4 Best WordPress Author Box Plugins To Add Author Bio 2018

We often read articles on the internet and just spellbound by it. we loved it and we shared it, but then we get curious about who is the author? We liked to read his other article as well. But most rookie bloggers made a mistake of not putting their bio in the post or blog. Here are 4 Best WordPress Author Box Plugins To Add Author Bio. Before we go deep in the topic, let’s talk about author box.

What is author box?

Author box is a place where you can find the detail about the person who has written the article. You can read their Bio and follow them on social networks. From there you can read their other article as well.

Why is author box important?

To let your readers know that who is the person behind the amazing article. If you ask some well-known blogger to do a guest post on your website, they would insist to put an author box in your post. Most people read the article and move on but for those whom the article really helped, they like to know more about the author and sometime thank them for a person. You are not just creating a brand value for your blog for also for your self. They will follow you on social media and read all of your articles. That we you can not only expand your reach but get a status of being a good writer and an influence too.

So let’s look at 4 Best WordPress Author Box Plugins To Add Author Bio.

  1. Simple Author Box

Its one of the most popular author box in WordPress and its worth all the accolade and credit given to it.its a simple author box with simple functionality but many more features to go. It will be added at the end of your post with your name, bio and all the social media link.

You can choose the size, color and even place to put it. you can change the font and make it more stylish. You can put your gravatar and your pictures, right in the author box. You can add as many social media links as you can.it’s also responsive and work perfectly fine on mobile and desktop too. Download the plugin and try it out.

  1. Fanciest Author Box

Fanciest Author box
Fanciest Author box

This paid plugin comes with many customization options and brings simplicity to the table. Simple to use and manage and doesn’t need much of your time. It’s an author box you would love to have.

It has connected with google authorship to put you on the search engine. Author box has retina ready option mean more sharper pictures of yours. Anyone can translate your author box and read your detail. You can also put the random author at the end of your post and it will be automatically added to every single post in a place you choose. Down the plugin here.

  1. Ultimate Author Box

utimate author box
utimate author box

It’s really the ultimate one-stop solution for all your need. With 19+ prebuild template you can simply put your detail and you are set to go. Creator has mentioned that you don’t need any type of coding knowledge to get this done, means more easier and user-friendly design.

You can add multiple authors and show their detail in one author box. You can add a background color, change the color of the box, you can put your picture in the top of the author box or in the side, you can change the icon color and change the font. There is nothing that you cannot edit in this plugin and they have amazing support too. You can even tab in your author box which can lead your reader to your recent post on the blog and others. Its fully responsive and work on any device. You will have the option to chose from 20+ different social media links. If you want to set your profile image which you have set on your Facebook, they can do it. with all this feature, it’s hard to beat it. download it here.

  1. Meks Smart Author Widget

Merks Smart author widget
Merks Smart author widget

If you are just looking for simplicity and don’t believe in much of show off, this is the plugin for you. it’s a widget tool which you can access from your WordPress dash broad>widget area.

It can auto-detect the author from the profile and put it in the author box. You will have lots of display option like avatar size, display, and author name. as we mentioned its just a simple plugin for simple usage. It doesn’t give you much of option and create a complexity. Simply put your detail and put it at the end of every post and share it with your reader. Download the plugin here.

These are just 4 example of WordPress author box plugin, here are some of the honorable mention you can check out.

  • WP About Author
  • Author Bio Box
  • Co-Authors Plus
  • Custom About Author
  • Author Box After Posts
  • Guerrilla’s Author Box
  • Elite Members – WordPress Author Listing and Box

Author box is an important part of your website and blog, never underestimate it. so have you ever tried any one of them, you have more suggestion to add? Just hit us in the comment.

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