Top 10 Best Gutenberg Plugins That Boost Your Blog In 2019

10 Best Gutenberg Plugins

WordPress has finally announced its most anticipated editor Gutenberg. As of now, this editor has recently replaced the old and our favorite editor TinyMCE.

When this Gutenberg update came many WordPress users loved its awesome features while it also adds up the possibility for the third-party developers to simply add their own blocks.

If you’re one of them who are looking for Best Gutenberg Plugins to enhance the capability of the Gutenberg editor then you have come to the right place.

After so long it is one of the biggest changes in the WordPress core since 2003.

And many WordPress lover praised Gutenberg Editor and they loved to replace TinyMCE with Gutenberg while some people were not satisfied with the change.

Generally, the new Gutenberg Editor offers a new block-based approach for the creation of content on WordPress. Instead of a single unified text box as the classic TinyMCE editor, here each Gutenberg content element is in a separate block.

Some of us praised this update while some of us are not happy with this update because Gutenberg is still not perfect and on the top of that it also doesn’t work properly with some of the plugins.

If you use Gutenberg, you may have found that some of the plugins are not yet compatible.

On the other hand, Gutenberg has allowed developers to create excellent plugins for the new editor. And there are many plugins for Gutenberg now.

In this post, we have come up with 10 best Gutenberg Block Plugins that will help you improve your blog. These plugins can help you in adding more flexibility and features to the Gutenberg editor so that you can make the most of it.

You can check them out if you really want to explore what the Gutenberg Editor is capable of!

So let’s get started here.

The List Of Best WordPress Gutenberg Plugins (Reviewed)

  1. Blocks Builder 

Here Blocks Builder is one of the reliable and flexible WordPress Gutenberg Plugins. This plugin comes with stunning new blocks that anyone can use in order to create great content. And the best part is that it comes with many advanced features added right to the basic blocks.

Blocks Builder adds new and customizable content blocks right to the Gutenberg Editor. In addition to the content blocks, there are also many blocks that allow you to place social network icons anywhere hassle-free.

The best part is that it’s a lightweight plugin that generally allows you to create attractive and stunning content blocks. The flexible block generator adds more customisation options to the basic blocks like it adds the text block or the header block.

Each block builder block provides simple and intuitive options for managing blocks and content also it comes with different custom settings for each block. Basic settings mainly includes changing the text color, size, background color management and more.


  • Easy to install
  • Profile Block
  • Alert Block
  • Drop Clap Block
  • Social Media Block
  • Separator Block
  • Color Image Block
  • Heading Block
  • It has more than 500+ active installation

2. Ultimate Add-On For Gutenberg

This one is the Ultimate Gutenberg Plugin in the market. With this plugin, you can easily supercharge your Gutenberg editor right with beautiful and powerful blocks in order to create impressive websites in a matter of minutes!

Actually, this plugin has an All-in-One library. And it also helps in creating and designing impressive websites with a growing library of beautiful and powerful Gutenberg blocks that you can use easily.

Now you can also create full pages right with Gutenberg Creative Blocks and easily personalize them in order to fit your requirements as well. Right with the easy-to-use click and personalization options, you can create and design websites without writing a line of code.

It has the list of  Ultimate Addons you can simply choose your favorite blocks that accelerate the website creation process. The best part is that it comes with the easy-to-use settings and customizations for an intuitive visual style that other plugins fail to provide.

With Ultimate Gutenberg Plugin,  they have also facilitated the creation of a website. It also provides you with a series of unique and creative blocks for Gutenberg that allows you to create and design pages or post right without writing a single line of code.

The best part is that it has an easy-to-use interface and numerous customizations options that simplify and facilitates the creation of complete websites and pages easily and hassle-free.


  • Pixel perfect ready websites
  • It has an all-in-one library
  • Offers faster performance
  • Easy customization options available
  • Comes with page building blocks
  • Front-end styling in Gutenberg Editor
  • Full-width support for Gutenberg Editor

3. Gutenberg WordPress Plugin

Actually, this plugin Gutenberg is more than just an editor. Although the editor is currently the center of attention, the project will ultimately impact the overall publishing experience on WordPress and it also includes the personalization (next priority).

And here this editor generally creates a new experience of creation and publication of content on a large scale and it includes “blocks” to make the process easy as these tasks can also be done using the shortcodes and the custom HTML.

WordPress CMS generally differs from other CMS so that you can easily create stunning post layout as you can imagine, but only if you know HTML and CSS and create your own custom theme.

But here using the editor as a tool for writing large-scale articles and creating beautiful designs and you can just turn WordPress into something that users praise.

For Gutenberg, the editor is more than just a content area that has kept his design that was virtually unchanged for almost a decade. And in this way, you can give an integral form to a modern experience to WordPress for creating and publishing content in an extraordinary way.


  • Easy to use and flexible
  • The block unifies multiple interfaces
  • It comes with three planned stages
  • Allows Developers to create premium blocks
  • It has more than 200,000 + Active Installation
  • It also fully leverages the WordPress API
  • Helps in modifying writing, editing, and publishing experience.

4. WooCommerce Blocks

We all know that WooCommerce is one of the best plugins to integrate e-commerce features right on your WordPress website. And here the new  Gutenberg editor allows you to create amazing content, with multimedia and text as well. Now, what happens if you want to include a block with the details of the product. In order to simplify this task, WooCommerce Blocks plugin comes into play.

This plugin, called WooCommerce Blocks generally allows you to add blocks on the product details and pages. The plugin also adds a new block that generally allows you to easily present a product through its page/publication option.

Here this plugin allows you to showcase a single product or a group of related products simply by applying the corresponding filter. You can also filter products by categories, sales statistics. You can even display a group of different products by selecting them individually. You can also choose the order in which the products will appear to your visitors.

A block of product created with this plugin usually shows the image of the product with the name of the product below, its pricing and a functional “Add to cart” button as well. The best part about this plugin is that it has sample data that will give you a better idea of ​​what the block of your product looks like and what you can achieve with the available options.


  • It has features product block
  • Hand-Picked Products Block
  • Best Selling Products Blocks
  • On sales Products Blocks
  • Products by-products blocks
  • Display products by attribute blocks

5. The Atomic Blocks- Gutenberg Blocks Collection

Atomic Blocks is basically a collection of content blocks for the new Gutenberg block editor. Blocks are the parts of content such as paragraphs, images, galleries, columns, etc. The building blocks can help you in getting more control right over the rapid creation and launch of any type of website.

Simply by adding the customizable Atomic Block plugin anyone can easily add a stunning collection of building blocks right to websites that can help you customize the design, increase engagement, and deliver results the best possible results for your business.

These blocks can also help in the creation of more intuitive content. For example, if you need to see the details of the author at the bottom of a personalised publication/page, you only need to block an author. Or if you need an action call area where users can act immediately, it is possible to add blocks to such places easily.

There is a block container block, which allows you to combine different blocks in a single block in order to create a custom piece of content. There are several other blocks that you can use to simply create and publish content using additional atomic blocks.

 There are blocks for a publication block to simply display a list of published publications on its website, blocks of buttons that allows you to create custom buttons, an accordion block, spacers, and more as well.

In addition to the blocks of content found in the Atomic Blocks, this plugin also publishes useful posts and tutorials to help you get started with Gutenberg Editor effectively.


  • Pricing Block
  • Container Block
  • Post-Grid Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Share Icon Blocks
  • Customizable Button Block
  • Space & Divider Block
  • Easy to use and flexible

6. Stackable- Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable is one of the best and reliable WordPress Gutenberg Plugin in the market. Stackable has approximately 17 new blocks for the WordPress editor of Gutenberg. And these blocks help you make your pages more efficient. This WordPress plugin modifies the modifies them or adds new blocks easily.

Because of the card-based design is very popular, it lets you showcase your page section right with cards. There is also a block to create a customizable price table with text, buttons and prices as well.

In order to simply create attractive pages with headers, there is a header block as well. You can even add an image, view text and also add a button to invoke actions as well. One of the best blocks is the video pop-up window that can help you to show the video that appears when you click in full-screen mode.

The stackable plugin mainly contains many important Gutenberg blocks, like View testimonials, action prompts, extended appointments, notifications, and more. One of the best blocks is the team block, where you can simply add a presentation section right for your team with a social network icon for each member easily.


  • Has Container Blocks
  • Post Blocks
  • Feature-Rich Blocks
  • Call-to-action blocks
  • Team Member Blocks
  • Pricing Box Block
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • More than 9,000+ Active Installation

7. Advanced Gutenberg

Here this Advanced Gutenberg is one of the most advanced WordPress Gutenberg Plugins out there in the market. Advanced Gutenberg generally adds the missing blocks and configurations that you need to build professional websites and pages.

Now you can also control the new Gutenberg publishing house with the configuration of the user editing profile and over 20 new blocks and options as well. The Advanced Gutenberg Block plugin also adds a few extra blocks. In fact, it’s a set of advanced Gutenberg blocks and key management options for WordPress.

Also, this  Gutenberg plugin adds many more features right to your standard Gutenberg editor. Also, the two blocks linked to WooCommerce products display products with the “Add to Cart” feature and that’s quite impressive.

In addition, you can use blocks to simply display ads on your site perfectly using these blocks. It also contains a map block for displaying Google Maps right on your website or blog easily.


  • Select each block activation per user profile
  • Has the Default block configuration
  • Define Advanced Gutenberg icons block color
  • Custom CSS and apply on paragraph blocks
  • Define Gutenberg editor size available
  • Comes with WooCommerce Products Slider
  • It has advanced button blocks
  • Creates a table with styles like color and border

8. Gutenberg Manager

With this Gutenberg plugin, you can control where and how the Gutenberg editor is active.  You can even also disable the Gutenberg editor right for a specific post, pages or the post types.

No doubt this plugin is very useful if you really want to use a page creation plugins such as Elementor or Beaver Builder to create pages. If you really want to disable the Gutenberg editor with this plugin you can easily do that.

You can also disable the Gutenberg editor for some users. This plugins is actually innovative and will be very useful in the future if the Gutenberg editor is presented as the standard WordPress editor for all the WordPress users out there. In the future, the team also plans to introduce additional blocks that can be used with the standard Gutenberg Editor and I’m actually waiting for that feature.


  • Easy to use and flexible
  • It has additional blocks
  • API and Hooks also available
  • Manage the visibility of the editor
  • Disable or Enable the Gutenberg editor

9. Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

The Advanced Gutenberg Blocks is one of the finest plugins for the new Gutenberg Editor. Here this plugin Advanced Gutenberg Block is a little more than a few additional blocks. In fact, it is a set of advanced Gutenberg blocks and key management options as well.

There are beautiful, customizable and effective Gutenberg blocks, for example like it has the post links, a message box for announcements, alerts, information and many others as well.  You can also create your own new block and save it using this function.

Checkout the video : 

This Advanced Gutenberg plugin generally adds many more features right standard Gutenberg editor. Like when the two blocks linked to WooCommerce products show products with the “Add to cart” function as well. It also contains a map block to showcase Google Maps right on your website.


  • Dozens of new advanced blocks
  • Helps in disable the native blocks
  • Options to customize the editor experience
  • Display WooCommerce products in your post
  • Display a Customizable Google Map on Your Website

10. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is another reliable plugin for Gutenberg Editor that is specially designed specifically for bloggers and advertisers. It was developed by the same people who created the WP Coupons and Deals Plugins.

This plugin also allows you to create better and attractive content with Gutenberg Editor. Ultimate Blocks plugin has a collection of personalized Gutenberg blocks for bloggers and marketers as well. They can help you in the creation of better and attractive content right with Gutenberg Editor.

Using this plugin you can add content to the tabs of your posts/pages and features like a drag and drop function to sort the tabs easily. Using this plugin even you can add a good call with a button to the action box. Now encourage users to take steps to get more involved in your products and services. You can also customize the whole block easily and effectively.


  • Review Block
  • Table Of Content Block
  • Tabbed Content Block
  • Call to Action Block
  • Notification Box Block
  • Countdown Block
  • Also has image slider block
  • It has more than 400+ Active installation


Basically, the new Gutenberg editor offers a better way to create and publish content. And all of these Gutenberg Plugins can enhance the capabilities of Gutenberg Editor by providing additional blocks.

You can simply visit each add-ons page in order to find out more about each plugin. The best part is about these plugins is that they are updated frequently and new innovative blocks are added for creating more effective content easily.

We hope this post suite your purpose well and helps you in finding the Best Gutenberg Plugins so far. Feel free to comment below about your favorite WordPress Gutenberg plugins. If you liked the post then you can share it on all trending social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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