4 Overlooked States That Are Perfect For Retirees

4 Overlooked States That Are Perfect For Retirees

When entering the retirement stage in life, income can decrease. This is especially true for those living in states that are not retirement-friendly, and there are plenty of these states. Do not fret because there are a number of alternative states that are friendly towards retirees, and you’ll learn about four now. 
1. Nebraska 
Tax is not something you’ll be able to escape, and that is okay. Part of the social contract citizens have with the government is that they will pay taxes for certain services. Nebraska taxes may not be really low, but the healthcare industry ranks number 12, compared to the rest of the states in the US.  
It should also be pointed out that this state’s health care cost is below the national average and so is the overall cost of living. When you think of states to retire in Nebraska may not be at the top of the list, but it certainly offers enough benefits.  
2. North Carolina 
Another state some people overlook is North Carolina. Some people tend to dismiss it because of its high healthcare costs. This is no doubt a concern for retirees, but there are a number of perks that can make up for those high costs, like its cost of living being five percent lower than the national average, so you’ll be saving money most of the time.  
Retirees should also be happy to learn that Social Security benefits are not taxed in this state, which is another way that retirees can save. Comfort is something to consider because the summers in the state are quite warm, and the winters are usually mild. Property taxes here are quite low, compared to the rest of the country, giving people more reason to consider putting this state on your list.

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3. Idaho 
Idaho’s cost of living is five percent lower than the national average. Retirees are going to be happy to learn that this is yet another state that doesn’t tax Social Security benefits, allowing you to keep the money that is rightfully yours. All of these points are great, but Idaho doesn’t stop there because the weather is beautiful throughout the year.  
It is a state filled with mountains and forests, and you get a chance to have an adventure. Yes, adventures can sound scary for someone of a certain age, but traveling is good for your mental and overall health. If you ever have an unexpected emergency while residing in Idaho, you can consider applying for installment loans in Idaho to help you get back on your feet. You should know that health care costs are actually lower in Idaho than the national average, and it should be mentioned that Idaho is also considered the fourth safest state in the country.  

4. South Dakota 
South Dakota is another state full of adventure. You can fish, hike, hunt, and you can camp in this great state. There are also a number of little towns that are quite affordable and nice to live in as a retiree, away from all the noise pollution you might experience in bigger cities around the country.  
Retirees looking to avoid as many taxes as possible are also going to love some of the perks of living in South Dakota, like how this state does not tax Social Security benefits. This state takes things a step further by not taxing pensions. It does not have an inheritance tax or income tax to worry about, and the state’s sales tax is only 4.5 percent, which is pretty low compared to other states.  
These are just some states you can retire in, but there are a few others, like Florida that is another tax haven for you since it does not tax income, estate, or inheritance. It doesn’t tax Social Security, nor does it tax any form of retirement income.  
The only little hiccup about Florida is that it does have very humid summers, and the rainy season can be quite vexing on some people who live there. Hopefully, you find a state on the list that gives you everything you need as a retiree. Give yourself a chance to really explore these states and maybe even visit them so that you can get a feel for each one.

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