Building Diversity In An Expanding Workplace

America has one of the most diverse societies on earth but this isn’t reflected in workplaces. USA Today has found that minority groups, such as black, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+ workers, are all under-represented in boardrooms around the country. While the jobs are there for workers of any background, there remains a clear gap in the positions of power and decision-making. For workplaces just starting to expand, such as small digital businesses, there’s a huge opportunity to ensure that diversity is represented in the workplace. Fostering a positive culture from day one can seem difficult – but there are ways to achieve it.

Building Diversity In An Expanding Workplace
Building Diversity In An Expanding Workplace

Understanding the benefits

Aside from understanding the ethical and moral imperative behind a diverse business, it’s important to look at the tangible business benefits, too. Businesses stand to gain a lot from achieving diversity-related goals, such as DEI certification; 9/10 consumers want brands to take a stand on equality, and nowhere is that better reflected than in workforce makeup. It also helps to retain your place in the market. WE Forum statistics indicate that businesses with diversity in their makeup experience 20% higher rates of innovation success than competitors.

Proactive measures

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers offers advice on how to make a diverse workforce a reality. The first step is awareness. You can attract hires from a diverse range of backgrounds by showing how committed you are to equality and fair treatment. Highlight issues of race, sexuality, and gender in your workplace, and highlight how much it matters to you. Be proactive, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Staying progressive

What it means to be equality-focused changes over the years. Terminology, the treatment of people, laws, and even backgrounds can come into focus in different ways. It’s often not reasonable to be correct 100% of the time, but you can make a huge impact by always acting in a manner where you listen to your peers and employees and make their voices heard. Being an advocate and active listener can help disadvantaged groups to see you, and your business, as a safe space.

In an increasingly divided world, that’s what a real diverse business can be – a haven. It’s a place where people from all different backgrounds work and live together without fearing repercussions. They know they’ll be able to thrive under your tutelage and that’s a huge thing to have.

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