Internet Business Marketing Reviews on Amazon Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketing has became a hot buzzword in today’s world and it has also became an amazing source of income for the bloggers and those who have websites/blogs. The definition of affiliate marketing given by Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income:

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

Simple, if you have a product and you want to promote it. You find someone who can do it for you (promoter) and every time he sends a customer to you, you pay him a monetary incentive for promoting the product.

Now, suppose if you have a blog or website, the advertiser will come to you and tell you to put up a small advertisement on your website and every time someone goes to advertiser’s website through that advertisement on your website, you will be paid a commission.

If you are Vlogger or YouTuber through Google’s AdSense program you can embed a short advertisement along with your video on YouTube and if anyone clicks on the link of that advertisement through your video you will get the commission.

Affiliate marketing is basically a process in which producing and marketing both the process are done by different parties by sharing the revenue with each other.

The biggest player in this market is Amazon, Amazon Affiliate Program is basically where one who wishes to promote the product can sign up and can promote any Amazon available product they like on their website.  Amazon started this program in the year 1996 and this is one of the finest program today for the affiliates. It has more than 22 years of track record and has provided revenue solutions to many bloggers and websites by helping them monetize their blog.  Amazon Affiliate program pays around 10%-15% of the sale amount and also on the basis of what kind of sale is being done.

Let us see how to go about making big bucks through affiliate program or internet business marketing.

If you have a niche blog like say if you are into books, then you can write a book review on your blog and at the end of the blog you can add an affiliate link to buy that book from Amazon which will help audiences to decide whether to buy it or not. If they wish to buy it, then they can just click on the link below & buy it and you earn the commission. So niche can be anything like fashion, electronics and technology, gadgets, books, etc. hence the possibility are many. Even if you don’t have a niche you can just add a link to your blog with any product you like. Rest just follow the general rules of blogging to keep on increasing the audience through better blogs, so more the people visit your blogs and click on the link, more there are chances of you making a sale. If you really want to get deep into Amazon affiliate website, then it’s recommended for you to check out Journal Review, one of the best blogs to get good ideas on affiliate marketing.

Depending upon your geographical location or your niche audience, you should sign up for the amazon affiliate program accordingly. Because for every country like US, Japan, India Amazon have different links for signing up.

So after you have signed up and got your affiliate links, just add it to your blog with good content recommending the product you are promoting. Voila… That’s it!

Final Thoughts

So far in this current age of internet and with increase in the number of bloggers and websites, booming ecommerce industry, more and more people doing online shopping and wide array of products available, this kind of affiliate programs help advertisers and promoters to earn more and help consumers to make the right choice. In fact for many people or say bloggers and website owners, affiliate marketing has became the sole source of income and for advertisers, the best marketing strategy to reach more people and has far greater scope in future with better things coming day by day.

So just sign up and add few links to your blog. Believe me, it just takes a small place in your website to earn by sitting and typing on your laptop. No need to rush every morning to office.

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