7 Top Live Chat Software Solutions [updated 2019]

Everything is going online now. Education online, Money online, Bank online; Hola! Business? Yep online. Venturing online business proves very beneficial as the first thin it does is presenting your ideas at a global level. This attracts a lot of customers and buyers. Online presence matters. You can’t just write 10 specifications about your product and expect all the doubts of your buyers to be satisfied. You need to provide them some support.

A customer service plan can include e-mails; phone numbers, questions desk etc but the answer to these queries take time and are most unanswered. Nowadays, everyone wants instant solutions. Here comes the role of Live Chat Softwares.

Ways Live Chat Softwares Can Improve Conversion Rates

It’s not hidden from anyone that Online Business Ventures are the most successful ventures now. Do you just create a website and sit patiently and wait for orders to come? No that is not going to help at all. You need to answer the queries of your customers and clear their doubts. Yes you need a customer service plan. This is when Live Chat Softwares can come to use. Use these Live Chat Softwares in your overall service for customers. These are the advantages of using A Live Chat Software Solutions.

1. Powerful Analysis

These Live Chat Softwares can analyse that uses are using these pages or not. If visiting then, how much time they are investing on that page and which link or page led them to your page. It also provides the analysis of which products customers compare or which product is most enquired about.

2. Better Tracking Of Page

Ok! You have everything in your page. You have provided all the information about the things that you are selling. But it may be possible that the user is unable to access it. Here Live Chat Softwares can prove really helpful and it makes sure that all the doubts of customers are attended before they buy your product.

Through live chat service you can be connected to your customers 24*7, improve conversations with them and build a strong and loyal customer base.

List Of Top 7 Live Chat Software Solutions

Live Chat Softwares are important and their necessity cannot be denied. If you are the chat service provider in your website, there are many points that you need to keep in your mind before selecting a Live Chat Software Solution. A badly designed, awkward and unresponsive live chatbox can be a real bad option for the website owners and the customers those are visiting the website too. Some of the best Live Chat Software Solutions are listed here.



Designed by developers who took care of all the need of a Live Chat Software user, SnapEngage is one of the best Live Chat Software Solution. It harbours a very unique and innovative feature which can be the game changer. Social Discovery service by SnapEngage helps you to discover your customers in social networking sites. This helps the analysts to analyse the customer likes and dislikes .When the visitor provides his/her E-mail address in the Live Chat Session, SnapEngage Social Discovery option searches those mail ID’s in connection with profiles in sites like Facebook, Twitter and 20+more social networking sites.  SnapEngage works smoothly alongside desk.com, Salesforce, Basecamp and other popular CRM solutions. The Live Chats are very seamless, interactive and as good as an enterprise-grade one. If security is your concern, SnapEngage got it covered. It conforms to PCI standards and HIPAA for better security in e-commerce and healthcare related fields. The operators can log in from any location and answer the questions using pre-formatted text commands. If the operator confronts a doubt, then he can check into his company database directly the chat and save your time.



Own an enterprise grade company? You landed in the correct place. LivePerson is your best Live Chat Software solution. It is the easiest to use and won’t confuse you with its technical terms while you set it up. You will be offered perfect and most importantly, “Simple Configuration”. You don’t have to come across extravagant terms as ‘asynchronous conversations’ or ‘IVR through SMS’ and won’t need anyone’s help to decipher these terms. LivePerson is very versatile software. It works along with a wide variety of web-based applications and also CRM’s. Web-based applications like Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zendesk etc gets easily integrated with LivePerson. Analysis of things such as how long customer was engaged  with the live chat agent, customer ratings and log in length; is also provided by LivePerson.


Pure chat

Love customisation? Want your Chat box to represent your company? Pure chat is here. With many colour schemes and also the provision to show the photo of the agent, Purechat is really an interactive interface. PureChat provides two-way comfort. It is easy and intuitive for both customers and the Chat service operator. PureChat apps are also available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices so you can operate with freedom.

For quick replies, profiled answers are there. PureChat will become your favourite service provider because its only attention is on Live Chat. It integrates without any issue with web- based web management sites, social media and e- commerce services. It also works with Zapier, which can exponentially increase the number of users. With some use of JavaScript API, deeper customisation can be done. Tell me to find any one problem in PureChat, I won’t be able to.


Zopim live chat

Zopim is not a new venture in the Live Chat scenario. Owned by Zendesk, Zopim is perfect for status and small businesses. It presents with the smaller pricing options and thus is first preference of lots. Ask for customisation, It’s available (even season template designs are available). It flawlessly works with ZenDest (astray are the developers), Salesforce, Magento, WordPress etc. It has a good collection of analytical features.


Bold Chat Software

We are always told that, more choices aren’t always better. BoldChat has its services revolving around this ideology. It comes in three different customisations. The user can choose which so ever he/she wants. Pro, Premier and Enterprise, with a little difference in each of them; BoldChat makes it easy for you. BoldChat is easy to set up, with copy and paste options which make it quick. BoldChat service is owned by LogMeln. Due to its affiliation with LogMeln, it works smoothly with LogMeln’s ‘sale rescue’ technology. This is termed as ‘Active Assist’. Active Assist allows screen sharing and remote use of client’s computer and co-browsing functionality. If your business needs more hands-on support for its sales, BoldChat is for you. The Enterprise Plan presents with majority of desired features. Social Media integration, app integration, translation, third-party integration; everything is available. If you are using, LogMeln’s other system such as ‘Rescue’, the     “save sale” feature can make a great difference to your bottom line.

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It’s an All-In-One solution in one Live Chat Software Solution destination. It’s an all round product that pre-decides needs of its potential customers far beyond than you expect. You can do video conferencing and conduct live chat calls via Skype or Google Talk. Another unique feature of ClickDesk is that, all your social media buttons can be integrated into the chat window. It integrates with many popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, Magento and services such as MailChimp, Unbounce. It starts implementing real-time analytics and smoother technical operation and quickly rises through live chat review rankings. With bonus of videoconferencing and helpdesk/ticket system ClickDesk is a perfect solution to your Live Chat Software Solutions.

7. COMM100

Comm100 live chat

It might sound like some editing site. But no! Comm10 is one of the best Live Chat Software solutions. This year there has been many improvements in Comm100 chat program. Its features are as good as some high priced plan. It thus makes Comm100 a worthwhile contender for businesses. With built-in features like automated greetings, real-time visitor monitoring, extensive customisation and unlimited chats, Comm100 offers everything that you want to. Comm100 is a hosted solution, so you can change it to anything of your choice. Choose the customizations those suit your brand and colour scheme. It can be integrated with all the popular plugins and content management sites such as Joomla, WordPress etc.  Comm10 has travelled through its success, improving and building itself  and is the preference of many now .


ProProfs Chat is a live chat software that helps customer support agents resolve queries faster with efficiency. This instant support tool is great at engaging website visitors and converting them into customers. Your business can garner benefits like real-time communication, on the go access with mobile app, boosts leads and overall sales, records offline messages, and more.

ProProfs Chat will also help you monitor live chat sessions and track individual operator’s performance. Your support team can further reduce their tickets, improve average customer response time, and as result boosts ROI.


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