Beginner SEO Tips

Beginner SEO Tips

As a blogger or website manager, you’ll only achieve higher Google rankings on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when you possess a tight grasp of robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Remember, when you effectively employ skills of a SEO Minneapolis expert, Google will comprehend your post, therefore, meriting it among the top. Consequently, you’ll be having many unique customers to your blogs every day. 

As a beginner, what do you need to learn about SEO? How can you take the baby steps until you become an intellectual SEO mogul? Here are the things you need to know about SEO as an amateur:

Quality Posts

Proficient Google ranking means that your posts are a gold mine in the form of revenues generated on clicks, ads, traffic, or visitors. To continue earning gold, you must give quality, not only once but recurrently. Remember to update your posts from time to time and align everything with the prevailing trends and latest developments. The internet is always on dynamic revamp, which you need to keep up with to stay relevant.

Longer Posts

Other than coming up with the posts, you’ll also need longer content. You must know that most visitors frequent the website to seek information, and it would be best if they found plenty of it! Moreover, longer posts enable you to maximize the use of as many keywords and LSI keywords as possible to create robust uniqueness in search results. However, in as much as you write longer posts, don’t forget to keep it exciting and free of redundancy. And also, don’t you want extended dwell times? The visitors should not only frequent your website but also dwell there for a while!

Keyword Research 

Prior to uploading content for consumer consumption, it would help if you took much time to research proper keywords based on what you wish to give and what the visitors expect. For example, when you use a keyword that covers what a user is searching for, the Google search index will be able to rank your post with priority. The only trick is making sure the post conforms to the keyword and visitor’s expectation.

Title, Meta and Subheading Optimization

Since you now have proper keywords, why don’t you use them to optimize the title, Meta descriptions, and subheadings? For instance, snippet particulars in a Meta description will rank high when you optimize with relevant keywords. 


Finally, you might need to use backlinks. As a blogger, you’ll need to get a recommendation of your site from other authority websites. The use of backlinks is the most basic but effective SEO because when you get it right, you can rank the first before you even know it. If a great domain ranking website gives you merit that shows how much your website is trusted in the niche, then you will win most visitors. Moreover, it also means that your website is helpful, and Google will rank it high to bring in as many visitors as possible. 


As a blogger and a passionate freelancer, if you are not learning about SEO, then you are losing it big time. It’s high time you dig deeper on the above basics to get your website where it’s supposed to be!

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