8 Best FAQ (Question and Answer) WordPress Plugins – Choose The Best of These

Best FAQ ( Question and Answer ) WordPress Plugins

A guide about FAQ ( Question and Answer ) WordPress plugins

Q&A sites incorporate features such as voting power, profiles, and medals, to ensure that users have a good time and can find the information they need in a reasonable time. 

These days most sites have their FAQ page so that users can easily get answers to their doubts. Below is a complete guide about the FAQ page on the WordPress website.

What benefits the client gets from the FAQ page

A frequently asked questions page is very useful for your clients. Many times, when we are considering buying a product or service we have doubts: 

  • How long will it take to send this?
  • Will the delivery arrive in my area?
  • What if I have to return it?
  • Will they refund my money?

A good FAQ page allows you to purchase products or services with greater security and confidence, as long as it is useful and well thought out. FAQ pages improve user experience noticeably

It is obvious that benefiting your clients also benefits you. But beyond the satisfaction of the client, there are other advantages that this type of page will bring to your business. As the FAQ page helps to get SEO ranking easily.

Why add FAQ page on the website

  • A page of FAQs helps improve sales.
  • The FAQ page helps you convince your customers to make the final purchase.
  • It is a matter of trust, if a user sees that all the information is clearly explained, they will understand that the company has nothing to hide. 
  • You will also have links to other pages on this page and even external ones.

How to create a good FAQ page on your website without using plugins

The basic method would be that you just created a WordPress page or post. On this page, you can list all the frequently asked questions. If you only have a handful of items, then this method is for you.

The jQuery website includes a section with various ready-to-use jQuery UI themes. Using these themes you can also create an FAQ page. If you have big size and, you have to add new FAQ on a regular basis, then develop a dynamics page with the help of WordPress developers.

Which WordPress FAQ plugin should you choose?

The plugin which gives more functionality and is easy to use is the best plug-in for a website. If you have a simple website and have to add only a few faqs then choose the free plugin. But if your site is complex and updated on a regular basis like an eCommerce store, then you should prefer paid plugins with more functions.  No doubt free plugins have lesser features compared to paid plugins. Paid plugins are a good option for big sites whose business totally depends upon their website.

Best WordPress FAQ ( Question and Answer ) plugins – (expert pick)


#1. Ultimate FAQs

Ultimate FAQs is a premium plugin. It has a free part, which is more than enough for almost small websites.

Ultimate FAQs Features

  • You can put as many categories, posts, and questions as you want.
  • You can organize them as you please.
  • Accordion design.
  • It has a search engine made with AJAX.
  • You can export all the FAQs to a PDF that serves as a user manual.
  • You can put the CSS you want.
  • Also, it integrates with WooCommerce.

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Among the premium features, it has more configuration options, more designs, better SEO integration and you can change the permalinks.

#2. WP responsive FAQ with category

Many websites need a FAQ section to support users. The WP responsive FAQ with category allows you to include, manage, and display frequently asked questions on your WordPress website. 

WP responsive FAQ Features

  • You can find the shortcode in FAQ Category
  • Just create a FAQ page and add the shortcode. The configuration page was removed and the shortcode parameters were added
  • Add thumbnail image for frequently asked questions
  • Easy to set up a FAQ page
  • Smooth accordion effect FAQ

Seamlessly integrate this plugin into any CSS topic and JS files for frequently asked questions Search friendly URLs

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#3. HTML5 Responsive FAQ

HTML5 Responsive FAQ is totally different from the previous one because, although it also serves to put FAQs in a nice way, it is easier to use by developers.

HTML5 Responsive FAQ Features:

  • It allows you to select the headings in which the questions will go.
  • You can add categories to the FAQ.
  • You can configure the design, color, font size, etc.
  • You can use it with page builders like Divi Builder.
  • Used with shortcodes.

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#4. Quick and Easy FAQs.

Quick and Easy FAQs is a frequently asked questions plugin for WordPress with a countless number of shortcodes to customize the page. This plugin allows adding, removing, and changing frequently asked questions easily and without the need for extensive technical knowledge. It also allows for adding custom CSS.

Quick and Easy FAQs is one of the best free WordPress plugins to create a frequently asked questions page on a real estate site, due to its wide variety of advanced features and functions.

Quick and Easy FAQs Features.

  • Filters to alternate questions and answers.
  • Compatible with Visual Composer.
  • Custom design settings (borders, colors, boxes, styles, etc.).
  • Segmentation of groups of questions into blocks.
  • Supports WPML and translation files for multilingual sites.

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#5. Fancy FAQ – WordPress Plugin FAQ

Although this plugin doesn’t provide you with many color and style editing options, it still has enough settings for you to correctly configure your FAQ section. It lets you choose between the classical option and another form of animation to view questions and answers.

Also, it allows you to add images or even videos to your answers. You can do it directly from the WordPress editor. And do not miss the opportunity to create categories and configure the order of classification of questions. Thanks to the responsive nature of the plug-in, your FAQ section will be perfectly visible from any device.

As the plugin is premium, when you buy it you can also have 6 months of developer support and all future additions.

Fancy FAQ Features

  • Fully customize the order and organization of the FAQ section
  • It offers the possibility of adding the date and username in the FAQ.
  • Searches can be made in the FAQ section.
  • It has a WYSIWYG editor.
  • It integrates a button to expand/collapse all the questions for the FAQ.
  • SEO-friendly plugin (compatible with search engines).

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#6. FAQ Plus

FAQPlus allows you to quickly and easily create an FAQ section on your website. Once you install and activate the plugin in WordPress, the FAQ section will be created on the WordPress side menu.

From there you can add the frequently asked questions you want in the same way that you add an entry to your blog. 

FAQPlus Features

  • You can display the FAQs in the list, accordion format, or toggle the styles.
  • You can create groups for your FAQs, just as you create WordPress categories or tags.
  • List or order frequently asked questions by title or date.
  • Create filterable groups.
  • Personalize the background, both in the questions and in the answers.
  • Add custom CSS.

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#7. Heroic WordPress FAQ plugin

Because a company’s website attracts more visitors, its owner often faces having to answer more questions, most of which are repetitive. The Heroic FAQ plugin is a real time-saver in this regard.

The heroic FAQ is an excellent tool for creating website FAQ pages. By dragging and dropping, you can assemble, and sort questions and answers. You can add images and videos as appropriate.

Heroic WordPress FAQ Features

  • It allows for creating FAQ categories.
  • Integrate an AJAX search form.
  • It provides the ability to export all frequently asked questions to a PDF to create a user manual.
  • It offers the option to share the FAQ on social networks.

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#8. YITH Woocommerce Product FAQ Manager

YITH WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager is an excellent premium WordPress plugin designed for any eCommerce website. It is the best option to add a FAQ section, to turn visitors into buyers. The advantage you will have with this add-on is that you will be able to advertise each product and answer questions about each one of them. Furthermore, it is easy to install and highly customizable.

At your convenience, you will have the possibility to add the corresponding colors to your store’s.

YITH Woo Commerce FAQ Features

  • SEO-friendly plug-in (compatible with search engines).
  • Responsive FAQ.
  • Offers accordion styles to hide / show faq.
  • It allows adding several categories to faq.
  • Easy to use and customize design, color, font size, others.
  • Allows the use of shortcodes

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Have you decided to add a FAQ section on your website? These WordPress FAQ plugins that we just saw make it very easy for you, so you have no excuse.

Grab paper and pencil (well, better go into WordPress) and get to work on it.

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