What are The Feedburner alternatives of 2018

Its hard to maintain a list of website, even if you bookmark it, you don’t know which one has new content? You need to look into them manually every single time. If there is a way to know when your favorite website has updated new content, you would check it. that is when Feedburner came in. but in this article, we will find Feedburner alternative.

Why Feedburner alternative?

It was most popular when they introduce it. people just subscribe it to RSS feed and keep updated. Than Google acquire it and it lost it charm. Soon later, Google has totally closed it down. That is why you need to find something which is similar to that but work as good as Feedburner.

Feedburner didn’t get any update for years and now it seems that Google has abandoned it, so why do we have to stick with a sinking ship? That is why we have collected a list of best alternative to Feedburner.

  • Feedblitz

When we talk about Feedburner alternative, one name came to mind, feedblitz. They have established themselves as more than just a feed maker than email list builder. With so many options on hand, it has proven to be the best tool in the market in absence of Feedburner.

They offer Simplified Newsletters, which deliver the new update to your loyal reader in a matter of minutes. Also, you can make custom forms to gain a new subscriber. They have subscriber management tool which helps you track all your movement in that failed.

If you are looking for a whole new way to reach more people as well as maintain your current visitor, you can visit their website learn more about it.


If this than that, it’s the most simple and interactive tool which works with more than just feed. You can set up the multiple options for everything and make it automatic.

For example, if you want to send an email to your subscriber when you post a new blog, you just set it in IFTTT as If- publish a blog post – Than -send email to a specific list. You can even use it for your social network. Like you can set it as when you post a blog, you tweet the same.

It has so many useful tools and predetermined feature like when you install the application on your mobile and set an alarm when you enter a particular area, it will ring when you enter in that area. IFTTT is one of the tools which you don’t want to miss. Visit their website and use it today.

  • Jetpack

What FeedBurner was to every single website user, the jetpack is the same with little more advanced, as it offers much more than just RSS and email option.

Jetpack is a free plugin for WordPress which have every single feature that you ever wanted like custom CSS, spam-filtering contact forms, mobile integration, short link creation, analytics, and security, including RSS feed and email management option.

Even it’s an allrounder, it doesn’t do everything well. Because its free, its lack in every other aspect. But you can use it as an alternative to Feedburner. Visit this plugin to know more.

  • Nourish

If you are looking for something as similar to Feedburner with not so many options. Then this website won’t disappoint you. It has many options which imitate the Feedburner, like Campaign management, subscriber management, and email content delivery.

This website is quite simple looking and does what it say. You can check out the website to use its feature.

  • Simple Feed Stats

As we mentioned earlier about Nourish, this website does the same with something more to offer. If you just want to have a steady RSS feed and know how it doing, that they would help you in that.

They don’t offer much of tool or analytic, but they offer more significantly important data like feed type, IP address, referrer, requested URL, user agent, date, and user statistics. If you think that, it’s all you ever wanted, that visit their website to learn more.

simple feed stats
simple feed stats
  • FeedPress

Its one of the WordPress plugin, which can sync all your feed into one. That means you don’t have to worry about your every single feed when you use this plugin. You can even customize your hostname or use the one which feedpress would generate for you when you sign up.

You can Customize your Email sending address, subject line, a confirmation message, template and more. You can use it for free for 1000 subscriber and it has advanced tracking too. Visit their website to know more about it.

  • Feedity

It will create a simple feed and manage it. one of the most important things is, it’s simple and yet useful and trusted by many well-known departments all around the world.

You just need to it enter the website and it will create a feed. It has automation tool which doesn’t make you do anything, rather it will create a feed by itself. You can check their website to learn more about it.


there was a time when RSS feed and Feedburner became necessary for everyone who publishes on the internet, but that doesn’t mean that after its demise, we cannot use their feature. All those alternative server one purposes in common, they are alternative to Feedburner. Do you know any more of it? do let us know.

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