How to Start Making Money on (Tik Tok) in 2019

Start Making Money on

Formerly called, Tik Tok became an extremely popular social network, where millions of users can upload and share music videos, with the addition that they can also generate quite high income.

 Tik Tok usually contain music clips of up to 15 seconds in length. There is a variety of music tracks in the application or you can also use your own audio clips.

To begin, if you want your profile to be successful, consider the following points:

  • An attractive name is the most important. It is your cover letter, if you can find a name that catches people’s attention, you can have chances to excel.
  • Includes information that can generate empathy with users: tastes, passions, hobbies, and number of followers.
  • Upload content relevant to the community, so that people are interested in your profile.
  • Interact with your followers, if they leave a comment or message, try to answer them mostly.
  • Follow famous users. This way you will know what is in trend and you can create better content.

 Now, we go with the most fundamental. In order to be able to earn money, you have to generate interesting content. In this case, they are music videos and here are some quick tips to do it correctly.

  1. Use the red button to record your clip
  2. Choose a music track and start recording; we recommend synchronizing your lips with music
  3. You can also record a video with your camera and then upload it to the platform with the original audio
  4. Once up, visit the Search tab , so you know the hashtags that are in trend

All the above is important because you have to be “famous”, or have a good number of followers to start generating income. How?

 To make money with TikTok, you must create an account. Then, upload some popular to gain followers. Then, indirectly persuade them to give you gifts using their virtual coins. Therefore, you can exchange them for diamonds and finally, for the real money.

The more videos you upload and the more you interact with your followers, the better. Then you will have to resort to the program of gifts of the app, also called the Diamond Program.

The value of these diamonds may vary at the discretion of ByteDance, the company responsible for TikTok. It uses various parameters not clarified for calculation. The “diamonds” can be withdrawn in US Dollars to Your PayPal account with the threshold of $100. However, you can only withdraw maximum of $1000 per week.

Other methods to make money with TikTok are:

  • Live broadcasts: using this, you can show your talent, gain followers and money as well.
  • Advertisers:  when you already have a good number of followers, advertisers will find you and start generating profits.
  • Promote products or services:  you can also record content for brands, showing a service or product, and direct that audience to a page.
  • Challenging activities:  there are challenges organized by the same application, if you win, you can take attractive prizes.
  • Multi-platform videos:  this increases the possibility of attracting fans, so it is recommended to upload the content to some of your social networks, including YouTube.

This possibility of earning money is what has increased the number of Indie musician and singers. However, to start building trust, I suggest you to have a certain number of followers so people will be more likely to follow you. If you want fast and reliable service. I suggest you to go with Over there, you can buy TikTok followers, views, and likes in a very affordable price. All of them are delivered in 2-6 days so it remains safe for your account.

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