’t have much knowledge of coding could not make their own website. With Ucraft, making a website would become walk in the park.

If you have a brand or product, you need a website. The website is an essential part of brand building and marketing. Its provide authentication and credibility to the company and on the other hand, the website would help those company to share their product and sell them as well.

But it would be really hard for someone to build an entire website. If they hire someone to do the same, the cost would skyrocket and their budget would crumble before even selling one product. One of the most effective ways to build a website is through the Ucraft. We are going to cover all the features of this service in this article.

What is UCraft?

Ucraft is a website builder, if we make it more clear, it would help you create a stunning website with ease. It’s a blissful news for everyone who wants to make their own website and one of their biggest factors is, you don’t need to have the coding knowledge to create that website.

Are you looking for creating a landing page for your company or full-fledged website to show off your achievement?  Are you planning to create an e-commerce website to sell your product, they have all the answer for you. With help of Ucraft, you can easily create any of that website in a matter of minutes.

Ucraft Feature

  • Website builder: we have mentioned that you can create your own website, but you might have a question about it. you need to visit their website builder Then click on the get started, after that, there are a few easy steps. Here is how it would look like,uccraft review 01

You will get three options, landing page, website, and e-commerce. Select whichever one that suits your need. After that, you need to choose the template for your website, in this case, we have chosen the website option and next page would look like this.


On the left side you will find the list of template genre you like to choose and there are many ready to use a template for you. Once you select the one you like to keep on the website, you can move forward to the next stage.


You can choose your subdomain and then sign in to process. This is the free trial period and you can choose the other offer and keep your domain name as well.

  • Landing page maker: you can create your own landing page with this tool. You will get hundreds of the template to choose from and then you just need to drag and drop the element to create your landing page.
  • Logo maker: one of the main concern is the brand logo. Everyone wants their logo to stand out from the crowd. If you opt for making it on your way than they have tools for that as well. You can easily create your own logo and don’t need to pay Profesional.
  • Designer tools: creating a website need lots of tools. You need to make sure it looks good and everything is in the right place. they have tools for that ease well. You can change the font size, color, size of the boxes, creating new field and layout. As it was written on their website, it’s your own Photoshop tool to create your website.
  • E-commerce: this type of website is one of the most expensive and tiresome. It would take days to create your product page and website which links to your thousands of product with one click. UC craft e-commerce website builder makes it more easy for you to create an e-commerce All you need to do is choose the template and then create your own itinerary with all of your product.
  • Article app: every website need a blog so that their potential customer would read those article and get informed about their product and services. It would drive more traffic to your website and create a community. You can create your blog article with this tool.
  • SEO friendly: every website you create from Ucraft is SEO friendly. You can generate more lead with it. it would easy to find and easy to access.
  • Analytic tool: every website needs an analytic tool to get the full picture on how their website is doing. With Ucraft website, you get an inbuilt analytic and marketing tool which helps you get the idea of your website performance.
  • Responsive: 60% of customer reached your website from a mobile browser. To accommodate their need and deliver the content to that user, you need a responsive website which would look good even on the mobile or on a tablet.
  • Free cloud hosting: Ucraft uses google cloud hosting to host your website. It’s a good news as you can get speed and all the feature of Google. This will make the cost of hosting much lower compared to another hosting.
  • Customer support: even when you are using your trial offer, you can connect them via chat or email. They have a team of expert who can help you 24*7.
  • Apps: you can use many of the well-known apps to customize and market your website such as hello bar, MailChimp, google analytics, PayPal and many more.


They have three package

  • Landing page: it’s totally free as it would be a subdomain or if you choose to use your own domain then there is another plan as well.
  • Website: the website would cost only 6$ per month if you pay the annual fees. There are other plans as well in this package.
  • E-commerce: you can get your own e-commerce website from as low as 13$ per month. If you like to upgrade to a better one, you can get many options as well.

UCcraft 4

Complimentary free stuff from Ucraft

This would be the only website out in the market which offers free tools and service for their customers. You can use,

  • Template
  • Designer tools
  • Logo maker
  • Article app
  • SEO
  • Any many more


Ucraft is one of the most useful, user-friendly, economical with tons of free features website builder. It can open the doors to many opportunities anyone can dream. With help of this tool, you can spearhead your marketing goal to the next level.

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