5 Ways to Check the Social Signals of a Website

social signals

Blogging has drastically changed in last few years. Relying on google search is a thing of the past. Why wait for someone to search for something relevant to our website than wait for them to reach our website. It’s better to share your content with your follower and gain a wide readership. A website which share on social media, it called social signal. Here are 5 Ways to Check the Social Signals of a Website.

In today’s time, social sharing is the easiest way to reach thousands of potential visitor. If you have a good number of follower in any of your social networks, you just need to share your blog link and wait. Your post will be shown to each and every one of your follower and if some of them like it, they will share it with their own feed.

That way, you are not just gaining visitor from your own feed but their feed to and then it follows on. If you write something relevant which everyone relates, you post will go viral on the internet and it will give you more visitor. Its one of the most simple way to earn more reader. That is why when you need a backlink from any website, you should check their social signals.

If you find one of their article quite popular in a social network, you can share it on your post and write about the same to get readers attention. You can learn from it that how they write which goes viral. That is why we are going to share how you can check the social signals of a website.

  1. social.mk

this is a simple yet effective way to know how many social signals a website has. The tool is quite simple, you just need to paste the URL into the place and wait for the result. As we test it out multiple time, its look like the website doesn’t work quite really well.

When we try to find how many social single google and YouTube have, they simply showed Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn all 0. Only thing is working is Pinterest. So we cannot recommend it to you as only one social network is being shown. But if you just want to know the Pinterest count you can visit their website.

  1. Sharedcount

We found another one and this time, its look like the right one. Shared count gathers data from Facebook, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon and then share the total number of share.

When we enter google into it, it shows the relevant data like 46m in facebook,6.7m Pins, and Stumbles 257k, so total number was 53m shared count. Which look like a real number to me. You can check out any website in bulk and even export to CVV. Visit the website and learn more about it.

  1. Blackhat link

When we did some research, we end up on a black hat link website, which officially sells social signal from all the known website. Its illegal and Google can ban your website. But their social signal tool is quite accurate, so we can use it.

As always, we enter googles URL and what we received was surprising. Before this, we just get  round figure number, but this tool has detail number like,

Facebook 45.975.499

Pinterest 6.807.715

Stumble 256.815

If we match this data with the previous website than we find it more accurate and nearly right. Although they state that Google has no social signal for Linkedin and only 31 from Reddit, it’s not believable.

Also, they specifically said in their tool that Google+ and Twitter had removed their API, from which they can tack social single. That is the reason why we cannot get any right amount on it. but you can try it for the three. Here is the website.

  1. keyhole.co

after using those 3 tools, we find another one which specifically focuses on only two of the social network. Twitter and Instagram. Sadly, it doesn’t support URL search on Instagram, rather it’s a tool to track down keywords and hashtags. But when we enter google URL into their feed. We found something interesting.


User 48

Reach 1,199,030

Impression 1,393,678

Numbers just don’t add up. But then again, no one uses a whole URL in their tweet, no one mention that go to www.google.com and find, they just refer it to google it. so the numbers look promising and they have more graph to show the detailed version. It would be useful if you are tracking a person or just a keyword, if you find that keyword trending, you can write about it later. Visit their website here.

  1. buzzsumo

this one is a most reliable tool in the market and when you search for the URL, they give you almost the right amount. They are not just for social signals, but for the whole package like keywords, trends, content analysis, backlinks and more.

They have 7-day free trial and then paid version to try. You can check out their website and learn more about it.



All these tools have been tested and their result is nearly accurate. You can try them by your self and tell us what you find. If you know about any more, do tell us in the comment.

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