What are the job opportunities after pursuing BCA in artificial intelligence?

job opportunities after pursuing BCA in artificial intelligence?

AI or artificial intelligence is defining the human civilization as we know it in the 21st century. AI allows us to own the latest smartphones with cutting-edge technology, bring schools to students sitting in their homes and depend on virtual assistants such as Alexa to make our shopping lists.

These functions have become so commonplace in our lives that it can be difficult to remember that they didn’t exist even a decade back. The impact of AI can be seen across industries from robotic surgeries in healthcare to drone deliveries in logistics.

Why is artificial intelligence important in 2021?

The concept of AI stems from the ability to make a computer replicate human behaviour. Artificial intelligence software and tools allow computers to mimic human actions and data processing. 

The world of artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly and has immense possibilities in the future. Cloud computing, predictive analytics and natural language processing (NLP) are a few of the many real-world applications of AI that you can find in 2021.

Read ahead if you are interested in studying BCA artificial intelligence and want to know more about the career prospects of the programme.

Top career roles in artificial intelligence

The machine learning and the artificial intelligence domain are laden with interesting, futuristic and well-paying positions across a range of fields. Below is the laydown of the fascinating roles you can expect with a degree in artificial intelligence.

  1. Big Data Engineers: Big Data engineers create productive and efficient virtual ecosystems for companies to function properly. Their primary responsibility is to build data processing systems that can assess and monitor a huge amount of data generated from company operations. Big Data engineers are well-versed in programming languages such as R and Java along with data processing techniques such as data mining and visualization.
  2. Business Intelligence Developers: Business Intelligence developers recognize and assess different business trends and try to come up with AI products that can cater to these trends. They help their company develop business tools and solutions that can optimize company operations. They are also in charge of developing cloud-based business platforms that can handle complicated business data and optimize workflows across the organization.
  3. Data Scientists: The role of a data scientist essentially falls under the research and development wing of an organization. Data scientists observe different data patterns, anomalies and historical data to make relevant predictions. These predictions can help the company make favourable business decisions.
  4. Machine Learning Engineers: Machine learning engineers are responsible for developing and building computer tools and software that facilitate artificial intelligence initiatives in the company. They process huge data chunks and come up with software that can prevent fraud or provide better quality customer insights.

Apart from these positions, you can look for other roles such as AI data analyst, AI product managers, infrastructure engineers and robotics scientists. An academic background in artificial intelligence can also help you secure other interesting positions such as NLP consultants, UX designers and software consultants. 

Invest in a good BCA programme with an AI specialization today to establish a successful career in this domain. 

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