Looking for your next move? Consider Florida

Florida is often the destination spot of choice for vacationers the world over, but many new families and singles are choosing to call it home. While many often only think about Miami and Orlando when considering Florida, there are multiple cities and several different reasons that make it a great place to move to. Read on to learn why you should move to Florida.

1. Florida’s Weather is Unbeatable

Much of Florida’s weather is incredibly pleasant year-round. From 70-degree winters and springs to sunshine-filled summers and falls, the weather in Florida is unbeatable. If you still want to experience a slightly cooler winter, consider using Suddath Moving Company to move to a city in north Florida such as Jacksonville.

But, if you can put up with the searing heat of the summer in exchange for the bright and beautiful cooler winters, then South Florida is a great choice for you!

2. Miami’s Access to Beaches

Miami’s numerous and incomparable beaches make it a prominent choice for anyone planning to make a move to Florida. With so many beaches in close proximity, it’s almost a crime for beach lovers to move anywhere else. With the likes of Sunny Isles Beach, Hollywood Beach, Miami Beach, and North Beach to choose from, your options for beach-going are virtually unlimited in Miami.

3. Orlando’s Family-Friendly

While Orlando is known as a destination for family vacations, it is also a prime location for new parents to raise their families. With numerous water parks, museums, wildlife, and top-rated schools, Orlando is an excellent choice for families looking for a fresh start. Whether you choose to move to the glitzy area of Winter Park or a more laid-back area like Lake Mary, Orlando is definitely one of the most family-friendly cities in Florida.

4. Jacksonville is Laid-Back

Jacksonville is one of the only Florida cities with an enviable cost of living. At a fraction of the cost required to live in other cities in Florida, Jacksonville is an excellent choice for families looking for cheaper housing and lower costs across the board. Additionally, Jacksonville’s planned communities and housing developments make it a top spot for younger families hoping to live the suburban dream.

5. South Florida is Close to the Caribbean

Love to go on cruises or like to frequent other places in the Caribbean? Moving to south Florida will make it easier than ever to visit these places. Being so close to the Port of Miami, Miami International Airport, and Fort Lauderdale Airport has its perks. Since Miami is so close to the Caribbean, boarding a flight out to any one of your favorite international travel spots is relatively inexpensive.

Florida has a lot to offer by way of beach views, unbeatable weather, and family-friendly housing. Be sure to consider the above information when determining where in Florida to move to.

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