Best Free WordPress Coupon Plugins

Hey, are you running a coupon website or a store? If yes, then you must be looking to get more sales and conversions so that you can generate more and more revenue. Don’t worry in this post, we have featured Free WordPress Coupon Plugins that you can use on your website, store or blog in order to turn your WordPress sites right into fully featured deals or coupons website.

Nowadays we all are looking for discounts coupons or deals while we are doing any transactions or purchasing new products. Why not? Everyone should save extra money by making use of the Discount Coupon Codes.

You might have seen that almost all of the bloggers are offering discount coupon codes, offers and many more extraordinary deals to their visitors. And by doing so they are getting more sales, conversions, and traffic. You should also use this ninja technique of showcasing- Discount Coupon Codes in order to get more and more sales.

Discount Coupon Codes can help in increasing user engagements with your website and help you in earning good amount of money using this effective way of generating more sales and revenue.

Before listing the Best WordPress Coupon Plugins let me tell you the benefits of using WordPress Coupon Plugins in your website.

Benefits of Using WordPress Coupon Plugins

  • Offering discount coupons and deals on your website will help you in boosting sales because people love discount coupons and deals.
  • Offering discount coupons codes also helps in increasing traffic of your website.
  • Using Discount Coupon Codes helps in getting loyal customers that help you in building a strong online community.
  • Offering Discount Coupon Codes also helps you in establishing a brand image for your website.

Here in this post, we have listed 5 Best WordPress Coupon Plugins that you can easily use on your website in order to get more boost your sales and conversions simply by displaying more deals or offers to your customers and visitors.


1.Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator is one the best and reliable WordPress plugins that generally utilizes custom post types right with a few simple settings to configure. And it extremely easy to generate a coupon shortcode simply by using the WordPress editor shortcode inserter. You can also place the coupon codes on any of your post or page if you want. Here with the help of this amazing easy to use plugins you can create and display the WooCommerce specific coupons. You can easily create your own coupon right with this plugin or simply upload an image of a coupon instead of that.

The best part about this plugins is that you can also provide an option to – enable a Print View right for your customers who are willing to print and use the coupon. It also gives you some flexible features like setting a coupon counter so that you a coupon code can use for a specific number of times right before expiring. Here all of the coupons will be displayed until the defines expiration date. At last, Coupon Creator is the best and extremely easy to use WordPress Coupon Code Plugin.

Key Features

  • Modern Advanced Template
  • Lower Third Advanced Template
  • Highlight Advanced Template
  • Lower Third Advanced Template
  • Dynamic Code Feature and Reveal Code
  • Create and Display WooCommerce Coupons

2.YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

With YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin you can simply offer your customers to purchase gift cards to your WooCommerce store for later use. Right after making the purchase your website visitors will get a customized gift card via email along with a  discount code. And this coupon code is very basic and with its premium version you will get lots of helpful features.

With this plugin you can easily create physical and digital gift cards along with allowing your customer to set the gift cards amounts or your customers can also directly send gift cards to the recipients. The best part about this plugin is that customers can also create a customized message on the gift card. YITH PLugins is another best, reliable and Free WordPress Coupon Plugins.

Key Features

  • Translation Ready
  • Helps in increasing sales and bringing in new customers.
  • The credit of Gift Cards updates right after each use
  • Easily set the amount you want to use for each gift card
  • It can easily email the gift card to the recipient once the order is successfully completed.

3.Magic WP Coupons- Lite

Magic WP Coupons is an easy to use WordPress based plugins that can easily turn your WordPress theme right into a coupon website. This plugin is also compatible with 99% of the WordPress templates available there. You can simply install, setup and start earning the affiliate commissions very rapidly and easily.

Here this plugin will let you generate shortcodes right for different stores or we can say, retailers. And also you can easily place these plugins right on your post and pages right wherever you want to display the coupon codes. The best part about this plugin is that they are currently improving the WP Magic Coupon Plugin and making it more flexible for its customers and also they update their plugins too often for the extra automated functionality. You can also check out the premium version of the plugin if you want more and extra features.

Key Features

  • Widget Ready
  • External CSS Support
  • Click Counter System
  • Provides great looks for the coupon display
  • Likes and dislikes system built in right for all of the user feedback
  • Compatible with more than 99% of WordPress templates that are available.
  • You can upload your own templates to tailor all of your coupon boxes.

4.JC Coupon Plugin Lite

JC Coupon Plugin is the reliable WordPress plugin that generally allows you to simply add Coupons right on any post or pages. And the best part about this plugin is that you can also set the expiry date or any of the custom text for expiry. The most exciting feature of this plugins that here when the coupons pass the expiry dates they will not show up.

Right, when you set the coupon with no expiry date they will appear indefinitely. Really this one is the must-have affiliate tool where your URLs are generally masked and when a click right there on your coupon code that indicates that you got a hit to your affiliate links. Basically, this plugin is free but if you want to have some add-ons and features then the pro version is also available.

Key Features

  • Quick Setup
  • Manage Coupons
  • Available In 4 Colors
  • Include in Posts or Pages
  • Easily creates unlimited coupons

5.WP Discount Coupon Management

This plugin- WP Discount Management is the best solution for creating and managing all of the discount and deals coupons in and super easy and quick way. You will get tons of features like the coupon code creation, expiry date, custom ready-made placement along with the pop windows coupons these features takes this plugin to a whole new level.

You can simply list all coupons of any of the particular company right in the one-pop window. Here you can also easily grab the email address of the visitors. Getting email address helps you in getting more affiliate commissions along with getting more email subscribers and that list of the email address can easily let you earn more money in the feature.

Key Features

  • Easy Tagging
  • Generates shortcodes easily
  • Custom Coupon Post Types
  • Custom Coupons Using Images
  • Random Coupons Using Images


Now you have got the list of the top and reliable Free WordPress Coupon Plugins plugins. If we talk about my recommendation then you should get started with the Coupon Creator as it is lightweight and provides tons of amazing features that let you showcase tons of amazing discount coupons on your website’s post and pages.

And also i would like to say that you should use WordPress Coupon Plugins that easily integrates with any WordPress theme and also that can’t reduce the website load time. You should go for the pro version of these plugins so that you can get extra features that can help you in getting more sales.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. If you find this post, helpful then do share this post on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest



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