8 Best Event Calendar WordPress Plugins For WordPress Website [Latest 2018]

Best Event Calendar Plugins

If you are hosting any such event, you will need an event calendar WordPress plugin. It’s hard to keep up with everything. We always messed up when we need attend some event. But one of the hardest things to do is, hosting an event. When you have a WordPress blog than you don’t need to worry about it as there are many great plugins, just for the event management. We have put together a list of 8 Best Event Calendar WordPress Plugins for Website.

WordPress is known for their easy and user-friendly UI. With thousands of plug-in available online, you just need to choose the right one for your event calendar. We will discuss at length about which one is best for you.

  1. The Events Calendar

The Events Calender
The Events Calender

This tool is one will let you do anything you ever wished to do in the event. They have great feature and extension too. The design is simple and easy to use but yet very professional. Whether its recurring event, Facebook integration or ticket sale, this one is ready to take all.

You can use it in WordPress way which is good. Faster event creation and save the organizer and venue option. It has been tested on high traffic website and it has proven its worth. People have recommended it because of its smooth work.


  • Event category
  • Venue and organizer manager
  • Recurring event with many viewing modes
  • Easy and translation ready option
  • Easy to use on WooCommerce, WP E-Commerce, and Shopp.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Event tag and all-day event
  • Google maps addition
  • Ajax-enabled calendar

The Event Calendar comes with the free and premium plugin, you can check it out to find oy which suits you best.

  1. My calendar

My calendar
My calendar

It’s a free WordPress plugin which can help you set up your event and make it run smoothly. It has WordPress multi-site support and it will let you create even on different website separately. It has customized widget which let you search events, upcoming event, today’s event and compact calendar.

The display option is amazing with shows the calendar by the author, location, upcoming and category wise. You can use custom template for event output and schedule many recurring events too.

You can also use its another plugin, my tickets to which is a free and stand-alone plugin just for selling tickets. You can customize event for and day and night, location info and even set the accessibility option too.


  • All day events
  • Ajax-enabled calendar
  • You can Schedule and edit a variety of recurring events
  • You can add event accessibility tags
  • Shortcode generator
  • Edit default CSS and javascript to change output

You can check out My calendar to know more about it.

  1. Event manager
Event Manager
Event Manager

Known to be the best and popular event plugin and it has lots of useful features. It has also premium and a free version which is almost the same. It has google map integration, support for buddy pass and recurring events. It’s also support WordPress multisite. You can create flexible event list and manage all your event directly from your WordPress admin.

You can create an event which can be a regular and recurring event with just a few clicks. You can search event location or search by locations. You can even sell tickets using PayPal and they will handle everything and notify you when a transaction was made.


  • Custom Post Types
  • Front end-submission and management
  • Capacity Management
  • Coupons & Discount Manager
  • Widgets and Shortcodes
  • You can create Events in your language
  • Advanced user permissions and capabilities

You can check out the event manager plugin to get a good look at it.

  1. All-in-One Event Calendar
All in one event
All in one event

All in one event calendar can help you create beautiful event management on WordPress. As the name suggests, it’s an all in one plugin with feature packed with everything you need to create and manage events. This can let the user create event name, date, category, and description. It has dynamic feature and attractive design which comes with a powerful calendar.

It would be a better fit for someone who wants create a complex recurring event. It has everything which can help you. You can color code the event by category. You can feature image and change calendar appearance too. It can support 15 different languages.


  • Day, week, month view
  • Agenda and posterboard views
  • Parallel Calendar Theme editor
  • Each event is SEO-optimized
  • You can Embed Google Maps
  • You can create a Direct link to filtered calendar views
  • Categorize and tag imported calendar feeds automatically

You can visit all-in-one event calendar to know more about it.

  1. Google Calendar Events
Google calender
Google calender

Simple google calendar plugin is used when you want to integrate google calendar into your WordPress. This mobile-friendly design is neat and clean with an elegant look. It’s simple yet stylish in its form. This event calendar gives you the freedom to update your event directly from your google calendar.

That means you can change and edit the event even on your phone with google calendar. Its simplicity and efficient design give the power of google calendar management right into your WordPress. You can highlight the event and color coordinate them.


  • It can Display events from any public Google Calendar.
  • It has an Intuitive design for multi-day events.
  • You can use its Advanced settings to adjust time zones, date/time formats and the start the week.
  • advanced backend options
  • Ajax-enabled calendar
  • Its Compatible with almost all the themes available

You can check out google calendar events and its features to know more about it.

  1. WordPress Pro Event Calendar
Wordpress pro
WordPress pro

WordPress pro event calendar is easy to operate and you can easily add events to your pages, post, and sidebar. They have tons of calendar option with the flexible calendar. They have the responsive layout and beautiful design.

You can event import Facebook events too. You can change the default calendar appearance with custom CSS. Your registered user can submit event from front-end submission feature. You can also add a google map to your location.


  • You can Add special dates to your calendar like Holidays
  • User Roles – Set who can manage the plugin
  • Sync a calendar with an ICS live URL
  • You can drag and drop to manage events
  • Built-in cache feature to improve load speed and save bandwidth

Visit WordPress Pro Event Calendar to get a good gist of it.

  1. Calendar it!

Calnderize it
Calnderize it

Its one of the most stylish and multi-function event plugin. its also came in free and premium version. With this plugin, the hassle of creating the event is lessened and we can actually enjoy it. it’s simple and faster to boot.

You can create a recurring event and edit an event by the user who has created it. you can use custom taxonomies to filter your calendar. The plugin has date and time formatting, eight shortcodes, and custom user capabilities. Venue managers, built-in sidebar widget, and custom color schemes (with eight preset ones included) are all possible.


  • It has customized user capabilities
  • You can use Google Map integration
  • date & time formatting
  • payment option and advertising option

here is the website from where you can purchase it.

  1. Responsive Timetable

Responsive timetable
Responsive timetable

This WordPress plugin is fully responsive and rich with all the features. You can add an image or YouTube videos of your events. You can also use event pop up. You can use 3 different types of designs to choose how will your event calendar look like.

You can add links to show that if any reservation is still able of ticket price. You can change all colors and styles manually. You can even put 4 events simultaneously in the same column.


  • Background Images for Events
  • Hashtag Navigation with History
  • Visual Composer Element
  • Popup Animations
  • Add custom CSS classes to events and columns to style them individually

You can check Responsive timetable to know more about their features.

This is basically 8 plugins we have put together for you, but if you find anyone better or useful, feel free to comment.

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