10 Reliable Websites to Host Your Blog Images for Free

In a survey, it has been proven that blog post with images would be read and share 80% more than post without the images. People love the pictures when we put it on the website, whether it’s about the content or just funny expression. But if you have a blog hosted on a server or using free blog serves such as wordpress.com, you know that you have limited storage. That is why you need a website to host your blog images for free.

You don’t realize this problem at the earlier stage as you would have lots of space. But once you started uploading images, you would found that its take lots of storage. But to solve this problem, you don’t have any other option. That is why we have put together a list of websites which can host your images for free. So, let’s look at 10 Reliable Websites to Host Your Blog Images for Free.


  1. Flickr

Anyone who is on the internet for a long time heard this name and came across the website. Flickr is one of the oldest photo sharing social platform. It has so many good features that it will survive more year than any other.

One of the best features of Flickr is, to edit the picture before uploading it to the network. You can do last minute editing on it before sharing the images with one of the largest photo community with around 2 million group in it. you can even change its privacy setting to limited people or share it with the world. If your picture is truly worth a thousand word than Flickr would share it with the world.

If we talk about its usefulness in image hosting, it will allow you save your pictures up to 1,000 GB or 1 TB for free. You can even download their mobile application. You can backup your pictures from computer, Apple iPhoto, Dropbox and many more. Check out their website and learn more about it.

  1. Google Photos

Nowadays, we need to mention the google for every single problems solution. It seems like Google has some team of visionaries who figure out the problem earlier and lunch the product. Almost everyone has a Gmail account and so you can set up google photos easily with it.

You can visit their website or download their app if you are using the android phone than you would have it preinstalled. It has one of the best automatic picture backup tools which saves your pictures the minute you take it. it offers unlimited space but as it connected with google drive, you would have 15 GB of data. But if you are willing to let go some of the images quality, it could turn out to be unlimited.

You can save your HD pictures and even your pictures in 1080p. it has an automatic backup tool, editing, and advanced search option. Google photo is everything you wanted for your image hosting for your blog.

google photo
google photo
  1. Imgur

Its one of the favorite by redditors and offer free image hosting for everyone. One of the best things about it would be, you don’t even need an account to upload a picture on this platform.

They started as image hosting website but grow popularity for their unique kind of social networking where people comment on the pictures. On their front page, they share one of the most popular images on their platform. You can share an unlimited amount of image, if you decide to sign up, you can edit your pictures and even delete it which won’t be possible without an account.

You can upload GIF which is nowadays one of the most shared images on the internet. This platform is one of the best options for image hosting for your blog, so visit their website to learn more about it.


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  1. PostImage

This one website offers free unlimited image hosting for a lifetime. Its basically for forums and come with an image uploader mode. You can create an account or use it as anonymous.

You can resize images while uploading it and even set an expiration date on it, so it an is deleted at the end of the duration. You can even upload 1000 images at once, if you want to upload more picture in a single batch, you need to sing up.

You can upload an unlimited number of images on it. people have stored 10 of thousands of images. But it was mentioned in the website FAQ that if your images exceed a point where website just can’t afford to host your images then they will contact you and talk the option. But if you are looking for image hosting for your website than its one of the simple way to do it. visit their website to learn more about it.

  1. TinyPic

It’s also one of the most popular image hosting website which is a product of Photobucket. It also offers the user to upload images even without creating a user account.

You can upload image not larger than 1600px with both width and height, you can upload images up to 100mb in size and upload videos in 5 minutes of size.

It allows hotlinking to your blog, but many users have reported that most web hosting services remove them as many incidents of abuses in the past. You can use it to quickly upload the images. Visit their website to learn more about it.

  1. Free Image Hosting

As the name suggests, it’s a free image hosting platform with much simpler outlook and has only the option which required for the user to upload an image to the platform. You can upload images with or without an account, but if you have an account you can use many features that they offer.

You can upload an unlimited amount of images. The only limitation they have is, images need to be less than or equal to 3mb or 3000kb. They won’t allow any type of adult content, same as every other image hosting platform.

They provide a small HTML code which you can paste in your blog or social network to share their images. Visit their website and learn more about it.

free image hosting
free image hosting
  1. Dropbox

They have made a name out of themselves and you will find them everywhere near google drive icon. They are primarily a cloud-based storage to which you can upload your images too. They will share a link with you to share it with anyone.

Dropbox doesn’t have any tools to edit, resize and customize the image. You can upload your original image and access it from anywhere at any time. You can create folder and subfolder to organize your images.

One of the main concerning things is they offer only 2 GB of space, but you can earn more by referring it to a friend. Check out their website to use their services.

  1. ImageVenue

This imaging hosting platform offers a simple solution to your images. It has simple UI and works bests to upload images even without an account.

You can upload maximum of 3MB of images and you can change and resize the image to a reasonable ratio in which they still maintain the quality of the images. It said that they offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage hosting period.

image venue
image venue
  1. Use

Use.com is one of the free image hosting platforms which can let you upload bulk images. You can upload 100 images at once at their website. Even without an account, you can upload an unlimited amount of images.

You can create an account and set the share setting to public or private. They also offer editing tool to resize the images and other. They don’t give a direct link to share, you just need to right click on the image to share images or you can share their social media buttons. Visit Use website and learn more about it.

  1. 500px

This platform is well known in the professional photography platform as you can share your pictures on a big social platform just for the photographer. They don’t have any option to share images directly to blog but you can still copy the page link and share it on your blog.

One of the main reason its in the last in the list because its only offer 20 images to upload every month. But if you upgrade it to awesome plan which will cost you 25$, you get to upload an unlimited amount of images. Visit their website to learn more about it.


You can use any of the image hosting platform for your blog for better use of it. how many of them have you used? Do you know any more of them? Do let us know in the comment.

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