The Definitive Guide To Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2019

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Earning with Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. And If you’re struggling with earning money online then don’t worry you are at the right place. As here in this post, we are going to tell you how to make money as an Amazon Associate even if you’re totally a beginner.

Affiliate Marketing is a relatively new term for some of us but it’s a very popular way to generate passive income.  Everyone wants to earn money while others sleep and why not we try our hands on this rewarding industry of Affiliate Marketing. It will open interesting doors of opportunity but it also needs a lot of determination and patience to be successful in today’s affiliate marketing era.

Amazon has now become the largest supplier of a wide range of products ranging from books to music, clothing, arts & crafts, automobiles, electronics and more.  You can earn a lot of money simply by promoting several Amazon Products and earn decent commissions.  

You can promote products in many ways like starting a blog or website and promoting the products there. Overall,  Amazon Associates is one of the best-known ways to make money online and many people are generating 6 to 7 figures of incomes with it.

In this guide, we will explain what the Amazon Associates program is and how you can get started with it easily.  And also we’ll show you the best practices to find and promote Amazon products in order to make more profit from it. Let’s get started here.

before moving ahead let’s find out.

What Is Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon Associates is one of the oldest online affiliate marketing programs that was launched back in 1996. Actually, it has more than 12+ years of experience in developing solutions that generally helps online marketers to make money online simply by advertising millions of products from Amazon.

 When any of the Amazon Affiliate Marketer create links and customers click on those links to buy Amazon products, they generally earn sponsorship fees. It’s free and easy to use and you can get started right away without any investment.

How To Sign-Up For Amazon Affiliate Program?

Getting started with Amazon Affiliate Program is very easy and straightforward and anyone can easily do this task.

But before getting started you must register with the Amazon affiliate program based on your location or target market where you want to promote your Affiliate Products.

For example, if your audience is in the US (United States). Then you should definitely get yourself register with the US Associate Program. And if you’re from any other countries like India then you should get started with the Amazon Indian Associates Program easily.

If you want to promote products from all regions of Amazon, register in the Amazon Affiliate Program for all countries such as .jp (Japan), .au (Amazon Australia), etc.

You should also use a service like or WordPress add-on called EasyAzon to monetize mobile traffic, promote all your affiliate links and easily earn money from all Amazon Marketplace in an auto-pilot mode and that’s quite interesting.

Simply sign up for an Amazon Associates account (your account usually takes  24  hours to get approved), get links from individual affiliates and link them to your website.

Right when the visitors click on these links and make a purchase, Amazon will allocate up to 10% of each sale. And apart from that, you’re also going to get commissions for the products that you’re not promoting.

Well, that sounds exciting, right? Well, the whole trip takes time and it requires to make the right decisions. So let’s take a look at how you can make money with the Amazon Associates Program.

How To Promote Amazon Associates Products?

Right, when you get finished with the Sign-Up process now it’s the time to start promoting your products. But the problem arises here, how to promote Amazon Associates Products easily in order to get the most benefit.

With your login credentials, you can get to your Amazon Affiliate Central account where you can easily generate affiliate links for your products hassle-free.

Amazon Associates has several ways to generate affiliate links. Amazon generally offers three ways to add product links and ads right to your website in the forms of the text links, banners and native shopping ads as well.

Using “Text Links”

No doubt, this one is the most effective way to get a visitor right back to Amazon is to use a text link in the content of the site. You can easily generate these text links easily right inside your Amazon Associates Central account. Let’s find out how to generate links easily.

How To Get Text Links Easily?

If you have logged in to your account, just click on “Product links”  right under “Product linking “ in the black bar.

Find the item you want to generate a link for.

Now you need to just click on the “Get link” button to the right of the item.

To get a short link, you need to just click on the down arrow next to the Get link button and then you have to click on the shortened URL.

You can choose right b/w  Text and pictures, Text only or Picture only and then you have to set the color options and specify whether you want to open the file in a new window or not.

Now in this step, you need to just copy the HTML code in the “Get HTML code for the link to this product” field.

Now you can simply paste the HTML code in the preferred area of ​​your website wherever you want.

Using “The Banners”

One of the easiest ways to get a link right to your website is to simply use a banner ad. However, this is not the most efficient way to generate sales from many affiliate marketers out there.

If you have logged in to your account at Amazon Associates Central then just, click on “Banner” in the black top bar under “Product Links”

Scroll down a little bit to the list and select the category in which you want to receive a banner. Like the category, you want to choose and want to generate the banner for.

Here you can easily choose the size of your banner simply by clicking right on the size below and the selected category, or even you can scroll through the list to find the banner size that you actually for your websites.

Simply copy the HTML code right below the banner of your choice and paste it into the code of your website easily. This process is very easy and straightforward.

Using “ The Native Shopping Ads”

Basically, the same thing also applies to native ads. Actually, these ads are stunning, but they do not convert as well as text links that we have discussed earlier. With this technique, you can only get fewer clicks because they look like ads.

Right after logging into your account at Amazon Associates Central you need to just, click on “Native Shopping Ads” on the “Product Linking” tab in the black top bar.

Now in this step, you need to just follow  native purchase ad type  simply by clicking on the Create ad unit and selecting one of the following options that are listed below:

Generally, the referral ads are ads that automatically show Amazon product recommendations based right on the content of your page and visitors of your website.

And here the search ads are ads that mainly allows your visitors to simply use Amazon search results directly right on your website. Here it also includes the product recommendations based right on search phrases or keywords selected by you or that is entered by your visitors.

Right with the personalized ads, you can carefully choose the favorite products you want to promote and get the commission for and also you can place them in the articles of your products easily.

Now you have to select the categories or items that you actually want to include in your ads and replacement as well.

Now in the last step, you need to just copy the HTML code and paste it right into the HTML code of your website.

How To Choose Products That Give More Commissions?

The best part about Amazon is that people buy almost everything on Amazon. And that truly indicates that we have more opportunities that make us able to find a good selection of related products to promote right under any niche.

The first thing you can do is to simply check the page of the best sellers. You can do that by going on the left side, you can browse the departments and then just select the product category that corresponds right to your website.

We would like to recommend here that you should always opt for products that are closely related to the niche of your website otherwise you may end-up with earning no commissions.

You can even choose a broad category and a niche as well right from specific products to recipients to specific items as well.

With respect to the price that will be promoted, the rule is to select items with average prices. Like here the cheap items generally tend to be easy to sell, but from there we’re going to get very little commission.

 And on the other hand, high-end products have much higher rates, but they are not easy to sell. But if we manage to get sales then we can earn good amount of commissions from there.

This truly means that the best approach is to promote item under niche whose range is in between $ 50 to $ 200. At this price, your commissions are good and things will be easier to sell and it will not very competitive to sell the products.

Remember that it is important to promote high-quality products. So keep an eye on the comments and ratings of the customers so that you get more commission on your sales. Just choose the products which are selling good and also have good reviews as well.

How Much Revenue You Can Generate As An Amazon Associates?

Generally, Amazon charges a percentage for each product that is sold and referenced right through your affiliate link. Here anyone can easily buy any product from your affiliate link right within 24 hours (or 30 days if you place an item in your cart), and for that you’re going to get the commission for that sale.

Amazon offers different commissions rates for different product categories. Here we have given the screenshots that you relate and find out the percentage of commissions for any category. For the Amazon India Central, the commission list is listed below.

Here at Amazon Associates, the catch is that it’s all about sending visitors right to Amazon and getting a commission for the products that you promote and make a sale.

The Best Tips & Tricks You Should Follow To Earn More:

  • Use at least two affiliate links for each product:

Use multiple affiliate links for each product that you generally promote. You can add a partner link each and every time you mention the product. Not only does it help you bring more people to Amazon, but-but it also reduces the chance of missing any sales.

  • Optimize The Images Well To Boost CTR (Click Through Rate):

Generally, if you use product images right in your content then just make sure that users can easily click on them. Many of the affiliate marketing sites mainly get up to 30% more click through rate when adding this feature and trust me using these features you can even increase your CTR as well.

  • Get Ready to focus on holiday and seasonal sales:

We all know that Christmas is crazy for anyone who runs a business that sells products and it’s a good idea to prepare for such holiday sales to earn better.. Search traffic has increased and conversion rates are higher than ever right during these holiday seasons.

  • Promote your links as best you can:

As mentioned above, Amazon pays a commission for each product purchased through its affiliate link and that’s the truth. The more you refer to Amazon, the more money you will earn. Just make sure you’re actually promoting links to right people so that you can get conversions from there.

  • Make sure you use the responsive layout on website:

The responsiveness and the design of your website mainly play an important role in the success of your Amazon Affiliate business. There are few things  that you should keep in mind when creating your website right for promoting Amazon Affiliate Product:

  • Mobile compatibility site
  • Easy to find products affiliate links
  • Fully Responsive Website on All Screen Sizes
  • Use a custom WordPress theme or plugin for Amazon’s affiliate websites

The Final Verdict:

In order to be a successful Amazon Associates you need to know, it’s all about sending visitors right to Amazon and getting a commission for the products that you promote and making a sale.

Now you can have an idea about your earnings as it generally depends on the number of people you recommend and how much sales you are getting for the products that you promote. And also these numbers generally depends on the traffic that you’re getting on your website and the conversion that you’re getting with those visitors.  

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to tell us if we missed something from our side. And if you liked the post, then do share it on trending social media channels like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn.

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