10 Legitimate Ways To Find Winning Products To Sell On Amazon In 2018

Do you want to start a successful online e-commerce business? Yes! You can go for that as we have seen exponential growth in e-commerce business since last few years. There are several legitimate platforms like Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce where you can sell products and make huge profits.

Amazon is  gamechanger among all of them as it generally sells more than 398 Million individual products. The best part about selling on Amazon is that you don’t have to set up a store or create any website to sell a product. And also Amazon is taking care of the order processing and fulfillment but here you need to be more selective and precise about what you’re going to sell on Amazon.

In e-commerce business, it’s all about niche and products as a product can either make or break you. Selling online is really time-consuming and requires trials and errors. That truly indicates that failure will be a part of the journey.

Nowadays online competition is fiercer than ever. Everyone out there is trying to sell on Amazon but not everyone get succeed. One of the biggest challenges in the e-commerce industry is to find the reliable product that brings sales conversions and higher ROI.

A lot of beginners and experienced sellers find products to sell on Amazon. Finding products to sell on Amazon can be a hectic task and if somehow you ended up with wrong products then that will be wastage of your time, effort as well as money.

That’s not the end, here there tons of ways and tools that can help you in finding the reliable and winning products to sell on Amazon. Don’t worry in this guide we have listed 10 Ways To Find Products To Sell On Amazon In 2018. Let’s get started here.

10 Legitimate Ways To Find Winning Products To Sell On Amazon In 2018


  1. Find A Product That Solves A Problem

Really, it will be better to generate ideas for a product that actually solves a problem and trust me that products will help you in kickstarting a  successful business.

Can you find a product that really makes a problem go away? More likely, you might be thinking what if i found a product that solves a problem and from where I’m gonna find those people who are actually interested in buying these.

Let’s take an example here, suppose you have created a product before selling it on Amazon you actually tried it on your own and find out some pros and cons of it. Right then you reached the manufacturer and tell them to make some modifications to the product. And now your product is all ready to rock On Amaz

on and will definitely bring a lot of sales and conversions.

  1. Find Products You and Others Are Passionate About

Starting selling with Amazon will definitely take a lot of time and effort to make. Being passionate about what you do will definitely help you in long run. Same here in case of products try to find out products that you wanted to sell on Amazon.

You will find for any of the product you will be seeing there are many people who already selling these products. Just fo some research and find out how they are doing it and what profit they are getting from it.

Don’t try to sell products on your gets feeling rather than doing so just do some research about a product that you wanted to sell on Amazon along with product availability and more things.

  1. Find The Listing With Few Customer Review

If your product is listing on the first page of the search results on Amazon then there are more chances that potential customer will find your product easily and you are more likely to get the sale.

Suppose you wanted to sell “Pillow Covers”, just go and make the search of the same term on Amazon and try looking for a product that is actually having less than 30-50 customer review.

While doing so, you will be finding the top Amazon Listing that is only having few customer reviews and bravo you find the best product in your category to sell.

Because Amazon mostly ranks products based on reviews. The best part is that, the less review competing products you have, the more chances you have to climb up the rankings when you will start generating sales.

  1. Use Amazon Product Review To Avoid Costly Mistakes

Suppose you find a product to sell on Amazon and now you are ready to list in on Amazon. Wait before doing so, you need to go and find out the same product that already is there on Amazon. And then just go for checking the reviews of those particular products and find out what customer are saying about that particular products.

Customers prefer to have reviews of a product they are seeking to buy. And if the review for any particular is good then you should definitely go for that.  You should analyze your online customer’s review. `What people are actually raving about and by what people disappointed by?

As here when it comes to develop your own products then you should all types of mistakes that others are making and then just you can launch your product to outperform your competitors easily.

  1. Food Items (One The Most Promising Products To Sell)

Right with the launch of Amazon Pantry and Amazon fresh. Food has really become one of the hot and most promising category. You will find tons of online resources that can help you in understanding better what type of food you should sell.

Health related food item may do the trick for you as health conscious people are willing to pay in order to have good health condition that let them live healthier life. You can get updated right with new research and studies and get in trends. In this case you can simply use Google Trends  as it is one of the great place where you can look for the current trends easily.

Food market is really diverse and deep and it may take year and millions of dollars just to build the inventory in order to meet everyone’s need. And here you don’t have to take care about inventory in order to make money. You go and build a niche e-commerce store or just have affiliate marketing sites where you can easily promote these products and then earn commission when you make a sale.

It would be better to come up with your own products and take a comprehensive approach. Then after that you can market these products along with others right with an affiliate marketing site too. And the best part of doing so is that you will be generating traffic for your own site and that will helping in building your personal credibility in the space.

  1. Find A Product With A Good Best Seller Rank

The performance of your product on Amazon will totally depend right on the market demand. Simply in order to stand out from others you need to use a metric that you can easily refer to choose a product to sell on Amazon is the “Best Sellers Rank”

If you have seen similar products that are rankings on the top of the list of the best sellers, that truly indicates that there’s actually demand for them. When you choose products that are identical on the list will definitely allows you to position your business on par right with these bestsellers. And due to that you can easily attract market best selling products and convince them to buy from you instead from them.

You should see several of the listing that are actually have a BSR of 3,500 or more.

  1. Try To Come-Up With Your Own Brand (Branding Game)

Really, this era is best one for building personal brand. And nowadays brand recognition is very important in some industries especially in e-commerce industry. People love to have branded things around them and there are less chances that someone will like your product if you didn’t have any particular brand.

In reality brand dominance is one of the big factor on Amazon. As per reports a brands tends to get 80% more sales than a non-branded items. And in some cases it’s just really tough to break some big brands in the market that owns a category,

Let’s take an example here, suppose you want to buy a pair of running shoes. You search it on amazon and now you are seeing results from top brands like Adidas, Nike, New Balance and Puma.  Why they are showing at the top because they are some of the well known and reputed brands in the world that makes shoes.

I hope you have got some idea and have got some points that can help you in building a personal brand. As a branded item is more likely to get a sale than anonymous item.

  1. Less Size Products (Size Matters)

Many of the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) courses generally recommends that you should sell products that can easily fit inside a shoes box or smaller box than that. The reason behind this strategy right behind this strategy is that your shipping and fulfillment charges for those products will be going to be lower compared to those large products.

I’m not saying here that the smaller product you will get the more successful you will, that’s not the point here.

There is a penalty of heavy and oversized items that do well on Amazon. Right before choosing a product to sell it is very necessary to know the dimension and weight of your products and also find out in which tier it will fall. Because I have already told you more the size of the product more you will have to pay for the shipping and fulfillment cost.

If you wanted to get  an idea about what your product will be your FBA cost then in this case you can use Amazon’s calculator and just  out any of the similar item that matches your actual item weight, size and dimension.

It’s recommended to find something that is something small and light but here you need to make sure if it fits and matches all other criteria right in the terms of competition, sales and rank, demand and sufficient margin as well.

  1. Find Products With High Margins (High Margins Are Better)

Once you have find a product to sell on Amazon, now it’s time to find supplier who can provide that product that can private label right at low costs compared to others so that you can start selling it for high margin and earn profit.

Right when it comes to cheap products and products with high margin then China comes into our mind as they have affordable supplier. Alibaba is well known among all of use and it really offer millions of products that you can choose from.

Just open the pages of the product you really wanted to select and them go and compare their pricing right with the ones that are in Amazon. And it would be better for you to find a product that is having at least 75% less than actual retail price right in Amazon.

And here you also need a healthy profit margin in order to cover hidden fees that comes right with selling on Amazon. One thing you should also know Amazon charges for the short and long terms storage fees right for keeping your item at their warehouse.

And the worst part is that these are numbers are always kept changing but it’s not a variable cost but in the early stage you will find it difficult to estimate. So it’s you call to choose a product that can easily tolerate and bear thee expenses of hidden charges of selling on Amazon.

  1. Find A Highly Searched Amazon Keyword

This one sounds similar to SEO as here need to find find the best keywords for your product in order to optimize your product page and maximize your earning  potential.

Really finding a relevant keyword right with a high search volume on Amazon should be your top priority. Suppose you are not using the right keywords for your products then how someone will reach to your product, your product will be on the related product category and that’s really daunting.

You need to target the best and the most searched keywords right in the platform and also here you can increase your visibility in order to target the market with an effective marketing strategy.

You can use deverals tools that can help you in finding the monthly Amazon Search Volume right for related keywords:

  • JungleScout: This Amazon Product Research tool really offers ann comprehensive keyword features that will show different products that will appear on the search results.
  • Keyword Tool: This tool will also helps in finding the keywords suggestion that you can use to effectively optimize your product pages easily.

From marketing point of view you should never underestimate the Keyword Research it far more important than the best sellers rank and sales number on Amazon.

Final verdict

Really, finding a reliable product to sell on Amazon plays an important role in success of your Amazon FBA business. Don’t ever go for any product with guts feeling rather than doing so do some research and find out whether this product will in the market or not.

These tips that I have listed above can help you in finding the reliable products that may brings you sales conversions and high ROI. But it may not work for everyone as along with these ideas you need to use legitimate tools that actually build for these purposes of finding winning products to sell on Amazon. But for the beginners these way can do the trick for them and I hope these ways can work for you as well.

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