How In-Cab Technology Is starting to Benefit Taxi Companies

Technology and automobiles have become closely intertwined in recent years. In-car technology is one of the first aspects that a motorist will check and this is because this tech can have a significant impact on the performance, safety, comfort and enjoyment that the automobile provides. This technology also expands to the taxi industry as there is plenty of impressive tech that can greatly assist a taxi firm and help them to run a more successful operation.

Vehicle Tracking

Following the success of ride-hailing app Uber, the taxi industry has had to make a few big changes in order to compete. One of these changes is being able to book a taxi on a smartphone and then track the vehicle so that you can prepare for its arrival. The majority of taxi firms now offer this where customers can book a taxi with tracking software lets them see how far away the cab is.

Card Payment

In today’s day and age, people expect to be able to pay for everything by card and especially since contactless payments have been introduced. Taxi firms can now offer card payments in the taxi which is beneficial for both the passenger and driver as there is no need to carry cash and change. Alternatively, some firms can offer online payments similar to Uber.


Satellite navigation helps taxi drivers to confidently determine the quickest and most efficient route and this is important for providing a good service. Additionally, satellite navigation can help the driver to avoid roadworks or major traffic jams along the way. Taxi drivers in London may know their way around the capital like the back of the hand, but elsewhere in the country, it is vital that Satnav is used to determine the best route.

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Safety Features

Like other modern-day vehicles on the road, purpose-built cabs like the ones from Cab Direct are often fitted with the latest safety features. This can help to avoid or minimize the impact of an accident and keep everybody safe inside the automobile. Safety is paramount with any type of driving and the latest safety tech helps firms to provide a reliable and safe service.

These are just a few examples of the in-cab technology that can help taxi drivers and firms to run a successful operation. As you can see, they mainly benefit the passenger experience, and this is vital for developing reputation and for customer retention. Many of these changes have been essential due to the changing landscape where technology is expected and is used heavily by the competition, namely Uber who have transformed the landscape and forced the cab industry to make big changes to remain competitive.

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